Blaire walked in the hall with her two friends behind them, arrogance and pride literally shining on their faces as they walked.

? Blaire!? Our queen is here!!

? We love you Blaire!!

? She’s so pretty!!

Blaire scoffed arrogantly as she received all those compliments. Well Blaire Cooper is the only daughter of the Cooper family and her family owns 40% of the school.

It is rumored that her and Alex are engaged… It’s not confirmed yet.

She stopped in front of her seat and flicked her fingers. A guy ran to her and removed his shirt from his body then used it to clean her chair and table.

She sat down regally and stretched her foot front, the guy began cleaning her shoes with his shirt.

Her two friends sat beside her.

“I hate this girl..” Alma scoffed as she glared at Blaire.

“Let’s just ignore her.. Where’s Abbie, the last lecture of the day will soon commence” Zoey said.

Violet and Julian walked in and Blaire looked expectantly at them waiting to see Alex but she was disappointed when he didn’t show up.

“When I thought you were déad… I knew it was too good to be true” Violet muttered when she got to Blaire.

“If only there was an app I can download to make you disappear” Blaire said, looking at her manicured nails

Violet opened her mouth to speak but Julian held her arm

“It’s useless talking to her. Let’s go to our seat” Julian pulled her away.

Soon Abbie entered the hall while smiling as usual. She went to her seat..

“It’s her!!” Blaire exclaimed angrily.

“She’s the bch that dared sIap me!!” Blaire gritted her teeth.

“So she’s in our department” Della muttered.

“Don’t worry Blaire, by the time we’re done with her. She’ll Google how to cry” Estella said.

Blaire nodded and smirked.

Few minutes later Lucas walked in and his eyes met with Abbie. He smiled and she smiled back.

Who would have thought they’re in the same department??

Not too long after, the lecturer came in.




Alex got in his condo.. It’s a place he rented and he usually comes here when he doesn’t want to go to his parents house and also when he wants to fk.

He got in his room and as expected, he met a girl on the bed pleasuring herself..

“I was waiting for you Al baby” She said sxily

Alex walked to her and slammed his lips hard on her, kssing her fiercely. She moaned in his mouth, trying to follow up his pace..




“Fk mom!! What did you do?? You hit her!!” Julian panicked.

He got home and was shocked when his mother told him about what happened..

He had to cancel the sleepover at Alex’s place coz he was worried

“I swear, I was looking well on the road.. I didn’t see her on the road, she just fell out of no where on top of my car” Mrs Adams said.

Whitney was rushed to the hospital when that happened and the doctor discovered two bvllets on her body. She lost so much blI.ood and also adding to her damaged face, she was in a critical state.

“What if she dies.. I don’t want to have the death of someone in my conscience” Mrs Adams said at the verge of tears..

“It’s okay mom, she won’t die” Julian hugged her and kissed her hair.

Julian’s father died 5 years ago due to pancreatic cancer so his mother is the only family he has left. Mrs Adams is the most sought out lawyer in the country so it’s no doubt they’re super rich..

“Tomorrow we’ll go and check up on her.” Julian added.




“WHAT!! A SINGLE GIRL OUTSMARTED YOU AND SHE ESCAPED!!!!!” Don’s voice thundered all over the room.

Some of the men walking across the room felt pity for those in there

The three men in front of him had their heads down. They were shaking and sweating so much in fear.

“Y.. Yes boss. She st..abbed one of Leo’s men to de..ath before escaping” One of them said carefully.

“But boss,, she jumped off the balcony plus we shot her twice. I’m not sure she’ll survive” One said.

“When she jumped,, did you search for her body to confirm she’s déad?” Don asked, playing with his golden gun on his hand.

“N.. No boss but-”

Don fired his gun and a bvllet rammed inside his head. He dropped down déad, his bI.ood already wetting the floor.

The other remaining two trembled even more. One even began urinating on himself out of fear

“Find that girl.. I don’t care through which magic you’ll use but I need to see her body here whether déad or alive.. Have I made myself clear?” Don said in a menacing voice.

The two immediately nodded.

“Leave.. And take his body along” Don said and turned his swivel chair to face another direction.

“I need to find that girl. She’s a threat to my organization”


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