COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)


Episode 16

Crystal looked at Xander, eyes widened and hands hanging on her w@ist.

“You you…” Crystal tried insulting but Xander pulls her away and pulls her in the car then puts it on child lock.
He walks in the car and smiles seeing how angry Crystal was.
“Jesus you’re so short tempered” He commented earning a glare from her. She didn’t say anything but instead focused her eyes on the road.
“YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO ME THAT WAY. I AM NOT YOURS” Crystal yelled in as she walked inside Jimmy’s house.
She was so upset and she didn’t see the little table on the floor, she tripped on it but luckily Xander caught her.

“Let go of me” She said twitching her nose.

“If I, you would fall”

“Then let me fall” Crystal said to him, at least it was better than falling in love.

“Nope, I won’t” He said and pulled her closer, hands resting on his rocky abs, and arms stylishly slipping around her waist.

“Now have got you hooked, how are you going to escape from me now” Xander joked.
Crystal couldn’t say anything, he really had gotten her hooked. His eyes had caged her and she couldn’t do anything.
Once again Xander had defeated the great Crystal.
Seeing she wasn’t shouting or yelling again, he pulled her chin up and went for a kss. A very deep one and Crystal sure liked it but she needs to avoid it so she stops.

“Xander please stop, we can’t be doing this” She said softly. The fire Crystal was replaced with Ice one with just a kss.

“Why, I want you and you also want me. I know you do, why hide it”

“You don’t understand, I….” She couldn’t complete her sentence when Xander placed his l!ps on hers again. This time Crystal couldn’t fight it again. She wrapped her hand around his n.eck and he broke the kss then carrying her bridal style upstairs to her b.edr00m.
Xander drops her gently on the b.ed and searches his pocket for a CD but doesn’t find any.

“Sht” He snapped.

“What’s it” Crystal asked still in cl0ud 9.

“I don’t have any pr0tection”

“It’s okay, we’ve done this before without it” Crystal said.
She wasn’t scared of getting pregn@nt since she knew she couldn’t and Xander on his own really didn’t care about pr0tection, in fact he would be really happy if Crystal could be the mother of his children.
Both n@ked and now on the b.ed together, Crystal m0ans as Xander thru$ted into her was what overcame the silence. Clutching her l.egs around his and m0aning his name just made Xander thru$t in her the more.
They both c@me together and Crystal slept off, her head on his che$t. Xander played with her hair before he also sleeps off.
Jimmy enters his usual restaurant and fortunately for him, Dina was sitting from far with a plate of pasta on her table.

“Hey” Jimmy called and Dina looked up to him.

” Oh no ” She exclaimed rubbing her forehead.

“Well you look stunning today” He complimented.

“Thank” She replied forcing a smile.

“Am Jimmy” He introduced himself folding his hands.

“Well am none of your business” Dina said and stood up.

“Please don’t leave now. Fine I won’t talk to you just continue eating”

“Thanks” Dina said and sat down back. She ate her food and watched Jimmy as he looked at her nervously, she didn’t even have the slightest interest in him. She was into black men since black is bigger, Todd was black and so was her last 2 ex boyfriends. Jimmy is a white American and he looks too unserious for her liking.

“Well I’ll be leaving now” She said and stood up.

“Erm can we just take a walk out together, take a stroll to the park”

“Nope” Dina said.

“Okay fine here’s my card, anytime you feel like giving me a chance just call me” He said and brought out his wallet in the process Crystal’s ID CARD falls out but Jimmy doesn’t notice it, he gives her his CARD and strolls out
Dina looked down and saw the ID CARD, Crystal picture was on it, she picks it up and gasped when she realises it’s another Crystal’s fake ID card, the one she used when travelling to India, her name on the ID card was Nisha Malhotra.

“Has Jimmy seen it or what, why doesn’t he looks concerned or worried. I need to call Crystal right now”
Crystal giggled softly as Xander wrote something on her back. They were both in the bath tub, after waking up both were “bathing” surprisingly together in the bath tub.

