? Go Alex!! Yay!!

? Yes!!

? You can do it!!

The whole court went in an uproar when Alex scored another 2 point and his team won.

He smiled proudly as the crowd cheered loudly for them..

“That was a nice shot man!” Everett bumped his fist with his.

They’re both teammates so they easily became friends though he’s in another department.

“Thanks bro.. The annual sports festival is coming and our school will have to play against other schools so we need to get ready if we wanna win.” Alex said and picked the ball.

“Everyone gather up!!” He said loudly..

Everyone came to him, including the opponent team. Well he’s the captain of the whole basketball team in the school..

“The annual sports festivals is coming so we need to get ready.. From what I’m judging currently our level is at 5/10. Let’s train more so we can win the cup like we did last year..” Alex said while smiling.

“If only Mr captain stop playing solo then we could have improve” Tyler rolled his eyes.

He’s in the basketball team too.

“If only you’ll stop playing brutally then we could have improved fast.. You made us have 4 penalties last year and besides who said I was playing solo? You’re the one who’s to change if you want to participate in festival.” Alex fired.

“Who even voted you as our captain!! That’s pure bvllsht!” Tyler shouted.

“Bullshit?? Let’s settle it then? Whoever wants Tyler as our captain should move behind him and who wants me as the captain should go behind me” Alex immediately announced.

Three guys went behind Tyler while the rest went behind Alex. Tyler glared more at Alex while he smirked..

“See? Now who’s the real bvllsht” Alex mocked and turned to leave.

Tyler folded his fists and made to advance towards Alex but Everett stopped him by placing his hand on his chest..

“No fights… You guys already fought twice this week” Everett said.

Tyler pushed him and walked away..

Alex smiled waiting for him.

“You must be so exhausted Alex. Here’s a towel.”

“I brought you a bottled water”

Alex took the water and drank from it. He pulled off his armless jersey and threw it down.

“It’s mine!!” The girls began fighting for it.

He took the towel from the third one and wiped his sweat off his face.. The girl couldn’t help but drool over his six pack and bicep wondering if it’s really real.

Her thoughts were cut shut when Alex held her chin and placed a kss on her lips. She could feel her sould leaving her body.

“Wait for me after after lectures, 1PM” He said sxily and released her before walking away..

The girl stared at him with wide eyes, her legs trembling like that of a wet chicken.



“Are you sure you don’t wanna stay at the hospital?” Mrs Adams asked Whitney as she pushed the wheelchair she was sitting on.

The doctor said that apart from the bvllet injury, wounds and memory loss she didn’t sustain any major damage.

The surgery was successful and they bandaged back her face. The doctor said they’ll removed it after two days.

“Yes aunty.. I want to stay with you” Whitney pouted.

Mrs Adams chuckled. Though she couldn’t see her face but she was sure she was really cute.

She couldn’t believe that when she wanted to go, Whitney began crying loudly like a baby.

Well the doctor said the memory loss affected her knowledge on certain things that mean she may forget things she’s supposed to know and tend to act sometimes like a baby.

“Woah!! This place is so huge and woah!!” She exclaimed loudly as she looked around..

“Mom” Julian called, coming downstairs.

“Son” Mrs Adams left Whitney and went to hug Julian.

“How was your day baby Jul” She said and Julian sighed. It’s useless trying to convince her to stop calling him that name.

“It was fine” Julian smiled and looked at Whitney who was looking at everything with wide curious eyes.

“She’s the one?” Julian asked and Mrs Adams nodded.

She explained everything to Julian who nodded as she did.

“So she now has amnesia” Julian said and Mrs Adams nodded.

“I couldn’t bring myself to abandon her there at the hospital so I decided to bring her here at least she can stay here till she regain her memory, it’s kinda my fault she lost her memory” Mrs Adams said

The truth is she feels really guilty and is trying to make amends for her actions.

“I understand” Julian smiled.

“Aunt.. Who’s this person?” Whitney asked, pointing at Julian

“Meet my son,, Julian. Julian meet Whitney” Mrs Adams said.

“Son? That means he’s my cousin? Woah!! He’s so handsome!” She smiled.

Julian grimaced when she called him cousin.

“Thanks Whitney” Julian smiled and went closer to her.

“Thank goodness I have a strong man as son. Can you carry her upstairs,, I’ll inform the maids to arrange a room for her” Mrs Adams went upstairs..

“Carry me? I’m not a baby, I can walk!” Whitney frowned.

“I wanna see you do that” Julian crossed his arm with a smile on his face.

Whitney huffed and held the armrest of the wheelchair. She stood up but she felt a pang of pain on her shot leg.

“Argh!!” She fell back on the wheelchair.

Julian laughed..

“Stop laughing!!” She pouted..

Julian cleared his through and carried her in a bridal style. She wrapped her arms round his neck..

He began climbing the stairs with her.

“I think it’s not a bad idea for you to carry me. You smell so nice!” She inhaled in his cologne and giggled like a kid, hugging him tighter.

Julian just let her do what she wanted. Mrs Adams came out of a room.

“It’s ready” She said.

Julian nodded and walked in the room and placed her on the bed.

“Here’s your room.. My room is next-door, just knock on the wall if you need my help okay?” Julian explained and she blobbed her head up and down.

“Are you hungry?” Mrs Adams asked and she shook her head.

“Okay, we’ll leave you now.. Goodnight” Mrs Adams said and left with Julian

Whitney laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

“Whitney… I have a cute name” She smiled widely..

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A cab stopped in front of the brothel and someone putting on a scarf with sunglasses walked in the bro..thel which was a bit noisy.

“Star you’re here…” An elderly woman said.

The person nodded and removed her scarf and sunglass, revealing non other than… ESTELLA.

“Go get ready.. There’s a wealthy man who paid for the whole night with you” The woman who’s the owner of the bro..thel said.

“Okay madam” She said and left for a room.

She quickly changed and applied make-up before putting on a transparent night wear with nothing beneath, her perky bbs glaring in the outfit.


She walked out of the room and went straight to room 365, that’s were she receives all her clients.

She got in and met a fat man who was nked while rubbing his small ercted thing, ready for action.

“I’ve been waiting for you gorgeous” He smiled.

With a forced smiled, Estella closed the door and walked in. She pulled off her nightwear and walked to him.

“Let’s get started” She said se..ductively.





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