The blonde girl laid on the bed, crying her eyes out as she held the sheet tightly to her body.

The guy finished buckling up and turned to her. He smiled.

“You were really sweet, so tight and juicy. Too bad Rex needs me now, I could have gone for a round 2” He smirked before walking out.

A man was standing outside…

“Have her locked up, from now on she’s my property… Do not touch her or else, it’s not only your head that’ll be rolling on the floor but your family’s own too” He said.

“Of course Leo.” The man nodded.

The guy referred to as Leo nodded before leaving.

The man walked in and met her on the bed, crying her eyes out. She just couldn’t believe she lost her vrgnity in such a cruel way.

Her face was so swollen and red due to the b..eatings she received. Her whole body was aching so badly.

“Hey get up and dress up… I don’t have the whole day with you” The man said.

She got up while sniffing and the man couldn’t help but lust at her body but when she remembered Leo’s threat he immediately retained himself.

Leo is not only strong but he’s the left hand man of their boss (Don) and each words he says, he always means them.

Well Don has two of his men close to him, there’s Rex and Leo. Leo is his left hand man while Rex his hand man.. Both are acquainted to him but Rex is closer to Don for reason best known to them

The blonde girl picked a brown gown she saw on the bed and looked at the man.

“C.. Can you turn around? I want to dress up” She said.

The man scoffed before he did so. She quickly wore the gown and picked a knlfe laying on the stand.

“I need to get out of here.. I can’t stand this to..rture anymore” She thought and with a new found courage, she st..abbed the man on the back.

“Argh!!” He groaned.

“Ahh!!” She screamed as she stabbed him countless time. His blood kept splashing on her face as she did so till the man finally stopped moving.

She stood up and discreetly left the room.

She began running aimlessly, looking for an exit route in this vaste unknown location while hiding.

“Heyy!!” Someone called behind her.

Immediately alerted, she took to her heels without looking back.

“Let’s catch her, she mustn’t escape!!”

Two others joined and they became three, chasing after her.

One of the men brought out his gun and shot her.

“Argh!!” She screamed agonizingly when it took her arm.

She held her shot arm, still running with tears streaming down her eyes.

The man shot her again and it took her thigh. She kept running despite that though her speed slowed down.

She saw an elevator and with all her force, she ran to it and entered it. The men ran to the elevator but unfortunately, it shut at their faces.

“Fk!!” One of them cvrsed, hitting the door of the elevator.

“Let’s take the stairs!! She must not escape or else, the whole organization is doomed!!” Another one said and they took the stairs immediately.

The elevator opened and the blonde girl got out of it. She began staggering as she looked around, her bI.ood dripping to the floor as she walked.

Her eyes widened when she saw she was at a balcony..

“No… No!!” She began shaking her head and turned to go back to the elevator but the men blocked her way.

“You really thought you can run away from us huh?” One of them laughed.

“Any girl brought here is doomed.. There’s no way out for them unless you’re being sold off, just submit and we’ll tell nothing of this to Leo” The other said.

“Yeah, maybe if you bribe us with your pvsy, we’ll treat your wounds too” The third one added and they laughed.

The girl shook her head in tears and she looked back. She was sure, she was standing at the 4th or 5th floor of a skyscraper.

She closed her eyes and took deep breaths.

“Wait.. Don’t tell me-”

Before the man could finish speaking, she jumped off the balcony.

“This girl is crazy!!?” One exclaimed and stretched his hand to catch her but it was too late.

“Are you sure you won’t be coming home tonight?” Mrs Adams said on the phone while driving.

“Yes mom,, I’ll be sleeping over at Alex’s house” Julian said as he walked out of the hall.

Their first lecture of the day just ended

“Alright my baby Jul.. Take care and make sure you-”

“C’mon mom! I’m not a kid!” Julian sighed.

“You’re my only child so you’ll… Ahh!!!” She screamed loudly when a body out of nowhere fell on the front part of her car, breaking the glass.

She abruptly stopped the car before the body rolled of her car and fell on the ground.

“Mom!! Are you okay? Mom!!”

“I.. I’ll call you later baby” She immediately hung up and got down the car.

People were already gathering around to look at the body whose gown was stained with bI.ood and her bI.ood was wetting the floor.

Her blonde hair was sprawled on the floor and her face was badly damaged due to the fall she just had.

“Jesus Christ!! What is happening!!” Mrs Adams panicked when she crouched down next to the body.

The gown she was putting was slightly lifted, exposing her thigh with the name WHITNEY tattooed on it.




“Are you sure she’s fine? We can go check up on her” Alex asked worriedly.

Julian’s mother was like a second mother to him. They were currently in their suite. When they don’t have lectures, they always come here to relax.

Well Alex being the second son of Marshall Leighton who owns 60% of school’s share, it’s normal he gets such kind of favor

“No, I’m sure she’s fine” Julian said and Alex nodded.

“Alright,, well I have someone to meet” Alex stood up.

“Don’t tell me it’s still about that stúpid Korean girl” Violet rolled her eyes.

“I’ve never fked Korean girl before. I need to expand my record” Alex winked.

“But Alex-”

“Catch you later baby” He said and immediately left.

Violet sighed dejectedly.

“Why don’t you just confess to him that you like him before someone else does.. Compare to other girls, he doesn’t joke with you. Maybe he can consider your feelings and perhaps try to love you back” Julian said.

“I know what I’m doing Lian. He loves me, he just hasn’t realized it” Violet stood and left for the cellar.

Julian sighed..




Abby finished urinating before she went to wash her hands. She was still at it when Alex walked in and locked the door.

Abby looked up to see it was the guy that winked at her.

“annyeong yeppeuda” He said with an English accent and that flirty smile on his face.

“Huh?” Abbie muttered.

“Did I say it wrongly, I’m sorry… It’s just that the moment I set my eyes on you, I decided to learn Korean all that for you pretty” Alex said.

Well that was a lie though. “Hi pretty” was the only word he knew the Korean meaning of it.

He came closer and Abbie took steps back till her back hit the wall. He placed his palm on the wall, gazing at her intensely.

“Do you know you have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.” Alex said and Abbie frowned, already getting what he wants to go

“I have a boyfriend” She immediately said.

“C’mon beauty, I can treat you more better than he can ever do. I have money, fame and beauty” Alex said proudly.

Abbie rolled her eyes and looked away. Alex held her chin and turned her face back to him, their face so close to each other but Abbie remained unfazed.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me what do you see?” Alex whispered with the most sincere look on his face.

“I see malaria and yellow fever” Abbie said and Alex’s eyes widened.

“I already told you I have a boyfriend and I love him very much. Now let me go!” Abbie pushed him off but Alex pulled her back and pinned both her hands above her head.

“Let me go!!” Abbie frowned

“I really like you pretty” He said and made to kss her.

Abbie glared at him and without warning she kneed him hard on the groin.

Alex’s eyes immediately turned red and the only expression on his face was.. Pain

“Argh!!!!!” His knees dropped to the floor as he held that part, tears escaping his eyes.

“There,, that’s where you belong….on the ground, where dogs of your kind belong..” She rolled her eyes and walked to the door

“Don’t you dare come close to me ever again if you don’t want me to chop off that rotten thing of yours. For your information, my boyfriend is way more handsome than you” She snorted before leaving.

“It hurts…” Alex said like a baby

“You’ll pay for this,, I swear it you’ll pay!!” He said



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