In A Hotel

“Yes!! Right there babe,, ahh!!”

“I’m cmming babe!! Ahh!!”

The girl immediately org…asmed all over the be..d. Alexander pulled out of her and peeled off the used cd from his dk.

He picked a new one and immediately inserted it.

“Alex,, I’m tired.” She said breathlessly.

“Turn around”


“You want to be my girlfriend,, yes or no?” He cut her off.

“I want to,, I really do!” She said.

Alex cupped her cheek them kssed her lips.

“Then turn around sxy” He said with that deep yet sxy voice of his.

The girl immediately did so.

“Thought you said you’re tired” He bit her ear se..nsually and the girl couldn’t help but shudder at his touch.

It went on till he finally released. He pulled out of her and stood up, walking to the bathroom.

He took a quick shower and walked out of the bathroom with water dripping off his six pack. His dark hair stuck sxily to his forehead as he began dressing up.

“So we’re a thing now right?” The girl said, covering her body with the sheet.

“Nah..” Alex said nonchalantly.

“Huh? But.. But-”

“I only said we are going to be a thing if you satisfy me.. Did you satisfy me? No!! I wonder what you really learned from all those years of being a slvt” Alex shrugged and wore his shoe.

“Please.. Just give me one chance,, please I’ll-”

“I don’t fk a hole twice pretty and your hole is definitely not something I’ll dream of seeing ever again.. So wide and tasteless” Alex smirked and left then slammed the door behind him.

“I hàte you!!” He heard her screen behind him but he just chuckled as he walked away.

His phone suddenly began ringing. He sighed when he saw the caller’s ID.

“Mother?” He picked.

“Alex!! Where have you been since morning!! It’s almost 11pm and you’re not back home!!”

Alex sighed.

“Mom, I’m not longer a kid.. I can defend myself. Besides I won’t be coming back home today.” Alex said.


“Bye mom!! Love ya!!” He cut her off and immediately hung up

“So where I’m I heading to next.. Yeah, Mathilda!” He said and got in his car, driving off.



Next Day. In The University

“This is the college you’ll be attending as from now on” Veronica said as the car drove in the college.

“You said you’re in second year and your course is software engineering..just like Rudy so you two will be course mates from now. Rudy, I trust you to take care of your younger sister okay? And make sure she’s comfortable and used to the school and new York” Veronica said.

“Of course mother, count on me” Rudy smiled.

The driver opened the door for them and they got out. People began murmuring when they saw them.

? OMG!! She’s fréaking cute!!

? Is she Rudy’s girlfriend? Please tell me no!

? I don’t think so.. She looks so much like Rudy’s stepmom so she must be his stepsister who lives in Korea.

? People are right.. Korean babes are fréaking beautiful!!

“Looks like you’re already getting popular” Rudy hung his hand round Abbie’s shoulder. She smiled widely.

“Let’s go get all the things ready so you can begin schooling here.” Veronica said and led the way..

Rudy held Abbie’s hand and they followed Veronica.



M•D Headquarters


“Don’t do this to me… No!!”


“It hurts.. It hurts!!”

Those cries came from hundred of nked girls who were being whipped by men.

A guy who looks like he’s in his early twenties walked in the big hall. The screams coming from the girls kept hitting his ear but he seemed unfazed as he walked..

He walked in a room and met a man sitting on a chair, smoking regally with his leg crossed as he manipulated his computer with one hand.

“Don” The guy bowed.

The man referred to as Don looked up and smiled.

“Any new good?” He asked with his deep husky voice.

The guy nodded and showed him the picture of five girls and among those girls is… ABBIE.

Don took the tablet from him and began swiping through the pictures of the various young innocent looking girls.

“They seem good.. Nice, don’t do anything till I say so. Let’s sell of some goods before bringing in another set” Don said.

“Yes Don” He said respectfully

“Good job.. As a reward, you can take whichever girl you want and go have fun” Don said.

“Thanks so much for your generosity Don” He smiled and left the room.

He began looking at all the nked women, searching for his taste till his eyes landed on a petite figure with blonde hair which looked dirty and unkempt.

“Her” He said.

The man nodded and dragged the girl up before pushing him to the guy.

“Please.. Save me” She cried.

“Save your tears for when you’ll be under me” He smirked and began dragging her out of the room.

“No… No!!” The girl screamed as she was been dragged out.

This place is “M•D”, the biggest women trafficking organization in New York.



I & C University

“Now you’re a full time student of this college” Veronica said.

“I’m so happy mom!” Abbie giggled.

“Here’s the map of the school. The first lecture already started, go on.. Go to class. Mommy loves you!” Veronica blew kisses at her before leaving.

Abbie smiled and opened the map. She began following the direction till she mistakenly bumped on someone, the person fell.


“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking and I mistakenly bumped on you” Abbie immediately apologized, stretching her hand to help her up.

The girl stood up on her own, leaving Abbie’s hand hanging

“Watch where you go bch!!” Blaire landed a slap on Abbie’s face. Her long manicured nails gave a cut on Abbie’s cheek.

Abbie gasped loudly as she touched her cheek. Her eyes widened when she saw…bI.ood.

Her fists slowly began folding..

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