They say true love only happens once in a lifetime but these days anything can easily be passed on for true love

Mere infatuation
Strong attraction
Assumed chemistry
True Affection
concern and commitments

can also be a sign of love but sometimes it doesn’t even count.

Love is a missing piece until it ignites with the right half, partner, it is magnetic and it sticks.

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Emotional attachment to a certain person may not necessarily mean they are in love with you.
It might seem right at the moment but doesn’t mean you are right for each other.



Jimi checked the time on his wristwatch again, this is just typical Nancy she never show up to anything on time gosh not even to their break up.

He signalled to the waiter for another glass of wine, he has to get his antics intact this is the second time he is doing this and this time he had to do it right.

Breaking up with a girl has never been this hard before, most times they just get tired of his snobbish attitude and walk away

Sometimes they notice his attention is divided and he is now into someone else and then they take the pride in saying they’re over.

But in rare situations like this one, when they act like they don’t care or they don’t see what is wrong with their relationship, then he just gets really na.sty maybe let her catch him in be d with another girl, he had never really been the one to say it’s over.

Except in special cases such as this. He has to be man enough to step up. He has been dating Nancy for over four months now and if he doesn’t stop it now things would get too complicated to handle.

When he raised his head to the entrance, he noticed everyone in the room seem to have diverted all their attention to the person that just walked in.

Jimi ran his hand over his head, Dmn she looks gorgeous….. she flipped her hair as if trying to locate him and when their eyes met she smiled and head towards him, her body hugging black strapless dress was definitely an eye catcher.

He robbed his throat feeling really itchy. The last time he tried to break up over a fancy dinner they ended up in be d.

Nancy is a very classy lady with an adorable fashion sense, every time it just keeps getting better, when he shook his head again she was already standing in front of him so he jump up and ushered her to a seat before heading back to his own seat.

“Sorry I kept you waiting baby”

“Oh nay I haven’t been here that long, you look amazing by the way”

He smiled feeling really nervous.
She must have sensed that something is wrong.

She blushed “thanks hon”

“So what would you like to have”

“Uhm….. ” she picked the menu and scroll through tracing her long nail down the menu

Jimi immediately knew what she was going to order they echoed together

“Greek salad with plain dressing and no cream please”

She blushed and smacked the menu to his hand Jimi made his own order too, he has spent too much time with Nancy, knowing someone this much can be disgusting sometimes.

They fell into an awkward silence that made Jimi’s blood boil, Nancy doesn’t talk much and now more than ever it annoys him, he drum with his fingers on the table.

“Jimi ”
she whispered ” you are being noisy”

“Oh sorry I guess am just really hungry”

“Do you want snacks for starters”

“No, that won’t be necessary. Actually Nancy”
he cleared his throat

“Are You okay ”

“Yes ” he rubbed his throat

“You seem a bit uncomfortable ”

“No am fine, are you fine ”


“I need to tell you something Nancy ”
She blushed and he looked down at his fine Latino shoes

“I think you are a successful beautiful woman with a wonderful personality and the way you go about things just show how special you are.”

“That’s so sweet thanks babe”

He sighed finding it hard to get the right words

“I appreciate all the time we’ve spend together,”
the waiter dropped their order giving him a moment to catch his breath.

“You have been really supportive and I appreciate that but.”

“Jimi your food”

“Am not hungry”

“Huh… But you said”

“Forget about what I said and focus on what am saying, our relationship is not working Nancy, I have tried but it just not for me, you deserve someone better”

“Ju. Jus.. Just stop,, what are you saying”.
She interrupted

“I’m trying to tell you that I don’t love you the way you deserve to be loved, I can’t give you the time and attention that you need.”

“Well am not complaining, you might not love me now but eventually you will, we’ve only been together for four months give it time, I love you and that all that matters”

“No it’s not, I can’t do this anymore …. my conscience is bugging me for not not letting you go, there are guys out there who would do anything just to be with you”.
Jimi spat out

“I don’t want them Jimi, I want.. You”

“Am sorry…. It just doesn’t work out that way, it just ends up being a complete waste of time, it is one sided and you deserve better. You know I am ready for any kind of commitment.”

“Am not rushing you ”

“It does seem like you are. This is not working, I can’t breathe well. Lets just call it quit”
He adjusted his seat to stand up

“Don’t even dare ” she h it a fist to the table

” you don’t get to walk out on me Jimi, you just don’t …
after all that we have been through together, after all we shared..
you just Want to throw it away
you’ll never find anyone who will love you the way that I do … ” her voice broke
” …you id!ot ”
she tossed everything on the table and walk away leaving her seat stumping to the floor

Jimi sighed in relieve, it wasn’t as he had expected but he was glad she didn’t sIap him in public, still a classy girl.


Diana stared at the well furnished office again, from the well arranged office equipment to the family frame on the desk, she has been waiting for almost an hour, where’s the director that asked to see her.

