“Who… Did this… To… My… Clothes??” Abbie demanded with a very menacing look on her face.

? What are you talking about?

Abbie’s eyes scanned through the crowd and it landed on Alex who smirked at her before looking away.

“He’s not the one” She said inwardly and walked front glancing through all the person she came across with a scrutinizing gaze.

She stopped in front of Blaire, Della and Estella seat.

“What do you want,, plastic face” Blaire scoffed, looking at her in disgust.

“I’m not here for you baboon, shut your trashcan!” Abbie spatted, not sparing her a glance. Her gaze was focused only on Estella.

She placed an artificial nail on the table and Estella’s eye widened.

“That belongs to you right?” Abbie asked.

Estella looked at Blaire who wasn’t even looking at her but at her nails.

“So what if it’s mine huh? What you gonna do? I even helped you in fixing your ugly gown” Estella smirked.

Abbie smirked too.

“Say no more” Abbie said and dragged her up by the hair.

“Argh!” Estella yelped in pains.

“Let her go bch!!” Della spatted but just one sI.ap from Abbie was enough to shut her up.

Della immediately became mute while holding her cheek

“Let me go!!” Estella kept wincing

“Stella” Rudy muttered and stood up immediately but Tyler held him back and shook his head.

She dragged Estella along and they left the hall. Alma and Zoey went after them.

“I said let me go bch!!” Estella kept struggling till Abbie finally released her.

They were standing in the middle of a hallway, all eyes on them.

Abbie dipped her hand in Estella’s pocket and brought out the scissors.

“Choose,, your hair or your clothes?” Abbie smirked.

“You’re out of you mind!!” Estella spatted and made to hit Abbie but Abbie sI.apped her really hard before grabbing her hand and twisted it to the back.


“Since you don’t wanna choose, I’ll go for your clothes” Abbie said and placed the scissors on the tip of the top she was wearing..

“No.. No!!” Estella said loudly as Abbie began cutting her clothes. She made to push her off but it was impossible since Abbie pinned her hands behind her (Estella) back.

She tore it off and it fell off, leaving her only in her bra. Some people were already making videos while laughing.

They know Estella and her friends to he a bvlly so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they find out she must have bvllied her.

? Isn’t this the plastic face girl?

? I love her courage!!

? Yeah, I can still remember how Estella bullied me. Feels so good to see someone of their match.

“There we’re even” Abby smiled cutely at Estella who was covering her upper body with her hand.

“You’ll pay for this!!” Estella shouted and left the crowd who kept videoing her.

“Abbie!!” Zoey called coming to them.

“Yes babe” Abbie turned to her, smiling innocently.

“You’re one hella cra..zy baddie” Alma laughed

“Do you realize you’re just in your towel? Gosh! Come I have some spare clothes in my locker.” Zoey pulled her away.

Alma followed them with her hands in her pocket.




“Thanks so much for the clothes Zoey” Abbie smiled as they walked out of the LH.

The clothes was abit big on her but it still fitted..

“It’s nothing” Zoey replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had craziness running in your blood” Alma hung her arms round her shoulder.

“Well I was once a bully but I realized it wasn’t good so I changed.. I thought I’ll meet cool people here but I was mistaken. I hate when someone walk all over me and I tend to get back at the person” Abbie shrugged.

“I like that” Alma smiled.

“But you two realize it’s bad right? Getting back at the person isn’t a good idea, you should report the person to the authority and leave them to take action” Zoey said

“Saint Zoey, we’re not in fairytales where everything is fair and square.” Alma rolled eyes.

“I wasn’t talking to you flat @ss” Zoey frowned.

“At least men want me and my flat @ss” Alma smirked, shaking her @ss at Zoey who glared at her.

“You two..” Abbie shook her head in amusement.




Estella could be seen sitting alone in the hall as she read her books. Luckily, she brought a spare crop top..

She flipped to the next page as she read silently. The door opened and Rudy came in. She looked up and looked back at her book.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you” Rudy came to her.

“I never asked you to” Estella said with a mean look on her face.

“Why did you destroy my sister’s-”

“Rudy, just let me be.. I’m tired of hearing your voice, it’s annoying to my ear” Estella said and stood up.

She made to leave but Rudy held her arm..

“Why do you hate me this much? Can’t you see,, I love you” Rudy said hurtfully.

Estella chuckled but that was short lived. She removed his hand from her body

“I already told you,, I don’t like you and I never will.. Your sight is enough to annoy me and you’re related to that Korean wench.. That’s enough reasons to hate you” Estella spatted and left, slamming the door behind.

Rudy sighed dejectedly and sat down on the chair..




“Girls, I was wondering.. What’s the name of that ugly guy in class?” Abbie asked.

They were all sitting on the bench, everyone on their phone. The garden was so spacious and green with flowers of all sorts growing there.

Well the school was the best in New York and they don’t take on scholarships meaning every students in the college comes from wealthy family though the wealth comes in category.

“Ugly guy? Who?” Alma asked.

“That dude who sits at the back and always has this foólish arrogant look on his face” Abbie said.

“Oh you mean Alex? Wait,, did you just say the hottest guy in our school is ugly??” Zoey exclaimed.

“So he’s the famous Alex Kate told me about.. No wonder I don’t like him,, it’s nothing I just wanted to know his name” Abbie smiled.

“That smile looks suspicious” Alma furrowed her brows.

Abbie sighed.

“Okay, here’s the thing” Abbie explained her encounter with Alex and by the time she was done Zoey and Alma were rolling on the floor in laughter.

“So he’s the one that spread the rumor of you having a plastic face?” Alma asked, her laughter dying down.

“Yeah,, I’ll get back at him. He can’t bully me and go scott free” Abbie smirked.

“But yunno you should be careful.. His family owns 60% of college’s share that’s why it is called Leighton & Cooper (L&C) University. You know he can easily get you rusticated.” Zoey said.

“Sht!!” Abbie cvrsed..

She didn’t want to get herself into trouble but her stubborn side was slowly taking over..

“A little tiny payback won’t hurt right?” She thought and smirked naughtily.


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