When Jimi returned from work he was exhausted after yesterday’s break up he went out clubbing to celebrate and went straight to work this morning and now he is so tired he might just crash anywhere…

He walked in to the house and his mom was in the living room with his sister

“Sht” he whispered as he tries to sneak his way to his bedroom upstairs

His mom and sister in one place at a time like this is red flag so he had to bounce

But they have been waiting for him, they knew it the moment he walked in

“Jimi, Folajimi” his mom called ki.lling his tracks

“Hey mom, good evening MA, I didn’t see you” he strolled into the living room

“You didn’t see me or you are trying to avoid me”

“Avoid you for what, I just didn’t see you mom, why will I be avoiding you ”

“Are you a child trying to sneak your way upstairs ”

“I wasn’t sneaking around, I am just tired and I need enough rest, so I was heading straight to my room. Not sneaking ”

“Jimi come sit, I need to talk to you right now”

“Mam please we’ll talk later, am too tired”

“Jimi do you think you are still a baby, why are you making things difficult for yourself. . …you have everything you want but you choose to throw it away”

“I don’t understand, what are you talking about”

“You know what am talking about, how can you break up with Nancy, what is wrong with you ”

He rolled his eyes at his sister, she definitely snitched on him

“Nothing is wrong with me mom. It just wasn’t working ”

“Nancy is the perfect woman for you but you can’t see that. She’s very patient and understanding and also very tolerant.. What more could you ask for …”

“Mom please I don’t want to talk about this right now”

“No we are having this conversation right now. You can’t just pick girls and toss them out as you please.
So tell me what you think is wrong with Nancy”

“There’s nothing wrong with Nancy we are just not meant to be ”

“How do you even know that when you are not willing to give it a try”

“We already did. Look am doing a favor, she deserves better ”

“She sure does” Simi whispers

“Look I know you think she’s the one and am just going pop up the question but guess what, I bailed because it is the right thing to do”

“Oh Jimi. Do you even know what you want for yourself. You have dated dark, fair, skinny, fat, short, tall all kinds of women and you still don’t know what you want”

“Mom pls, stop paying so much attention to my love life ”

“I can’t stop. Am your mother and am concerned that you are going to lose a good girl because of your $tupidity ”

“Maybe she’s too good for me and I just need someone as messed up as me”

“Can You even hear yourself ”

“Hey mom am not ready for any kind of commitment right now”

“When will you be ready, when your mates are having three to four kids, is that when you will decide to get committed or start finding the right partner not to talk of getting married. Jimi open your eyes Nancy will make a wonderful wife”

“For anyone but me, I don’t feel anything special for her mom, I will just be wasting her time”

“so you are going to waste yours instead, are you getting any younger? ”

“Am taking my time, this pressure is getting to me mom…. Geez”

“Well I want the best for my son and that Nancy for you”

She’s repeating the same thing and it driving him nuts

“Its over between us. We are done. Move on already, it’s not a big deal”

“but Jimi how would you feel if I was being treated the same way you treat my friends and those other girls.”
Simi asked

“Who asked you to interfere ”he turns to his sister ” if you allow a man to pretend to love you just so you can be happy it’s your problem am not going to do that to someone else ”

“Jimi. Son. Pls just take your time to reflect on your decision, am going to speak to Nancy and figure this out”

“There’s nothing to figure out mom. Why can’t you just let this go. it’s not for me ” he turns and walks away

“Jimi where are you going to. Come back here”

“Finding myself a new place, seem like I have overstayed my welcome in your house.”


At work Jimi was practically dozing off in the cafeteria, when his friends and colleagues Philip and Steve walked in making jest of him

Steve h it the table to shake Jimi from his slumber

“Jimi what is wrong with you why are you sleeping in the canteen, your favorite place at work at your best time of the day, are you on drugs or something? ”

‘he wiped his face with his hand

“Hey boys have you been here that long? ”

“Long enough to catch you snoozing. Yes ” Philip teased

“But Jimi why would you be sleeping here” Steve cracks up

“I haven’t had any good sleep since last night, my head is banging seriously, I think am going to take the day off”

“Why! were you partying too hard last night”

“More like I got kicked out of shelter, so the hotel I lodged in belongs to an old friend, and she told me that I could lodge in for free. Is not like I couldn’t pay for my own sht but since she offered I couldn’t refuse…. Everything went normal until late last night when she showed up at my room and kicked me and my date out”

“Wait slow down, What!”

“Who is the old friend”

“And why would she let you lodge for free”

“We go way back the rest is not important ”

“Is she one of your many flings ”

“Something like that ” he flipped

“So You brought to your ex’s hotel that she let you stay in for free? ”

“It’s an hotel was I supposed to spend the night alone”

“Well You are a smart guy you should understand what she is offering ”
Steve teased raising a brow

“Who gave you a room for free. Who is the nice ex ”he asked ”

“Maureen.” He whispered

“The same Maureen, I thought she’s married”

“Exactly! that was why I wasn’t buying whatever she was selling”

“But Maureen shouldn’t even consider giving you anything for free after the way You guys ended things”

“I didn’t ask her she offered, and am going to reject something like that, it just how she went from being all nice to complete ¢razy bch all of a sudden, the way she embarrassed me last night, I was almost begging her to let me stay till morning”

“Did you say something wrong to her”

“No, I haven’t even cross path with her since we broke up years ago and now this. I swear the female is so complicated, she just went ¢razy when she saw me with the other girl”

“Oh so you were with another girl?”
Philip asked

“Haven’t you been listening to me at all Philip? ”

“Just forget about this guy, his brain is still booting. Its the robert thing.
But Jimi, no one would give you something for free and be happy to watch you share it with another girl”

“Cmon dude she’s married, am not going to crawl back to her bed or share mine with her”

“But that’s what she wants.”

