COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)


Episode 19

“Yes Crystal you have to kill him” The boss repeated, this time more seriously.

“No” Crystal said without hesitation, no way was she killing Xander.

“CRYSTAL YOU’LL OBEY ME CAUSE I AM YOUR BOSS” He yelled banging his hands on the table and standing up.

“Shut the fuck up. Do you even realize what you are saying. You want me to kill Xander. Okay what’s the reason cause last time I checked we don’t kill innocent people” Crystal replied, no trace of fear in her words.

“Fine he’s innocent but the both Xander has gotten under your skin. He has made you weak, look at how pale you look after you left him. You broke the rule of falling in love and now you would have to kill him” He said. Crystal glared at him then laughed.

“Firstly I am not weak never ever call me weak, secondly let’s assume I am really in love with Xander what’s Xander’s fault there and thirdly stop being Jealous”


“Yeah I believe you. Go fuck yourself Asher” Crystal said and turned to leave the office.

“If you don’t do it. I’ll do it myself” The boss threatened.

“Yeah touch him and watch Loretta Gates kill you. Besides Xander’s not your type of easy to kill victim, you’ll need more than everyone in this headquarters to kill him” She said and smiled out.
The boss knew she was right, he hated Xander for the fact that he was able to make his Crystal fall in love with him. Something he couldn’t do for the past 5 years.
“I can’t believe Loretta could just leave like that. Maybe it’s one of her jokes. I think she’s going to be back. Dude Loretta is going to be back” Jimmy said as she tried consoling his wasted friend Xander.

“Yeah right, you think I care if she leaves or not. It’s really good as she left, she’s right we were both living a lie” Xander said as he gulped another glass of alcohol. He wasn’t much of a drinker but that day Crystal got him drinking.
Jimmy stood up and looked at his miserable friend, he knew that he was miserable without Crystal, she had come for a while and spread happiness and fun into Xander’s life. She was crazy but Xander could control her craziness.
Jimmy went to his room full of gadgets and brought out his mini tracker.

“Xander check this out” He said showing him the mini tracker.

“What…. why are you showing me the mini tracker” Xander asked and his face lits up in excitement.

“Oh Jimmy you’re the best, so tell me how does it work” He asked.

“Well it’s works just like a dog. It’s smells what belongs to the person and tracks the person down”

“Cool, so what do we use”

“Let’s go up” Jimmy replied and they both ran upstairs to Crystal’s room.
They were both surprised when they realized the room was empty, her clothes, shoes and everything was gone.
Somebody had come to take everything while Xander was busy drinking.

“Fk” Xander said and smashed his phone on the wall.

“Dude that’s my phone” Jimmy said and walked to his phone.

“Am sorry, I’ll get you a new one ” Xander replied.
Jimmy stood up looking at his smashed phone, his sad look turned to a happy one when he realized something.

“The bedsheets, yes the bedsheets. The mini tracker might not track her fast but that’s our best shot” Jimmy said and ran to the bedsheets.
“It’s been long since we came to a club together. God I miss the fun, C’mon Crystal why aren’t you drinking anything”

“No I really don’t feel like. I don’t know why but I feel like I should give up Alcohol” Crystal said and Dina laughed.

“You seem to be giving up a lot of things lately, I hope you don’t give up on me” Dina said and Crystal half smiled.

“Crystal you really don’t have to be worried about anything. Boss won’t hurt Xander, he’s just….”

“I don’t care” Crystal interrupted not wanting to hear anything about her jealous boss or lover.

“Babe I need to use the rest room. I have a feeling am on my female time” Dina said and walked out.
Crystal thought about what Dina said before she left for the rest room, then something dawned on her. She hadn’t seen her period since last month but it never crossed her mind since she was busy with Xander.

“Hey mind if I sit here” A young guy with a cigar on hand, ruggedly dressed in cr@zy jeans and looking unkempt but in a stylish way.

“Did your father by a sit here” Crystal asked rudely, the guy gets offended and becomes angry.

“You just a little $lut. Just wanna take care of your cr@zy a$$ and you acting up…”

“Wow, your father said all this to your mother, am sorry for your mother” Crystal said upsetting him more.

“You you you….” He said and raised his hands to hit her but his hand was caught mid air by someone stronger.

