COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)



Crystal drove speedily to the police headquarters, Sophie was in the boot of the car all tied up and sedated with a heavy dose. It’ll take hours before she wakes up

“Crystal please calm down and probably slow down ” Kate said and earned an angry glare from Crystal.

“You wanna get the fk out of the car”

“No speed up, speed up” Kate said and tucked in. She knew how worried Crystal was.
Crystal had always hated betrayals! betrayed by her mother’s womb for bringing her to this wicked world, betrayed by someone she loved, betrayed by someone she trusted, betrayed by her own w0mb for not being able to have kids again.

“WHYYY” Crystal yelled hitting the steering wheels of the car.
She pulls up when she reaches the headquarters.

“How many minutes do we have more Kate”

“16 more minutes”

“Cool there’s still a lot of time” Crystal said trying to give herself some boost.
She walked out of the car and Kate puts a cuff on her hands.

“Are you ready Crystal you sure you wanna do this”

“Yes” Crystal said and smiled then frowned immediately.

“The meeting would be over in the next 2 minutes. Everyone would be out of the meeting”

“Including Xander”

“Yeah including Xander” Kate said and saw the worried face on Crystal, she didn’t deserve all this.
Kate pulled Crystal inside with handcuffs while Crystal pretends to be drunk.

“Get in and woman don’t be stubborn, next time you would think twice before drinking and driving someone’s else car” Kate said and pulled Crystal down to a sit.

“But the law says don’t drink and drive, they didn’t say don’t drink and drive another person’s car” Crystal said in a drunken manner. The policemen in the station kept on looking at Crystal’s th!ghs.
Agent Max was the first to come out of the meeting and just like every other men he was attracted to Crystal and his legs carried him to her.

“What’s her offense”

“None of your business Agent Max, you’re an Agent not a policeman” Kate replied. She hated Max more each minute.
Max glared at her and faced Crystal smiling at her.

“Your offense should be looking so Goddess like in this earth” Max said smacking his lips lu$tfully.

“I know right” Crystal said and stood up licking her lips se.ductively.

“Sit down woman” Kate ordered.

“Kate don’t be a na$ty woman. Whatever her offense is she doesn’t deserves to be in cuffs. Remove the cuffs now” He ordered, Kate sighed but smiled in her heart, Crystal plan was actually working.

“Fine” Kate said and removed the cuffs.

“Thanks” Crystal said and removed the gum in her point taping it on Kate’s forehead.

“That’s your reward” Crystal said to Kate. Kate sighed and walked away.

“So you want us to leave here or what” Crystal said touching his che$t and clinging closer to him.

“We could have a qu!ckie but that’s a waste of your heavenly b0dy. I’ll marry you so I can have you every day” Max said and Crystal chuckled.

“Doesn’t this station has a toilet” Crystal asked.

“Sure wanna use it”

“Yep” Crystal said and touched his dk, he was so lost in her heavenly touch that he didn’t realize when Crystal slipped her hand in his pocket and brought out his phone then handed it to Kate who was standing at the back. She removed her hand from his dk and moved back.

“I’ll be using the toilet now” She said and turned back but Max pulled her back and dragged her close to him. His grip on her was so tight.

“Finish what you started woman” Max said.

“I don’t wanna” Crystal cried.

“What’s going on here” Xander said and walked in.

“None of your business dude” Max said

“I think it’s my business. Loretta what’s going on here, what are you doing here ” Xander said and pulled her away from Max.

“She was drinking and driving” Kate said.

“Seriously Loretta, why were you drinking”

“None of your business” Max shot at him.

“Interrupt me when am talking to her again and I’ll make sure you are not able to talk again” Xander threatened and Max got the message. He moved away from Crystal immediately and Xander pulled her to him, he was so d@mn possessive and part of Crystal liked it

“Seriously I don’t know why you were drinking and whose car is that”

“I don’t know, now please stop pulling me ” Crystal begged.

“You know I won’t, you might be stubborn but I am more stubborn” Xander said and continued pulling her.
Kate deletes the photos from Max’s phone and also deletes the previous message, Sophie sent. She deletes it from the cloud so the photo can never be recovered.
She drops Max’s phone in the meeting office then walked out.
She drives the car where sophie is to a desolate area. Sophie had woken up already.

“Get out btch” Kate said and pulled Sophie out. Untied her and removed the tape from her mouth.

“So you wanna kill me right, Crystal has ordered you to kill me”

“Nope Crystal might be a hard hearted woman but she’s actually kind hearted. She asked me to let you go, leave state and never come back”

“Oh really, well I knew she wouldn’t dare kill me. Stupid btch”

“Well like I said Sophie, Crystal’s kindhearted but Kate’s not” Kate said and brought out her gun

“What are you talking about”

“You are a risk to this business. I don’t take risks” Kate said and shot her in the forehead, a loud thud follows.

“Btch” Kate said and spat on Sophie’s dead body.
“Get in the car now” Xander ordered.

“Stop commanding me like you own me”

“Oh sweetcheeks you don’t know anything”

“Sweetcheeks??, don’t call me that” Crystal said widening her eyes.

“Those hazel eyes will be the death of me. Now get in the car”

“No, I’ll take a cab” Crystal said and walked to the road.

“Don’t you start now it’s not going to be funny” He said standing opposite her.

“I will not enter your car. What would you do. Hit me??”

“Nope Sweet cheeks . I would never hit you with my hand. There’s something else I could hit you with and trust me you would ask for more”

“Fk off” Crystal said looking at him angrily.



“OR ELSE I’LL I’LL KSS YOU SEN$ELESS” Xander said and Crystal gasped as she felt her heart beat fast.

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