COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)


Episode 13

“Fk the code I wa.nt you now” He said and t0uched her b.are back making Crystal shake under his t0uch.

“Xander what are you doing, stay off me” Crystal said and pushed him away, she had pushed him so hard he almost fell on the floor but he held her hand and in the process both fell on the floor. Crystal on Xander. Her hair was covering his face.

“Xander stop this” She said and tried standing up but he wouldn’t let go of her.

“2 minutes please, let’s stay like this for two minutes” He said and removed her hair from his face.
Crystal looked at him, she didn’t move not because Xander asked her to but because she didn’t want to.
He t0uched her face and Crystal vibrated slowly, Xander smiled. He liked the way her b0dy resp0nded to his t0uch.

“What’s going on here, do you guys wanna fk or wah” A guy said passing.
Crystal stands up from Xander quickly.

“Let’s go” She said not looking at him, she was angry again.
She didn’t like that Xander could control her with one just touch, she seemed so vulnerable with Xander and she hated it.
She was here to distract Xander not have stupid feelings for him.
The drive home was awkwardly silent, Xander wouldn’t say anything nor Crystal.
The drunkenness seemed to have waned off after she splashed some water on him.

“Am sorry for what happened earlier” Xander said all of a sudden breaking the silence but Crystal didn’t reply instead she focused on the wheels.

“Please just say something” Xander said and Crystal pulled the brakes immediately.

“Hey cool down” Xander said.

“You can drive yourself home, I’ll take a cab” Crystal said and walked out of the car pissing the hell out of Xander.

“Loretta come back here” He said and got out of the car.

“Where the fk do you think you are going to, it’s late already” He said but she didn’t reply, instead she stood at the road side and waved out her hand for a cab.

“Unbelievable little witch, I feel like just strangling her” Xander said and walked to her.

“Seriously Loretta, do you think it’s funny” He said and glared at her.
Crystal rolls her eyes at him and stops the next cab.

“Wow hotty” The cab man said and licked his lips lu$tfully. Crystal was used to it so she wasn’t really affected by it but Xander was boiling at the moment.

“Denmark Street” She said and opened the door but Xander shuts it back immediately.

“Are you cr@zy you almost hurt me” Crystal said and glared at me.

“In the car…… NOW” He said with more authority.

“Hey dude cool down she doesn’t wants to go with you” The cab man said.

“Stay out of this” Xander warned and the cab man respected his warnings. A guy like Xander sent shivers to many people back.

“Loretta do not act stubborn with me” Xander said and dragged her to the car ignoring her yells.

“How dare you, who do you think you are to drag me like that” Crystal yanked at me, she didn’t like that Xander could control her like he owned her.

“Loretta calm down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, I don’t wanna….” Crystal couldn’t complete her sentence as she felt Xander’s warm lips on her exploring his t0ngue in her m0uth.
He tightened his grip around her w@ist and pulled her close, the contact making Crystal feel his h@rdness.
Crystal tried moving back but Xander wouldn’t allow, his grip on her was so strong that Crystal decided to give up.
The kss demanded more, Crystal allows the contact and wraps her hand around his head. Whatever was happening now was wrong but it felt so good.
He opens the back seat door and lifts her inside dropping her on the chair slowly and gently.
He pulls her z!p down slowly and leaves her only in her red l@ce und.erwear, she was dripping already.
Crystal assists him in undoing his buttons and unz!pping the z!p of his tr0users.
Crystal couldn’t stop, her mind asked her to, but her b0dy wanted more and that was exactly what she wanted too.
Xander pu.lled 0ff her unde.rwear leaving her st@rk n@ked. He thr.u$ted in her sl0wly and expl0red her bre@$ts with his m0uth.
Crystal m0aned as he thru$ted int0 her slowly, this wasn’t her first or second time but this was her first time of actually making l0ve rather than the usual “fking”.
Her m0ans were like music to his ears, she was so warm and t!ght that Xander didn’t feel like leaving there.
To Xander Crystal’s body was heaven and who would wanna leave heaven.

Crystal wakes up the next morning, she looks around and realises she was in her room.
She was wea.ring the same dress she wore yester night.

