A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

Bunmi was thrown off guard that Friday night when pastor Shola proposed to her. For some moment, she felt a very cold blood run through her veins. His soft voice still re-vibrated in her mind… “If I meet the marriage committee for you, would you say yes to me?” Her heart was beating very fast and her teeth suddenly were freezed with an unfelt cold even though the room temperature was very high.
She was sweating profusely. What answer would she give, her head was burning deep inside for an answer.

Pastor Shola proposing to her was the least she expected since their sudden closeness.

Can I call you back later, she finally succeeded in letting a word escape her lips.
“I understand, I love you Bunmi,” pastor Shola sounded from his end before hanging up.

Some thing felt. The church rule does not allow brothers to proposal directly to a sister without meeting the marriage committee first or the district pastor. “But he is the pastor, maybe nothing is wrong after all,” Bunmi thought.

Bunmi was loosing her mind for the moment. “When did we even get this close?” Bunmi asked throwing her hands up really stunned.

It all started that day she had lunch with him.


Bunmi was astonished when the call ended. It was pastor Shola asking her to report to the church office ASAP.
“I hope I haven’t committed, but his voice was soft and calm though authoritative too, but why today I took a leave from work,” she muttered.

She hurried over her dress, powdered her face and applied a faint lip gloss before leaving for the church.

Come in please, pastor Shola said from within his office. Bunmi took a deep breath before stepping in.

“Good afternoon sir.”
Please sit, waving her to a seat with a smile.
“Thank you sir.”
I called you because the state coordinator called today that he would be visiting our church in two days time and that’s on Sunday. I don’t like the look of this office, he said looking around. I need it to be given a different decoration. A unique touch please, pastor Shola instructed with a smile.
“Does he always wear a smile” Bunmi wondered.

That’s not a problem sir, I’ll return this evening with some of my unit members to do the work, Bunmi said.

Silence enveloped the room. Bunmi kept on shifting uncomfortably praying inside her that the pastor would dismiss her.

You’re a very beautiful young lady, pastor Shola remarked.
Bunmi’s heart missed a double beat. This was the last thing she had expected to hear at that point and from her Pastor. She swallowed hard before replying him with a smile.

Tha..ank you Sir, she stuttered. She felt really embarrassed and shy. She bent her face, preferring to stare at anything down there on floor than to let her eyes meet pastor Shola’s eyes that was fixed on her.
You don’t need to be shy dear, pastor Shola said laughing. I’m your pastor anyways.

“Excuse me Sir, your food is ready Sir,” Mrs. Rosemary the church cook informed pastor Shola.
Aright mummy, I’ll be in the dinning soon, pastor Shola responded quite respectful.

“There is something about this man that baffles me,” Bunmi thought. “He is just too kind and lovely.”

You’ll join me in the lunch Bunmi, pastor Shola said getting up to take his leave.
Sir? I mean… You mean, Bunmi shuttered really flabbergasted.
Pastor Shola smiled, “are you going to turn down your pastor’s invitation?”

Bunmi stood up to leave with pastor Shola. “He’s my pastor and it’s nothing to have lunch with him,” Bunmi thought, trying to convince herself as they left for the office dinning room.

I know the right person to call to talk to about this, Bunmi said picking up her phone, she dialed Bose’s number.

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