Her fists slowly began folding as she slowly looked up at this Blaire of a girl.

“Blaire, are you okay?” One of Blaire’s friend, Estella asked.

“Yes I’m-”

Before she could finish speaking Abbie landed a deafening slap on her face. Everyone, including her friends gasped.

“B*tch do you know who you just slapped?” Della, another of Blaire’s friend said angrily while advancing towards Abbie.

“You want me to use your face as an experiment huh?” Abbie said and she immediately stopped on her tracks.

“I don’t give a dàmn about who you two are.. Just don’t mess with me or else this slap won’t be the only thing you’ll be receiving..” Abbie snapped angrily.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“1 universe, 8 planets, 7 seas, 7 continents, 809 islands, 196 countries, and I had the unfortunate luck of meeting three wasted bed efforts” Abbie said and walked away, stomping her feet angrily

“Move!!” She pushed everyone who was on her way as she walked.

“Blaire..” Della called slowly

“Don’t touch me!! That wench is gonna pay dearly, I can assure you that.. Argh!!!” She screamed madly before marching away.

Alex who witnessed the scene with his friends, smiled

“Feels good to finally see someone who can put that half màd girl in her rightful place” Julian smiled.

He was tall, handsome and has that deep and beautiful gaze which always makes girls trip over him.

“Yeah, I kinda hate her guts” Violet added, playing with her hair.

She’s also Alex’s friend. With a cute smile and a dangerously sxy body. The three of them have been friends since childhood and also are the most popular in the school and richest too.

“She’s interesting” Alex smirked.

“Don’t tell me it’s what I think” Violet said.

“I can’t help it.. She’s really pretty though” Alex said, walking front.

“When will you quit this playboy life!! When will you realize that they’re lots of girls who really love you for real.” Violet said loudly.
“Just like me..” She whispered sadly.

“Women are my life,, I can’t help it. Come let’s go baby” Alex said, walking with Julian. He calls her baby because she’s the youngest among them

Violet sighed before she followed them..




“Wow…” Abbie smiled as she looked around the hall which had close to 100 students in the hall. Looks like not many people offer the course.

? Who’s she? She’s cute!!

? If I was you, I wouldn’t say so. Did you see the way she bullied Blaire??

? Blaire started it..

? Whatever! No one touches my queen

? Violet is the queen!!

People kept murmuring but Abbie looked unfazed. She looked around and spotted Rudy sitting beside someone. She smiled and waved at him while Rudy just winked at her.

She went to an empty seat beside a girl before sitting.

“Hey” Abbie waved at her.

The girl gasped loudly..

“Did you just talk to me? OMG!! Someone talked to me!!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah.. Why so surprised.”

She sighed and rested her jaw on her hand.

“People here don’t really like to talk to me because I put on braces and that makes my accent funny, they say it’s for babies and I look ugly” She pouted.

“They must be blind, I think you’re cute” Abbie said..

“Really? Ahh!!”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Zoey, nice meeting you” Zoey stretched her hand.

Abbie accepted her handshake with a smile.

“I’m Abigail,, but you can call me Abbie.” Abbie smiled.

“Sup Zoey!” A girl dressed like a tomboy came and sat down next to Abbie.

“Sup hot legs” She winked at Abbie.

“Hi” Abbie smiled.

“Abbie, meet my only friend Alma. She’s a le$bian” Zoey whispered the end.

Alma rolled her eyes.

“For the millionth time bch, I’m not! I just like complementing people” Alma rolled her eyes.

“You once spanked my à$s when we were dressing up for gym!” Zoey frowned.

“That’s because it was sxy and I wanted to verify if that huge round thing belonged to a dummy like you” Alma rolled her eyes and placed her legs on the table.

Abbie who was sitting in between them chuckled.

“I love your name.. Alma is a Spanish word for ‘Soul'” Abbie said.

“What of my name.. It’s beautiful too” Zoey said, eyeing Alma.

“Your name starts with letter ‘Z’. It’s always last and dumb, unlike mine” Alma said.

“Hey…” They began arguing again.

Well their course mates knows them. They argue and then make up in the next minute.

“Stop it you two” Abbie blocked their mouths with her hand.

Alma rolled her eyes and looked at a guy who was passing by her till he walked pass her.

“Nice bvtt you’ve got there” Alma smirked.

The guy stopped and looked back at him. She winked at him and he quickly walked to his seat.

She chuckled and looked front..

Almost immediately the lecturer walked in. Some girls began fixing their dresses for him to notice them. Abbie noticed it.

“This college is the best school in New York but it’s also the best in unholy things. Prepare to see things your eyes has never seen before” Alma whispered to her.

“It’s not like that in Korea” Abbie muttered, already missing Korea.

“Good morning” He greeted with a smile.

“Morning sxy prof!”

The lecturer cleared his throat uncomfortably before he began his lectures.

Abbie was busy jotting down some important points while giving it her utmost attention. Thank goodness she had an English tutor back in Korea who thought her how to speak English.

The lecturer was still at it when the door opened and three people came in. The whole hall began screaming wildly when the J.A.V made their entry.

? Alex!! Just wink at me and I’ll díe in peace!!

? Violet… Those h!ps and @ss, gawd!!

? Julian’s smile be klling me!!

? Alex, I love you.. Just one night stand please!!

The lecturer sighed in defeat, this is why he hàtes teaching in the morning

Abbie looked at everyone in confusion, wondering what is happening. Even Zoey was busy screaming her lungs out while Alma looked unfazed.

Abbie looked at Alex and he was staring at her too. He gave her that flirty smile as he maintained eye contact with her before winking at her.

Violet scoffed and rolled her eyes.. Glaring at Abbie.

? Did you see that? He winked at her!!

? I hàte that girl, how can Alex wink at her!!

The trio went and sat at the back of the hall, their usual seat.

“Let’s resume our lesson for today” The lecturer said and the hall became quiet once more.


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