“My th!ghs hurt as fk” She said and sat up, then she starts remembering what happened yesterday.

“No no no, Crystal you didn’t. You didn’t do that sht” She said and stood up.
There was a knock on the door.

“Yeah who’s there” She asked pulling the be.d sheets over her b0dy.

“It’s Xander can I come in”

“Like you haven’t “cu.mmed” in already” Crystal said to herself.

“No problem” Crystal said and Xander entered inside, he had changed his own clothes already.

“Erm Loretta can we talk about yesterday” He said and rested on the mirror table.

“Nope I don’t wanna” She said and stood up removing the bedsheet from her b0dy.
Even though her looked messy, Xander couldn’t help but admire her.

“Look Loretta, let’s just discuss and settle things”

“Nothing to discuss Xander, you have a wife and you cheated on her last night. I have no husband so I wasn’t cheating and besides it was just sx” She said and walked in the bathroom.
Just sx, how dare she say it’s just sx. He was sure yesterday night that she wouldn’t stop m0aning his name, and her finger nails mark were on his back and when she cu.mmed she screamed his name which he was sure no man had ever made her do and she’s just gonna tag it just sx. Nope he’s not having that.

“I’ll like to take my bath now please” Crystal said but earned a glare from Xander.

“You little….” He didn’t complete his words instead he pulled her to the wall and pinned her there. There was a dangerous smirk on his face and it scared Crystal

“Just sx right.. I’ll make sure you eat your words” He said and walked out.
Crystal knew she had to leave this mission. Having sx with him yesterday was a bad choice, you don’t have sx with people that are supposed to be your mission, you just complicate things.
She took her bath and changed her clothes to something more decent then walked down but no sign of Xander, instead Jimmy who was doing some on his computer.

“Hey breakfast is in the kitchen, Xander just left so am all you have” Jimmy said. Crystal smiled at him and walked out.
She was leaving there and never coming back, things were getting h0tter between her and Xander and that’s the last thing she wanted.

“Carlos this is the fifth r0und we’re having this morning, my p$$y hurts” Stella complained.

“Hey don’t complain, you called me over now hand me some CD lemme drown” Carlos said and played with her bre@$ts.
M0aning as Carlos entered her the door opened and standing on the door was an amused Xander.

“Oh God” Stella said and pushed unaware Carlos off her. Carlos realising what happened jumped off the b.ed and stood at the edge.

“Baby please I can Explain” Stella begged sweating more than before.
Xander brings out his phone and takes a picture.

“Now I have a good reason to div0rce, you guys can continue am not stopping in fact I don’t even care am very happy to say. I knew you’ve been having sx with a guy, I just didn’t have proof but now I do. See you in court” He said and walked away.

“God this is bad, this is real bad. I don’t know how to save myself from this” Stella lamented.

“Well can we continue, my b@lls are heavy” Carlos said and earned a glare from Stella.

“This is all your fking fault” She said and threw the pillow at him.

“So Crystal you mean you had sx with him, not just sx you guys made love like two lovers” Dina said and smiled.

“Don’t smile, it’s not funny. I regret what happened but that’s not going to happen again. Am quitting”

“Well I support you for this one, you shouldn’t have had sex with him” She said and poured a bottle of beer in Crystal’s cup.

“You know I miss home, the only place I can do whatever I wanna do” She said and stood up.

“We have to go to the headquarters, tell boss what happened” Crystal said and Dina nodded.
“YOU DID WHAT!!” Asher yelled slamming his hand on the table.

“Hey calm down and stop being a dk” Crystal said.

“Why did you have sx with him. You know it’s against the rules” He said still angry.

“You must quit that mission. Someone else will replace you”

“Boss you do know nobody in this world born of Adam can replace Crystal”

“Sure you’re right but you are still quitting and immediately you do that Dina and you are going for a new mission”

“Wow missions after missions. Won’t I rest” Crystal said throwing her hands up in the air.

“I don’t care just end your current mission”

“As far as Crystal is concerned, leaving Xander won’t be as easy as we say it is. He’s going to find me and am sure he will. If am quitting this mission then there’s something I have to do than just leave”

“Fake your de@th?”

“Sure, I’ll have to fake my de@th” Crystal said and smiled.

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