She thought after the interview she was going to the market and then straight home hopefully to hear good news later wards

But they gave her a note to wait behind and the receptionist ushered her to this office she felt really excited probably this is just one of their test and they might just be a camera somewhere monitoring her every move.

When the door finally opened and the round short man from the interview showed up Diana immediately stood up adjusting her skirt.

“No please have your seat my dear”

“Thank you sir” she sat back down

“So sorry for the delay”

“It’s nothing sir”

“So what can I offer you”

“Don’t bother sir, am fine”

“Are you sure, or you are just feeling shy”

“No, am really okay sir”

“If you say so, but lemme know if you change your mind, I want you to be rest assured, I have single handedly picked you out of the crowd, just so you know you are my favorite”

she smiled flashing her dimples
” Really sir”

“Yes really, what a lovely smile you’ve got there oh with dimples such a beautiful girl”
She waited patiently for him to get to the point

“Thank you sir”

“Sir sir sir, am not that old you can just call me Jacob or Jack anyone that suits you” she rolled her eyes

“well you know… that as you are my favorite other executives have their own too and to make sure you get the job I need to pull some string and to do that , I need motivation”

“Motivation what kind of motivation?”

He stood from his desk and moved closer to her and place his hand on her shoulder

“The kind that can you this job and much more”

“I don’t understand ”
she jerked off his hand from her shoulder

“Kai, how can you not understand… big girl like you” he rub his hand on hand arm and she shakes him off

“Are you seriously asking me to sleep with you ”
she stood up and took a good look at the dwarf in front of her

“why do you men always think that if you have something to offer people, we must go out of their way to get it.”

“Honey you don’t know how lucky you are, out of 25 other applicants I picked you, you should be hugging me right now.”

“You are not even ashamed of yourself am I not old enough to be your daughter, or you think I have not seen what they look like ”
she points to the family frame On the table

“It doesn’t matter”

“It does”

“Oh pls do you want the job or not;”

“You can keep your job to yourself Shameless old hag ”
she hissed and walked out.


Simi walked into the house briskly, she was sure that her friends would be thrilled with the news she had to share with them

“Hey ladies ”she tossed her bag to the table

”You guys would be thrilled with what I just accomplished Today. ”
Her friends didn’t look so thrilled

”guess what ”

“well I was able to get us the VIP tickets to the concert we are all going”
she clapped her hands

” YaY”

Esther hissed
Donna rolled her eyes
Nancy buried her head in her hands

“Cmon guys we have been trying to get this VIP tickets for weeks and I was finally able to pull some strings and get us one and now no one seem to be happy about it”

Esther sighed loudly

” do you think we are fools and you can just buy us with silly tickets, that’s absurd”

“What are you saying, you of all people should be thanking me for this, you can’t afford to pay for it and you won’t even admit it.. Am saving you from having to disgrace yourself by hiding in your closet”
Esther stood up and point fingers at her

“Did I ask you for help. No.
did I beg you to help me coz you are making it sound like you are doing me such big favors”

“Guys this is not the time, for this” Donna raised her voice

“Oh am so sorry, Nancy. We just have to deal with the insensitive one”
Esther slumps to her seat beside Nancy

“What is really going on guys. Why are you all wearing long faces”
Simi asked confused

“Your brother broke up with Nancy, that’s what going on”

“oh gosh! Nancy is that true”

“Oh pls don’t give me that surprise look, I know you are dying to say I told you so” Esther fired

“Shut up Esther, and stop making this about you…. We are know how devastated you were when Jimi broke up with you so you can stop pretending, I know you are happy about this”

“Why would I be happy, it’s not like I ever want to have anything to do with your heartless brother.”

Simi walked to their seat and sat in between Nancy and Esther .pushing Esther aside

“Nancy am so sorry, I would never want this for you, you deserve better, I am not sure why he keeps doing this but I guess he is never going to change, I really wanted it to be you Nancy but I guess he is too blind and too dumb to realize it ..”

She pat her back softly and murmured silently

”am really sorry”.
Nancy burst into tears


Diana offered her friend Martha a glass of juice and they sat on the two seater couch

“Lagos has shown me h’ll in the last few months that I have stayed here, I have seen the worst of it”

“Cmon it’s not that bad ‘”Martha sipped her drink ”

“Yeah it that bad after yesterday’s experience I just don’t know what else to expect.”

“It’s okay to feel intimidated. I mean the pressure is too much ”

“I just feel helpless, there’s no way I can survive without earning anything. Abby’s school fees and soon the rent will be due and I’ll have to figure out a way to pay before then. How am I supposed to do that if I don’t get a job soon”

“Sweetie take it one step at a time, because one job didn’t click doesn’t mean the rest won’t work, you don’t have to pay another school fees until the next term, and rent is not due until next year and before then we’ll get you the right job that can cater for you and our little princess ”

“Another job that doesn’t involve spreading my legs”

They chuckled

”But you can’t blame those men you are too attractive, too beautiful to ignore”

“Too bad am not for sale..I just hope coming to Lagos wasn’t a bad idea in the first place”

“The school bus horns ” looks like my princess is back.


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