Abbie got down Rudy’s car with a smile but that was contrary to Rudy.

“C’mon sis! Who’s that guy you’re dating, I wanna know if he’s worthy of my sis” Rudy whined behind her.

“I already told you it’s a girl’s secret. You’ll know when the time comes” Abbie said, walking front.

Yesterday when her and Lucas met, he asked her to keep their relationship low key for now, that he wants to let his parents know first before the public.

Abbie explained everything to Kate and she promised not to tell anyone they’re dating, not even their brother Rudy.

Rudy overheard them talking about boyfriend but couldn’t hear who it was.

“What’s up dude!!” Tyler walked to them with Lucas beside him

He bumped fists with Rudy.

“Who’s this hot chick here. She’s cute!” Tyler smiled.

Abbie recognized him to be Rudy’s seatmate.

“It’s my sister and she has a boyfriend so get your playboy eyes off her” Rudy said.

“Too bad.. I’m Tyler anyways” Tyler winked.

“I’m Abigail” Abbie smiled.

Her gaze landed on Lucas and they exchanged glance.

“I’m Lucas” He stretched his hand.

“Abigail” Abbie slowly accepted his handshake.

“If the presentation are over, let’s go to our hall.. Our lecturer is one hella sxy lady.. I once told you guys I’ll fk her right? Well I did, check out the video I made. Her pvsy was so pinkish and-”

“Shut up!! You’re corrupting my sister!!” Rudy blocked Abbie’s ears.

Abbie chuckled as they walked. They got to the building their LH was in and a gasp escaped their lips when they saw a picture of Abbie pasted all over the area with “Plastic face” written on it.

The people looked at it and laughed when they saw Abbie.

? I’ve always known her pretty face is too good to he true!

? What do you expect from a Korean girl. A country full of fake faces!

? I’m sure her face is just fake like her personality. Who knows I’m sure she’s a slvt who hides it behind that innocent smile

“Who could do this!!” Rudy exclaimed angrily

The posters were so much that it’ll take time to remove all of them.

Abbie looked surprised as she received all the hate comments. She was still looking at all the posters when her eyes landed on someone..


He was walking with his hands in his pocket with a satisfactory smile on his face. He glanced at Abbie with a look that says “it’s just the beginning” before entering the building.

Abbie folded her fists tightly in anger..

“Let me just get my hands on the person that did this!!” Rudy kept ranting angrily.

“Don’t worry brother, I’ll personally deal with it myself. A bully can’t bully an ex bully… He wants to see craziness in all its glory? That’s what he will see” Abbie smirked and began walking front.

“He?” Rudy raised a brow in confusion.

Meanwhile Lucas smiled in admiration as he followed behind.




Alma, Zoey and Abbie chatted as they walked back to the dressing room. They were just back from their gym class.

“Can’t believe I broke my back while trying to do that back flip” Zoey said. She moaned painfully as she stretched her back.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a massage” Alma hung her arm round Zoey’s shoulder.

“You won’t give me a massage with those lesbian hand of yours” Zoey pushed her off

“These two” Abbie shook her head.

They got to the girl’s changing room and took out their clothes to change from their sportswear.

“On Wednesday will be the official opening of the various clubs in our school. Which one will you girls join” Zoey asked as she pulled off her top.

“I’ll go for the club swimming and club foot race, I love both” Alma said.

“We can join two clubs?” Abbie asked and Zoey nodded.

“Then I’ll join the cheerleading club and dance club” Abbie smiled.

“I’ll go for whatever club Rudy goes for” Zoey said dreamily.

“Just say you have no talent” Alma rolled her eyes.

Abbie chuckled.

“I’ll meet you guys in hall, need to have a quick bath. I’m all sweaty” Abbie said and stripped before entering a small cabinet.

“See you in our hall then!” Zoey said and left with Alma.

Abbie began humming a song as she ran a shower. Just at that time, someone tiptoed in the room.

The person saw Abbie’s clothes laying on bench. With a smirk on the person face, the figure brought out a Scissors.

“Let’s see if masquerade outfit will fit you” The person began cutting her clothes..

Just the way it came, the person left after wards.

Few seconds after, Abbie came in while humming a K-pop song with a towel round her body. The towel ended below her knees.

A gasp escaped her lips when she saw her clothes in pieces.



? Has she gone mad too?

? Not only does she has a plastic face but she has gone mad too

? Call a psychiatric hospital asap!!

Abbie marched barefooted along the hallway with only that towel round. She has a very angry look on her face and her wet hair sticking to her face did a great job in giving off that menacing vibe.

She held her tattered clothes in her hand as she marched angrily to one direction, not looking at all the faces staring at her with weird look, wondering if she has gone mad.

The students in the S.E (software engineering) LH were discussing, while waiting for the lecturer to arrive when someone noisily kicked the door open

Abbie marched in

Alma and Zoey’s eyes widened when they saw her attire. People began murmuring.

? I just hate this girl.. Always trying to draw attention to herself.

? First was my Alex who winked at her now she comes out half nked.. Obvious slut!

She dropped her clothes on the floor and swiftly looked up at everyone. An icy silence descended upon the hall at once.

“Who… Did this… To… My… Clothes??”


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