COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)


Episode 20

The atmosphere was really tense, the look Xander was giving Crystal could kill someone who wasn’t strong as Crystal if looks could kill.

“Loretta answer me, why did THE BOSS send you a message to kill me in the next 24 hours”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about” Crystal said pretending to be confused.

“Don’t you even think of fooling me. Fine explain this” He said and showed her the message.
She looked at it and faked a naughty laugh, then puts her hand on her che$t.

“God Xander you scared me,that’s just a truth or dare game called THE BOSS. I set the dare to dangerous and put your name as the victim, even Jimmy’s name’s there. Here I’ll show you the app” Crystal said and unlocked her phone.
Xander not accepting what she’s explaining looks into her phone for the “App”.

“Ouch” Crystal groaned and touched her stomach

“You okay” Xander asked, his attention drifted away from the phone and to her.

“Yeah yeah yeah am okay…… Goddddd” Crystal groaned and pretends to fall, luckily Xander’s there to catch her.

“Are you okay” Xander asked and walked her to his car.

“Careful” He said and helped her in his car. Crystal watched as Xander rushed into the driver’s seat, at least he won’t talk about THE BOSS for sometime and that will give her some time to ask one of her Co workers to create some stupid game.
She hated the fact that she was treating Xander like a fool just because she was his weakness, she hated seeing him hurt but what can she do when there’s no other choice.

“How you feeling now” Xander asked Crystal, she was looking outside as different thoughts filled her head.

“Loretta” Xander called but her mind was far away from where she was. He touched her on her shoulder and she was back to him.

“Am okay” Crystal replied and smiled at Xander.
Crystal closed her eyes slowly and she soon began to doze away.
Xander watched her as she slept off, he changed his course of direction immediately.
“Where where are we” Crystal asked as she wakes up to the mansion before her.

“Welcome to Xander’s little mansion” He said and opened the door for Crystal.

“Little mansion. Humble much??” Crystal scoffed and took Xander’s hand as she walked out.
Crystal looked around the mansion as Xander pulled her in.

“Nice pool. I never knew you liked swimmingly ”

“I don’t….” Xander replied in an icy tone.

“You don’t know how to??” She asks and he scoffs.

“I do, I just don’t like it” He replied. Crystal smiled and walked to the pool. In his presence she took 0ff her dre$$ and pulls off her shoes. She starts pulling 0ff her unde.rwear and Xander becomes uncomfortable

“What are you doing” Xander asked.

“This is me doing something you don’t like. It’s nothing you’ve not seen before besides I love swimming naked” With this Crystal jumps into the pool.

“You are so unpredictable, one minute you looked so vulnerable, the next minute you get angry, the next minute your stomach aches you and now you are swimming. I don’t understand you” Xander said and walked closer to the pool.

“Stay here. I’ll be back, don’t think of leaving” Xander ordered sternly.

“Do I have a choice” Crystal replied and went deeper inside the water.
Xander walked in the mansion, he brought out his laptop and starts doing some work about his case, the case that Crystal succeeded in distracting him from.
He was beginning to have doubts about Crystal, he didn’t know anything about her, but foolishly he trusted her.
He brought out her ID card which he took when she was sleeping and did some check on it to be sure if it was fake or real. Luckily for Crystal, the ID CARD proved real.
He remembers Max’s words in the Police headquarters and the pictures he showed. Those bodies were almost like Loretta’s, he was so lost that he didn’t really concentrate.

“What are you doing” Crystal asked water dripping from her body, now she was we.aring underw.ears.

“Nothing” Xander replied and closes the laptop swiftly.

“Okayyyy, I was going to show you the game..”

“Don’t worry, you should rest, but first you should dry yourself ” Xander said.

“Okay” Crystal replied and looked around, she walks to a couch but Xander pulls her back.

“I just don’t know why I can’t let go of you” He said staring at her heavenly half n@ked b0dy.

“Xander let go of me” Crystal said and tried releasing herself from his grip but he was surprisingly stronger that night.
Crystal heart starts racing again, she didn’t like it.

“Let’s dance” He said and stood up then played a music.
Crystal wasn’t in the mood of dancing, she walked to the sofa and sat down.
Xander pulls her up and drags her closer to him.
“Xander I don’t want to dance” She said softly but Xander wasn’t listening.

“Xander stop it” She said and tried moving away but Xander wasn’t listening. He wasn’t even looking at her, his mind was somewhere else.

“You know one thing I hate most in this world, scratch that two things I hate most” Xander said suddenly, he waited for Crystal to say what but she wasn’t saying anything so he continued.

“Murderers and Liars. I can’t stand it I hate them so much”
Crystal looked at him confused, what was he getting at.

“Xander my legs are aching me”

“Who’s the owner of the car you were about entering this night. It seemed like you were the owner since you were entering the driver’s seat ” He asked ignoring her complains and swirling her around.

“Xander I…”

“That day I asked you to follow me on a mission. It seemed like an easy task for you, it seemed like you loved doing that kind of job” He said again interrupting her.

“You weren’t even scared at all when you entered the club. You looked so powerful” He said again.

“How did all your stuff dissappear from your room today. Weird right. And you showed a very btchy or should I say your real attitude at the hospital” He said and pushed her so she could fall to the sofa.
Crystal looked at him, no trace of fear in her eyes but she was really scared.

“You know when you were asleep, I tried hacking your phone but somehow I couldn’t. Only a really smart person who’s good and really good with computers can make their phones unhackable, especially when they are hiding something”

“What’s going on Xander, I don’t know what you are talking about” Crystal said and tried standing up.

“SIT!!” Xander yelled at her, he sounded really scary and dangerous. The nice Xander was gone. The affection she saw in his eyes was gone, now there was hatred. DEEP HATRED
Crystal wasn’t scared she stands up and faces him.

“Who exactly are you” He asked and walks to his laptop then opens it.

“You walked in and distracted me from my case so swiftly. I must have been a fool right. You hurt yourself with sharp objects but the pain had almost no effect on you, I was the one who felt the pain and am sure you mocked me right”

“Xander you are drunk”

“TELL ME WHO YOU REALLY ARE LORETTA GATES, WHO SENT….” He couldn’t complete his sentence because Crystal had shoved a knife into his stomach.
He looked down then looked at her.

“Why” He said weakly and fell down.
Crystal realized what she had done and the consequences.

“XANDER…Open your eyes please. Xander no no no” She said but his pulse was dropping.

“You deserve to be happy” Xander said slowly and weakly and his heartbeat drops.

“XANDER NOO, NOO PLEASE XANDER NOOO OO” Crystal yelled and opened her eyes.

“Lorry, you good??” Xander asked still driving the car.
Crystal looked around and realized she was dreaming.

“Am am okay” Crystal replied.

“Where where are we” She asked

“Welcome to Xander’s little mansion” He said and pulled the brakes.
A text messages enters her phone, it’s from Kate.

Crystal looked at the message and frowned, her boss was a real ba$tard. Luckily she’s not in Jimmy’s house.

“Jimmy called, he said he’s home already” Xander said and opened the door for her

“Fk” Crystal said and hits the car, nothing must happen to Jimmy.



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