“So what did I write” Xander asked

“Erm I don’t know”

“You can never know, I’ll write another again” He said and wrote on her back, his hands sending sh!vers to Crystal’s body.

“Okay what did I write”

“I I don’t know know” Crystal stammered.

“Be mine” Xander thought to himself.

“You don’t know??” Xander asked, Crystal turned and faced him.

“Nope I don’t” She said and he used the opportunity to kss her, she went closer to him and returned the kss.
It demanded more, Crystal didn’t want just the kss, she wanted more and so did Xander and since both were already naked, making l0ve in the bath tub was the next thing that came after the kss.
“Stella don’t you think this lady is kinda familiar, I mean it feels like I have seen her before” Carlos asked Stella.
She looked at him and rolled her eyes at him.

“Is that what I asked you to do for me. I said give me plans that we can use to ruin her and also stop Xander from divorcing me”

“I know, am just saying what I realized” Carlos replied.
Hours Later

Xander stood in front of his father who was busy with a bottle of tequila.

“You called” Xander said getting tired

“Yes I did” He replied, A woman in her mid in her late forties walked down the stairs, she was beautiful and looked really young.
She kssed Xander’s dad on the cheek and greets Xander.

“Who’s she” Xander asked.

“That’s not a good way to greet your step mother”

“Step mother??” Xander asked shocked at the new news. He looked at the woman and she waved se.ductively at him, she looked like someone he knew.

“So is that why you called”

“Not really, I’ll be expecting you to bring your beautiful woman which is stella to our engagement party ”

“No can do Dad”

“You would do as I say if you really respect your mother’s death” The father said and walked away leaving Xander upset, no way was he bringing Stella to his father’s engagement party, that is if he even wants to come.
“Are you sure Xander would come to the engagement party with Stella ” Xander’s step mother asks immediately Xander leaves.

“Am sure he would” He replied.

“Cool” She said and collects the bottle of tequila from him .

“So let’s continue our discussion. What did you say happen to our daughter”

“Leonard, I told you she’s dead forget about her. 23 years ago when I brought you to her you refused to accept the child”

“I was married then, I couldn’t risk losing my marriage. So how did she die”

“I don’t know, it’s been 5 years since I saw her”

“I wish she was here. Xander would be shocked to see that I have another child”

“Yes he will” She replied and kssed him again.


Crystal and Xander walk in the hall, both upset. Crystal is upset that as usual Xander forced her to do what she doesn’t while Xander is upset at the fact that he was in his father’s engagement party the last place he would want to.

“I knew you would come” Leonard said extending a handshake to Xander.

“But where’s Stella and who’s this beauty” He said giving Crystal a lu$tful look. Xander noticed it and the urge to punch his father in the face overcame him.

“None of your business dad, tell your wife I said congratulations, so now that have shown my face I would be leaving now ” Xander said and turned back but Leonard stops him.

“You can’t just leave like that, I have to introduce you to my wife’s friends” Leonard said.
Crystal sighed and looked around, Xander’s dad looked rich since is friends were obviously rich.
Looking around Crystal spotted something or rather still someone, in a red gown exposing her curves, younger than her real age and talking to the other guests. What exactly was she doing here, after so many years.
It seemed the woman knew somebody was looking at her and she also looked at the direction of Crystal. Both staring at each other for some seconds before Crystal looked away immediately.

“Are you okay” Xander asked noticing her nervousness.

“I need to leave here now” Crystal said watching the woman come closer

“Me as well but we need to stay a few hours”

“You stay a few hours. Am outta here” Crystal said and turned to leave but he pulled her back again.

“Are you okay Loretta, you seem nervous. Maybe you should sit down for a while” Xander said.

“Let go of me” Crystal said angrily, her cold and blank attitude was fully back. She pushed Xander away with so much force he fell to the ground.
She ran out of the hall and took a cab home.

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