COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)
By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)


Episode 14

Crystal walked around the office cracking her brain and thinking on how to fake her de@th.
Asher had come up with some ideas but Crystal saw it as foolish.

“I have an excellent idea” Crystal said and smiled wickedly. Asher looked at her and smiled back, he knew whatever Crystal said was going to work.
“So guys we were able to get the secret code. All that’s left now…” Xander said buts get interrupted by Kate.

“You said you needed a female and none of the females agreed to follow you so which female….”

“A very pretty and able female” Xander said and Kate smiled knowing he was referring to Crystal.
The head of the department walked in the office and gave Xander an angry glare.

“Good morning to you too sir” Xander greeted not knowing why he was angry.

“Agent Xander please have your seat” He said and Xander went to his seat.

“About the case of the a$$assin” He started with and Kate becomes nervous.

“Agent Xander, it seems something has been distracting you lately that’s why your mind has not been on the case of the a$$assin lately. That’s why Agent Max has been able to give us a clue to finding out who the a$$assin is, Agent Max please come in….” He said and a man walked in.
Xander looked at him and smiled, his smile made Max mad but he hid it with a fake smile.
Xander and Max are both colleagues in the same Force School, Xander had always been the best and that made Max jealous, his jealousy turned to hatred. When Xander graduated has the best Agent in Los Angeles, Max hatred deepened and he vowed to do things Xander couldn’t do.

“Agent Max please show us what you’ve found out” Xander said and he cleared his throat and asked the technician to connect his laptop to the projector.

“Well as we all know, the a$$assin has never murdered a female”

“We all know that” Xander interrupted.

“Yes I know, and there’s always a Crystal on the dead’s person body”

“We know that too” Xander interrupted again, everyone laughed silently.

“YES I KNOW, but what you guys haven’t noticed is this….”
Different female bodies with the same body attributes but no head or eyes were shown on the screen.
Kate nervousness began to increase.

“You said the a$$assin has never murdered a woman but what of all this women that were killed alongside. Are they not human being too” Max said and looked at Xander

“Well, ill give you the answer to that, that’s because those females were dead before they were actually mut!lated, after they undergoed different tests, it was found out that they are died days before the a$$assin striked and their de@th were either by p0isoning, str@ngling or ch0king not by mutilation ” Max said and continued.

“Shocked right??, I was too. Now if this females were dead before the a$$assination. Who is the mysterious lady that follows the a$$assin’s victim to the hotels or clubs and why does the all the females have the same body features with the lady that follows them. I’ll solve it for you” He said and clicked something on his laptop. A female’s body but no face appeared on the screen, the body really seemed familiar to Xander but his mind was drifted away to remember anything. Her n@ked b0dy was what his head kept on playing.
Kate looked at Xander to see if he was concentrating, she smiled when she realized his mind was far away from whatever stupid Max was saying.

“Our Clue is whoever our a$$assin is might be a female with this type of body, a very perfect structured b0dy any man would die for.
If the a$$assin is not a female then whoever is working with the a$$assin must be a female that lures the victims to their de@th. A female with good se.ducing powers” Max said and Kate lets out a loud cough, she was near the technician, she kept on coughing hard, her seat partner gave her a paper cup of water, she pretended it slipped from her hand and poured on the socket making everything go blank as sparks of fires came out of the socket.

“Am sorry” Kate apologized, Max shot her a suspicious glare. Kate knew he was trouble for them.
The screen had went off and the laptop’s plug had been disconnected.
Stella sat down waiting for Xander’s father to walk down so they could talk.

“Stella my daughter in law what brings you here” He said as he walked down.

“I need your help” She said and he smiled.

“Again, you only come here when you need my help, so what’s the problem this time around. Do you want me to help you kill someone again or do you need Papa’s dk as usual”

“I need three things, Firstly I need your help to kill someone, secondly I need some cash and thirdly I need you to help me beg Xander”

“Oh oh oh, has he caught you fking another man again”

“Again??, what do you mean by again”

“You know my son and I are close, thanks to the death of my sweet wife. Oh how I miss her”

“Shut up old man, you killed her”

“Yes but remember you did the finishing job after she asked Xander to marry you”

“Well that’s not what I asked, do you mean Xander knew I was cheating on him before”

“He sure did, he tells me that he wants to divorce but I say I don’t believe you cheated, I say I’ll only believe if he brought evidence”

“He already does and now he’s going to call me to court and this time nothing can save me. We’ll get divorced this time around”

“That won’t happen, I’ll think of something”

“Better do because if Xander divorces me you’re also going down with me” She threatened and walked away.
………….. ……..
Crystal comes down from the cab and walks inside Jimmy’s house. She drops her ID CARD outside the house and walks in.
Nobody was inside but the doctor wasn’t locked.
She brings out a fake bomb from her bag and drops it on a table. Bombs were like fire crackers to Crystal, both fake and real. She sets the timer and sits down near the bomb, her phone rings.
“Speak” She ordered.

“Crystal you have to stop whatever you’re doing now and come to the headquarters, there’s an emergency. A serious one” Asher said.
The voice Asher used was really serious, she sighed and stopped the fake bomb then dipped it back in her back and headed out, she bumps into Jimmy.

“You back??” He asked.

“Yeah but am going again, but I’ll soon be back” She said and left.
Jimmy looked down and saw her ID CARD, he picked it up but she had gone already.
“What’s the emergency, better be something serious” Crystal said and Kate walked in the office.
She explained everything that happened in the police headquarters to Crystal.

“Is that all” Crystal asked and Kate nodded.

“There’s no way Agent Max or Mac can know all this information about me without somebody helping him”

“What are you talking about Crystal” Asher asked.

“What I mean is we have a spy in here, there’s a rat here. The same way Kate is giving us information from the FBI. Someone here is also giving Agent Mac information and I’ll find out that person” She said and walked out of the boss’s office. She looked around, some people were busy with their phones while some were busy with their computers.

“WE HAVE A SPY HERE” Crystal yelled.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Crystal. Crystal examined everyone faces then walked to a lady.

“Give me your phone” She said.

“Why, I am not a spy” The lady replied, Crystal got mad and sl@pped her so hard are lips tore and bled.

“I said give me your phone”

Crystal touched her lips and wiped the bl00d away.

“Have only touched you a little and you are bl.eeding, what if I start hitting you. You are too beautiful to bl.eed out you know” Crystal said and she quickly gave Crystal her phone.

“Good girl” Crystal said and throws the phone at a lady sneaking out of the headquarters.

“Where do you think you are going…. Sophie” Crystal said and walked to her. She pulled her up and sl@pped her.

“How dare you, do you know the trouble you’ve put yourself in” Crystal yelled and sl@pped her.

“Like I care” She replied holding her bruised cheek.

“You think you are perfect, you met us in this business and decided to overtake us. Suddenly Crystal becomes the perfect a$$assin and Sophie becomes just sophie.
Have killed more than you but nobody sees that, you start controlling everyone including the boss. Am older than you with 5 good years, even older than your fking bestfriend but you have no respect for me. You wanna instill fear in us because you’re the boss’s favorite. I don’t like you Crystal. I really wished you died. There’s nothing you can do now, I did not only give Agent Max a clue. I just sent him your photo. In the next 30 minutes. His phone would vibrate and he would see your picture. Let’s see how you save yourself from this” Sophie said and laughed m@niacally.

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