A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End

EPISODE 16 (Final episode)

|Dairy of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

“What is happening here?” Pastor Kunle asked with a dropped jaw. He walked consciously to avoid stepping on the blood that laid carelessly on the floor. He rushed to Bunmi and checked her pulse. “Oh, thank God,” he exclaimed breathing down when he noticed she was still alive.

“It’s nothing Sir, she just … she just sli…ped,” pastor Shola shuttered struggling to lock his trouser zip.

“This is more than a church conflict, this is an assault and the police must be involved!” Pastor Kunle yelled as he dialed a number.

Two weeks later, sister Bunmi was invited to talk to the ladies in a single ladies conference held in the church. When it was time for her to address the singles, she mounted the pulpit.

After a short prayer, she proceeded.
I’m not here to give you a sermon, because by now you all should be weary of hearing one. Today, I’m standing here to pass a warning to all singles seated here this morning. Experience is never the best teacher as they say, because experience teaches you when you have little or no opportunity to make things right again. Learn from others mistakes.
Bunmi stopped and took a normal look around, nodded and continued. We are all a free moral agents but note, you make your decisions today but in the future, your decisions make you. I’m sure you all must have heard of my story, about my marriage with pastor Shola, your former pastor. Bunmi smiled bitterly. Although he’s locked up now for assault but what you people don’t know is that it was the decision I made years back that brought all the assault, harassment, victimization and abuse that I faced.
Bunmi stopped as she was choked with tears. She cleared her throat and continued.
If you must walk with God, you must be willing to obey all his words even when they are not making sense to you. If you must have a happy marriage and not a marriage filled with pains like mine, you must be willing to submit your wills and take God’s will.
You must be willing to kill the flesh, kill your own fleshly desires and allow God to take full control. That night, yes I can still remember that night, Bunmi emphasized nodding. She was just fighting back the tears that wanted to escape her eyes. That night, God revealed to me the man he has for me, the man, although not perfect but would be able to tolerate my flaws but no! He didn’t reach my standard I cried. But see me, Bunmi said putting spreading her hands. What do I know? God told me, my daughter! I know he’s not what you want but he is what you need! But I was very stubborn to listen. I turned my back to God. I told him indirectly – hang on, I can find my own man, how foolish of me!
I’m telling you young ladies here today! Bunmi yelled pointing at them.
Marriage is never a walk to the unknown when you have God as the founder but the moment you leave him behind, every walk in that marriage would be a walk of uncertainty.
“Dating?” Bunmi laughed bitterly, the tears finally escaping from their hostage. She used her palms to wipe them off. Dating is deceptive, you can never know a man or a woman through dating! I never understood that bible passage that says – for the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can understand it? – until I marriage pastor Shola.

I don’t want to bore you all with my story but I believe my story is worth sharing. I was a bit reluctant when I got invited to speak to you all. I felt like I shouldn’t tell others what nobody else told me but the truth is that I was the architect of everything I passed through. I’m just praying that the Lord will look on me with mercy, forgive me because this cross is too heavy for me, Bunmi cried as she let her knee kiss the floor.
The whole congregation were filled with remorse, some where crying already.
Bunmi stood up and continued. Yes, my husband is locked up and he’s also placed on an indefinite discipline by the church, but for me, it doesn’t change anything if he’s not genuinely saved. One day, he will surely be back. I’m forever tied to this man by marriage into a covenant that is unbreakable. My only prayer now is for God to transform him, arrest his soul in the prison and grant him genuine salvation.

My dear singles, you don’t need to experience what I experienced to learn your lessons. Never say no when God is saying yes. Bunmi concluded handing the microphone to the moderator and stepped down.


To God bless the glory.
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Compiled by Vivi Oluoma

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