A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

The situation Bunmi found herself in was unbearable. Her husband Shola was getting more aggressive at the dawn of each day. He strikes her at any slightest provocation. The sudden maltreatment came as a shock to Bunmi that she couldn’t relate it to any of her friends, not even Bose.

She didn’t want people to laugh at her or mock her that her marriage of yesterday was already facing hard knocks; so she tried to bottle every action with a smile.
To people, pastor Shola was still the perfect pastor and the perfect husband every lady would wish for but to Bunmi who has seen the true side of this man, he was not less than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

At a point, Bunmi was tired of her own tears, she just groans and moan in her closet. She knew that she brought to herself the pains and abuse but daily she asks the Lord for forgiveness and mercy.

The burden was so much for Bunmi but yet nobody could smell anything fishy because she was always putting on a smile and also her husband, pastor Shola always treated her like a princess each time they goes out together.
“I know my marriage is crumbling but I can’t allow my marriage to be ridiculed. Even if I tell the world who pastor Shola is, who would believe my story?,” Bunmi asked herself rhetorically.

One Saturday morning, Bunmi woke up feeling sick, she kept on vomiting but non of that moved her husband who just sat on the bed operating his phone.

“I think I need to visit the hospital,” Bunmi said cleaning her face with a damp towel. “I feel sick Shola,” she added as shola didn’t behave as if he heard her.

“Visit whosoever you want to visit but make sure my food is ready once I’m back,” Shola said acting less concerned. He stood up to dress for work. Bunmi sat on the bed, tears were flowing down her face. “How didn’t I notice this devil side of him?,” she cried in her heart. Her mind flashed back to the days of her spinsterhood, during her courtship with Shola. She remembered that day she was sick and how Shola treated her with kindness and unfathomably love. He prepared her meals for that day and served her, making sure she ate to take her drugs.

The feeling of love is but for a moment and can never be strong enough to carry a marriage.

“Can I get some money please, I don’t have enough,”Bunmi said with a drenched face but Shola didn’t say a word. He picked up his file and left the house.

” Lord, I know I must carry this cross but please can you at least paint it for me?” Bunmi cried.
Was the Lord willing to paint that cross for Bunmi? Find out in the next episode.

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