“You should be really grateful those hands didn’t touch her cause if it had you won’t be touching anything ever again” He threatened and dropped the guy’s hand.
Looking at Xander’s threatening eyes, the guy knew better than to fight back. He growled and walked away.

“Loretta we need to talk” Xander said to Crystal but she ignored him.

“Loretta sup” Jimmy greeted.

“Hi” Crystal greeted back.

“Babe I knew I was on my…..” Dina stopped to see Jimmy and Xander standing near Crystal.
She walked past them to a guy sitting besides Crystal.

“Babe I knew I was on my period” She told the guy.
Jimmy looked at both of them and frowned while Crystal smiled, she knew what Dina just did.

“Ewww get away from me” The guy said and walked away.

“Baby come back” Dina chased him.

“Loretta you should….”

“Xander please let me be” Crystal said and stood up

“No I won’t, I don’t want to” Xander said stubbornly. Crystal sighed and stood up.

“Stay away from me Xander. I mean it” Crystal warned and stood up then starts walking forward.
She stopped when she heard glass shattering. She turned back to see Xander holding on to the pieces of a broken bottle so tight, his palm was bl.eeding.

“Xander” Crystal gasped and ran to him, she couldn’t bear to see him hurt.

“Fk are you cr@zy or what” She said and threw the piece away.

“Now you know how I feel… the pain is real” Xander said and touched her chin.

“Don’t you get it Xander. Stay away from me….please” Crystal begged her palms together. Tears were threatening to come down her eyes.
Probably her boss was right, she had become weak.
Dina saw her bestfriend in a difficult situation, she knew what Crystal was going through was not easy at all. She had to help her.
Xander watched Loretta as she helped him with his bleeding hand. It killed him to see her like this, he preferred to stubborn lady to the hurting woman.

“That’s all ” She said and dropped his hand. A message comes up on her phone .

The message was from Dina. Crystal didn’t understand the message until the lights went off,everywhere was dark and she could hardly see Xander standing in front of her. Surprised and Frightened noises came up mostly from the females
The lights went back on few seconds after and Xander couldn’t see Crystal again. She was gone…. again.

“I won’t lose her. Not now not ever” Xander said and ran out.
Stella stormed inside Leonard’s mansion, Gold was sitting on a sofa rubbing her stomach.
They were few baby stuffs around the living room.

“Is someone going to have a baby soon” Stella asked although she really didn’t care.

“And who are you…” Gold asked.

“She’s my son ex wife and a p0rn st@r…. Secret though ” Leonard introduced Stella to Gold.

“Wow aren’t you my daughter’s best bitch who betrayed her ” Gold asked looking at Stella. Stella examined Gold and gasped.

“Gold, Crystal’s mom. The popular Porn star” Stella shrieked.

“Yeah yeah yeah, guess we are now in the same profession so what do you want and yes am expecting a baby soon. Am two weeks gone” Gold said.

“Congratulations but I really didn’t come for that. I came for Leonard” She said and threw some documents at him.

“That file contains Deborah’s real death’s autopsy and also your DNA tests that proves Xander’s not your son. You don’t wanna know what’s going to happen if Xander sees this” Stella threatened.

“Where did you get all this” Leonard asked looking at the documents.

“In this same house, where we fk, now Leonard Capron, you must make sure Xander and I get back together, or else..” She laughs ev!ly and walks out.

“I hate that girl” Leonard said.

“I don’t know what’s happening but we have to get rid of her” Gold says and starts to think of an ev!l plan.
“Thanks Dina” Crystal said as they reached their car.
Dina enters her car and drives home, Crystal opens the car door but it slams back immediately.

“The fk, you almost hurt me” She said glaring at Xander. He was looking really upset now.

“You are not going to leave. I won’t let you”

“Xander I…” She stopped when her phone beeped.
Xander was really upset now, the last time I phone beeped in front of him she disappeared. Not this time again.
He snatched her phone from her and looked at the message on the wallpaper.

“Xander my phone” Crystal said not knowing who sent her the message.
Xander looked at the message and his facial expression turned to surprise, then to anger.

“Who the fk is THE BOSS and why does he want me dead” Xander asked, the rage in his voice sounding really dangerous and deadly.

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