COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)



“Looks like your beautiful woman has a very bad attitude” Leonard said and extended his hands to Xander to help him get up but Xander shoved the hand away and stood up dusting off the dirt from his cloth, his palm was a little bruised.

“Something’s wrong with her. I need to find out what” Xander said and prepared to leave but his father’s wife stopped him.

“Who’s she, she looks familiar” She asked.

“Someone I care about” Xander replied and left.
He took his car and drove home, he walked in and met Jimmy pacing around.

“Oh thank Goodness you are back, I called you multiple times but you didn’t pick up”

“Where’s she” He asked.

“Well she’s inside her room breaking stuffs”
Xander looked up and ran upstairs, the door was locked. She wasn’t breaking stuffs again since everywhere was silent.

“Loretta it’s me Xander, can you please open the door, let’s talk ” He said but no response, instead the door knob pulled down and the door open, while Crystal went back to the bed and lied on it.
He looked around and saw the pieces of glass on the floor, he was supposed to be angry at her but how could he when she was like this. She was hurt and he could feel it, and it killed him to see her like that.

“Loretta you….” He stopped when he saw her hand, it was bl.eeding badly. She had cut herself again.
He grabbed her hand and she opened her eyes.

“You’ve hurt yourself again, Loretta why why exactly are you doing this” He asked getting upset, he hates getting angry at her but he couldn’t help it.
She just kept staring at him not saying anything.

“Let me go get the first aid” He said and turned to leave but Crystal held him back, her bl.eeding palm touched his bruised palm.
He came closer to her and she hugged him.

“If you can get a first aid for my bruising heart, I’ll gladly accept” She said and slept off still hugging him.
Xander noticed she was sleeping already so he helped her on the b.ed.
He kssed her forehead and went out to bring the first aid, as for her heart he was going to make sure he cured it.
It was a promise

The next morning Crystal wakes up with a headache, she looks at her palm and sees the little bandage on it.
The broken glasses had been swept off already.
She stood up and went out of her room, Jimmy as usual was downstairs playing video games. She was very lucky when Jimmy told her he lost her ID card but he didn’t notice her name in the ID CARD. Luckily it fell from his pocket and Dina saw it and quickly called her about it.

“Jim sup” She greeted.

“Loretta wassup. How’s your palm”

“Better” Crystal replied.

“Xander went to court, he’s getting divorced” Jimmy said.

“Oh” Crystal said.

“Don’t feel sorry though, I never liked that btch in the first place, and if you feel like we could go to the court together ” Jimmy said.

“No I am not interested” Crystal replied.

Xander left the court happy that the burden of being married to Stella has been brought down, he was able to divorce her without stress because of the evidence he had against her.

“Congratulations bro” Jimmy congratulated.

“Thanks” Xander said.

“What of Loretta, she didn’t come”

“You know your woman. She refused to come” Jimmy said and Xander half smiled.
Stella stood in front of him, her eyes were shading coconut tears.

“This is not over Xander, not yet. I’ll make sure I destroy your family including the slut you dumped me for, you shall see” Stella said and left pulling Carlos away.

“Am beginning to feel you’ve forgotten about your mission and now you are getting too too close to Xander than normal” Dina said on the phone.

“Dina I told you it’s still a mission”

“Yeah making love to him more than how many times is just a mission, tell that to a two years old child ”

“Dina you don’t understand…”

“Crystal I just don’t want you to get hurt okay, am only after your safety”

“I know Dina, trust me I won’t do anything stupid like falling in love with him” Crystal said and it felt like she was only deceiving herself.
Dina cut the call and Crystal felt suddenly nauseous. She rushes to the toilet and throws up.

“What did I eat….oh yes Jimmy gave me some chickens yesterday that were almost on the verge that ba$tard” She said and washed her mouth.
She walked out and saw Xander standing in her room folding his arms.

“So I heard you were getting divorced, so how did it go” She asked.

“It went well, am no longer married”

“Okay” Crystal said feeling unconcerned.

“Are you okay” Xander asked and she looked at him confused.

“Why did you ask”

“Your face looks kinda pale” He said and went closer to her but she moved back.

“I wanna take my bath now. Thanks the door is over there” She said and went back in the bathroom.

“Stella calm down, don’t kill yourself because of Xander” Carlos said as he watched Stella pace around angrily.

“Xander humiliated me and his stupid father didn’t do anything about it. I would make sure I destroy Leonard. Xander would know something he never knew about his so called father. I would destroy everyone” Stella said and left.

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