A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

After their discussion, Bunmi and her husband stood up to show Pastor Kunle and the wife the guest room.

“What happened to you?” Pastor Shola asked Bunmi pointing at the big wound on her right leg.

She slipped on the stair hitting her leg on a rod, Shola answered quickly even though the question wasn’t meant for him.

“Oh sorry dear, I pray it heals fast,” Mrs Tiwalola said.
“Thank you ma, Bunmi replied smiling although she felt really bad and embarrassed.

“Sorry dear, make sure it’s properly treated,” pastor Kunle added addressing pastor Shola.

“Of course Sir, it’s been properly treated,” pastor Shola answered smiling. He held Bunmi’s hand, smoothing her palms. Bunmi felt like slapping off his hand.
When they had shown them their room, Bunmi and her husband went back to the office to pick their things.

“You know that pastor?” Shola asked as they stepped into the office. Bunmi kept quite as she bent over arranging her bag.

“Who is that man to you!” Shola shouted drawing her up by her scarf.

“My husband! He’s my rightful and heavenly appointed husband! The man I’m ordained to marry not you a wicked soul!” Bunmi barked. She knew he would ask and she knew the result, that’s why she had slipped a note she wrote into pastor Kunle’s hand before coming back to the office with Shola. He needed to be there at the right time and see things for himself. “You’re not just like a devil, you are the devil himself! Your sins will find you out!” Bunmi bellowed. She needed to use the right words that will incense him and push him to action. Her mind was made to make things right and there was no going back for her even if it means death.
Shola who was already burning in fierce anger, took a plastic chair in the office and broke it on her head. Bunmi slumped beside the door, blood was gushing out. Shola who had lost control of him self, went over and pulled her up by her hair. He gave her a slap before pushing her to the wall. Bunmi slumped again to the floor, lying helplessly. Shola went over and dragged her legs apart. He cursed her continuously as he loosed his belt.
He was going to make love to her again! That’s what he does. Beat her up and make love to her against her wish.

Bunmi’s eyelids were already closing as she was still bleeding profusely. But she was ready to fight on till her Savior appears.
Immediately the door handle turned, she sank into oblivion. What happened next?

When a man forces his wife into having s*x with him, is that still love making or r@pe?
“Abeg” share your view.

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