Abbie walked angrily in the cafeteria while mumbling curses to her self.

“Who does that fool think he is? Queen Elizabeth’s son?” Abbie scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Abbie!!” Zoey waved at her from where they were sitting.

Abbie immediately smiled and walked to them before sitting down.

“Where did you go to” Alma asked, eating her meal.

“It’s not important” Abbie sighed.

“I brought your meal but a certain hippopotamus ate it” Zoey said eyeing Alma who was eating noisily with crumbs on her lips.

“What? I was hungry” Alma said with a mouth fool.

“It’s impolite speak with mouth fool… Illiterate!!” Zoey scoffed.

Abbie chuckled and went to get her own meal.

“One burger and iced americano please” Abbie said.

The server nodded and brought her meal.

“Here, keep the change” She paid the lady before leaving with her meal.

She sat down and began eating the burger, ignoring Alma and Zoey who were arguing.

“Sis..” Rudy smiled, coming towards their table.

“Oh My God!!” Zoey fell from her chair.

Everyone in the cafeteria turned to them.

“Are you okay?” Rudy said and stretched his hand to her.

Zoey looked at him with wide eyes as she drooled over him. She can’t believe he was standing in front of her.

“Uhm..” Rudy muttered.

She blinked twice before placing her shaky palm on his own. Rudy helped her up.

“T.. Thanks” She stuttered.

“Sure” Rudy smiled brightly.

“Uhh,,, my hand?” Rudy said.

Zoey’s eyes widened when she realized she was still holding his hand. She quickly released it..

“How’s my sis doing?” Rudy ruffled Abbie’s hair.

“Thought you said you don’t like me calling you bro” Abbie looked up at him.

“That’s because it makes me look old” Rudy sighed and Abbie chuckled.

“Just wanted to check up on you and from what I’m seeing you’re doing pretty well” Rudy said, looking at Alma and then Zoey who was still standing with her mouth wide open.

“Oh yeah Rudy, meet my friends.. Here’s Alma,” Abbie gestured at Alma.

“Sup dude” Alma said boyishly.

“And here’s Zoey” Abbie gestured at Zoey.

“ is your life? I mean,, are you alive.. No,, I mean.. What’s up?” Zoey stammered.

Rudy chuckled.

“I’m cool.. I’ll see you guys around, bye” He waved and left.

Abbie turned to Zoey who kept gawking over Rudy as he left the cafeteria.

“What’s up with the creepy attitude” Abbie said.

Alma sighed.

“This dummy here has been crushing on Rudy since last year..” Alma said.

“You didn’t tell me Rudy was your brother!?” Zoey held Abbie’s shoulder while saying.

“But you didn’t ask me.. Besides it’s my first day of school” Abbie shrugged.

Zoey released Abbie and fell on her chair, starring at the hand Rudy touched.

“I’m never washing this hand ever again.. Rudy talked to me for the first time ever!! My life mission is fully accomplished.. God, I’m ready to see your heavenly gate.. Take me away!!” Zoey said dramatically with her eyes closed.

Abbie laughed at her silliness while Alma pinched her brows..

“You’re lucky you have a round big @ss, I could have been so done with you long ago” Alma said.

Abbie’s phone beeped and her eyes brightened.

? I saw you earlier… Meet me at the third floor, the first to your left.

“I have to go somewhere girls, catch you later!” Abbie stood and immediately left.

Alma and Zoey watched her leave before looking at each other.




“Hahahahaha” Julian and Violet’s laugh filled the whole suite when Alex finished telling them his encounter with Abbie.

“I can’t breathe well” Julian rolled off the couch and fell on the floor while holding his tummy, laughing loudly.

“Mr Alexander Leighton, how does it feel to be rejected for the first time ever by a girl” Violet picked the remote control and placed it in front of Alex’s mouth as if it was a microphone.

Alex pushed her hand off his face with a frown on his face and that made Violet laugh more.

“This is not funny guys!!” Alex glared at them.

“Of course it is.. You literally came back here crying while holding your dk and now we hear the reason why… Dmn!!” Julian laughed.

“Fk you two” Alex spatted

“You can say fk you all you want… The fact still remain you won’t be able to fk her” Julian smirked.

Alex stood up and began leaving.

“We still have one lecture left.”

“I don’t care, I’m leaving” Alex left the suite, slamming the door behind him.

? Hey Alex!?

? You look hot when angry!!

? Alex, I love you

Alex ignored all of them as he walked with his hands in his pocket.

“I’ve never been humiliated this way by a girl.. Just you wait skinny thing, when I’m done with you.. You’ll come begging me to fk you” Alex said inwardly as he left the building, heading to where he packed his car.




Abbie opened the door and peeped left and right before going in.

“L.. Lucas?” She called, looking around.

Someone closed her eyes from behind and she jolted.

“Baby..” He whispered to her ear.

She smiled when she recognized his voice. Lucas removed his hand from her eyes and she immediately turned to him.

A gasp escaped her lips when she saw his face. This was the first time they’re seeing each other face to face and he’s even more handsome than in all video calls they did.

“Babe” Lucas smiled and cupped her cheek.

“Lu-Lu!!” She exclaimed and immediately hugged him.

Lucas smiled, hugging her back..

“Words can’t express how happy I am to see you and finally hold you. Why weren’t you replying my texts” Lucas asked.

“My phone’s battery díed down and when I charged it, I forgot to reply to you” Abbie pouted.

Lucas chuckled and pecked her pouted lips. She gasped with wide eyes before blinking.

“I’m sorry, I’m I going to fast?” He asked softly.

Abbie smiled and shook her head.

“Can I??” Lucas cupped her cheek and said.

Abbie blushed and nodded shyly. Lucas immediately leaned in and captured her lips.

She shut her eyes immediately and she kssed him back slowly with her hand clutching onto his shirt.

Her heart was littering racing several miles a second. This was her first kss and she couldn’t believe she’ll ever share it with her first love,, Lucas.

“I love you” Lucas broke the kss and said.

“I love you too Lu-Lu” Abbie said cutely and hugged him.

Lucas smiled and hugged her back then kssed her hair.


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