“You really did that!!” Kate laughed when Abbie finished narrating her encounter with Alex to her.

“Yeah, who does he take me for? A cheap girl?” Abbie scoffed as Kate played with her (Abbie) hair.

“I love your hair, so soft and silky..” Kate smiled.

“Thanks sis,, that’s not my hair color though. My hair color is black, I just love dyeing it” Abbie said.

Abbie’s phone beeped and she immediately checked it. A blush crept up her face when she saw it was message from Lucas.

She bit her lips and began typing a reply to him.

“Who is making you blush like that..” Kate snatched her phone from her.

“Hey! Give that back!!” Abbie immediately stood.

Kate laughed as she ran inside Abbie’s bathroom and locked the door.

“Open this door.. I’ll pluck of your hair by the time I get my hands on you!!” Abbie banged the door.

Soon, Kate opened the door and handed the phone back to her with that cute smile on her face.

“You’re lucky you’re too cute. I could have hit that smile off your face” Abbie scoffed and fell on her bed.

“You didn’t tell me you’re dating Lucas..” Kate sat down beside her..

“You know him?”

“Of course I do! He’s one of Rudy’s best friend since they were young. I used to crush on his handsome face” Kate gushed dreamily.

“He’s Rudy best friend?” Abbie raised a brow.

“Yeah- okay see,, there’s Rudy, Lucas and Tyler… They’ve been best friends since they were young.. Not only that but the three of them hate the J.A.V”

“Who’s J.A.V?” Abbie said in more confusion.

“You don’t know them?! Oh I forgot you’re new on New York… J.A.V are simply the most popular group in your college, they comprise of Julian, Alex and Violet.. All come from rich families… Well your school is basically a college for rich kids so..” Kate shrugged.

“So those three hate Lucas and his friends?” Abbie asked and Kate blobbed her head up and down like an agama lizard.

“Not only that but… Lucas and Alex are brothers. I personally, I hate Alex! He’s too full of himself and a huge playboy unlike Lucas” Kate said and Abbie smiled on the mention of Lucas.

“How do you know all these.. You’re not even in my school” Abbie raised a brow.

“I’m not the gossip queen for nothing… Any news you wanna hear, come meet me.” Kate flaunted her hair and Abbie chuckled.




Alex’s car drove in the mansion at exactly 8:47PM. He got out of his car, feeling much better than how he left the school.

“S*x is the only solution to all my problems”

He began walking in the house with a smile on his lips but the smile immediately fell when he saw the last person he wanted to see.

“Kid bro” Lucas smiled.

Alex rolled his eyes and began walking away.

“It’s almost 9, where have you been? You missed dinner and mom and dad were worried about you” Lucas said, making Alex to halt.

He turned and looked at Lucas then chuckled..

“Oh please! Will you guys stop acting like I’m a teenager? I’m 23 for fk sake, I can fend on my own” Alex flared

“I know, I was just worried about you” Lucas spoke calmly, a contrast to how Alex was speaking to him.

Alex looked at him for a while and scoffed.

“Stop putting this pathetic face of yours. It doesn’t suit you” Alex scoffed again and left for his room.

Lucas stood akimbo, watching him go upstairs.

“What’s even wrong with this kid? Did his own puberty start at this age?” Lucas muttered.

He shrugged and left for his room




Mrs Adams got down her car and removed her shades, putting it in her hair. She was putting on a black one shoulder top fitted in a white palazzo pants and black scarpin high heels.

Her expensive handbag and white coat on one arm while her other hand tugged her hair behind her ear as she walked.

One who sees her wouldn’t even guess she has given birth talkless of giving birth to someone as old as Julian.

“Mrs Adams” Doctor Owen stood up when she got in his office.

He’s the owner of this hospital and also the one in charge of Whitney’s health.

“How are you doing Owen” They both shook hands.

“I’m fine, please have a seat” Owen said and sat down

Mrs Adams did so, crossing her legs..

“How’s the health of the patient I brought here” She asked.

Owen fixed his lenses before speaking.

“Thankfully, we succeeded in pulling her from the claws of death but unfortunately, her face is damaged beyond repair, we have to do a face surgery on her though it’ll cost money” Owen said.

“Start the surgery as soon as she wakes up. Money is not a problem for me” Mrs Adams said.

“Okay ma’am, you just-”

A knock came up, interrupting their talk. The door opened and a nurse peeped in

“Sir, the patient 438 has woken up” She said.

“Okay” He nodded and the nurse left.

“Mrs Adams, the patient you brought here has woken up” Owen said and Mrs Adams’s face brightened.

“Can I see her?” She asked.

“Sure… This way” Owen led the way and she followed.

They went to the VIP sector and opened the door to a ward to meet a girl sitting on the bed while blinking innocently, staring at the wall in front of her.

Her face was completely bandaged only her eyes, mouth and nose could be seen.

She turned to the door when it opened. Mrs Adams smiled in relief when he saw she has woken up.

“Miss how are you doing?” The doctor asked.

Whitney stared innocently at them, blinking at intervals..

“W.. Who are you?” She asked

“I’m doctor Owen and this is Mrs Adams. She’s your savior” Owen smiled.

“My.. My savior? From what exactly did you save me from?” Whitney asked and Mrs Adams eyes widened.


“What I’m I doing here? What happened to my face?? Who I’m I?? Why can’t I remember anything!” Whitney immediately began panicking, touching her face.

She tried moving but the pain she felt on her thigh restricted her.

“Doctor,, I think she’s suffering from amnesia. Maybe it’s due to the fall” The nurse beside said..

“What’s happening to me!!” Whitney began crying..

Mrs Adams placed her things on the chair and went to her. She sat on the bed and her hand.

“Hey.. Hey.. Look at me, calm down” Mrs Adams began pacifying her.

“You got into an accident and that affected your memory but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you and everything will be fine okay?” Mrs Adams smiled assuredly.

“Your name is..” Mrs Adams paused trying to remember the name she saw tattooed on her thigh.

“Whitney! Your name is Whitney okay? Don’t worry, everything will be fine” Mrs Adams said.

Whitney sniffed and nodded before smiling widely..

“Okay aunt.. Can I call you aunt?” She asked sweetly and Mrs Adams nodded with a smile.

“And about your face, it got badly damaged so the only option is to change it. Do you want to change it?” Mrs Adams asked.

“Sure!! So long as my new face will be super cute and pretty” Whitney said.

“Okay..” Mrs Adams smiled.


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