“Women, you can never fully understand their ways. You are married but you are not satisfied ”

“Typical ”

“So where did you stay after she kicked you out of the hotel”

“In my car. I was too tired to drive and the girl left angrily so I bailed ”

“Why didn’t you just go home ”

“Good question. Story of my life”
Jimi cleared his throat ‘
“I’m having a midlife crisis guys. I need a vacation ”

“Yes You do”

“I still can’t believe you broke up with Nancy though. Am going to miss all those delicious food she sends over”

“Oh! Man! Not you too. My mom is frustrating me already don’t add to my mystery ”

“Sorry but that girl takes good care of you ”

“I know she is great but am not her problem anymore. Moving on”
He rub his palms against each other

“I need a place to stay, I can’t keep going from one hotel to the other.. I need to get an apartment ”

“Are You really moving out of your house ” he nodded
“I didn’t think the day would come when you would finally grow up”
Steve teased

“Shut up! Stevie. but before then I might need a place to crash for a few days, weeks I don’t know until I get a suitable place”

“Really ”

“Why not just go back home Jimi. And move out when you get your own place ”

“Nah. Am not going back to that house”

“Why not”

“I think it’s time. It long overdue anyways. I need my own privacy ”

“I don’t think your mom will like this”

“She’ll be fine”
he glanced at Steve and nod his head

“Don’t look at me man, my place is fully booked, my sister now stays with me ”

“So. We can share a room like we did before”

” I don’t have a problem sharing my room with you but uhm… I just found out that Sharon has been following you on instagram and sometimes she asks me silly question about you.. I just don’t want to complicate things for my little sister, I hope you can understand”

“Unbelievable Steve, why would I ever be interested in your little sister.. Sharon is like family”

“I know, I don’t have anything against you.. I just don’t think I can control her with you around..”
Jimi was disappointed that Steve thinks so little of him

” Am sorry but Phil should have an extra room or extra rooms he actually live in his bungalow alone.. right Phil? ” Steve suggested

“My house is always open to you Jimi, if you want it you are free to move in anytime”

“Oh thanks man.. Have actually miss Brady a lot”

“You see, am such a genius… You even like Brady a lot, that dog and I don’t get along at all ”

“Just you shut up. Steve I still can’t believe you think I’d mess around with little Sharon”
He stood up from the table

” Phil am ready to take you up on that offer when you are ready lemme know when you are leaving, thanks alot buddy. You are a life saver ”

They shake hands and Jimi walked out of the cafe


After work that day, Jimi decided to move into Phillips house same day

When they got to Philip’s apartment it was already late they met a lady and a girl standing by the gate, Philip’s dog
‘Brady ‘ was with them.

Philip hopped down from the car and walked towards them, at first Jimi thought Philip was going to pull open the main gate for them to drive in but walk to the lady and started a conversation instead

“Hey Philip” Martha said softly

“Hello Martha how are you. Where’s Diana ”

“She’s not back yet and I can’t reach her” Martha nods

“Oh really….. Hi Abby” he hugs the little girl

“I wish I could stay a little longer but I have to get ready for work tomorrow and I would take Abby home but I don’t know their plans for tomorrow besides she has to go to school ”

“It’s okay Martha, it’s not the first time I watch over Abby till her mom comes home”

“I just don’t want to bother you”

“It’s no bother, you get going am sure she’ll be back soon must be traffic”

” according to her Lagos traffic sucks. So maybe it another hectic traffic ”

” Everything about Lagos sucks for her” they chuckled

“I hope she is fine….. alright I have to get going ”
she bent a little and kss Abby on her fore head

“Be a good girl Abby, mommy will be home soon.. Goodnight baby”

“Goodnight aunty ” Abby squints

“Goodnight Philip”

“Night Martha, take care”

“Pls tell her to call me when she is home”

Jimi hopped down while the lady was going off then he turns to Philip and the little girl and the dog, but before he could say anything Philip opened the gate and asked him to drive in.
Then he head inside the house


When they got into the house, Jimi was curious.

“Phil what’s going on”
he winks at the girl on the chair

“Oh Abby, come say hello to uncle Jimi”

“Hello” she murmured

“Oh sweetie, are you tired do you want something to eat ”
Abby nods slowly

”OK I’ll be right back” Philip moved to the kitchen and Jimi stares at the little girl before follows him to the kitchen

“Yeah I can see Abby, is she like your niece or something coz you are making it look like you’ve got a kid I know nothing about”

“Very funny, she’s not my daughter. She’s my neighbor’s, her mom is running late but she’ll be here soon”

“So what! you are babysitting her till her mom comes”


“Do you do this all the time”

When I have to… Yeah”

they walked out of the kitchen as Philip hands over the cereals to Abby

“I don’t understand, why”

“Why. What”

“Why You do this ”

“No reason, her mom is actually a wonderful person. You’ll know when you meet her”

“Yeah right. Am hungry do you actually have food for adult in this house. Uncle Philip ” he mocks

“don’t be silly Jimi, go check the kitchen and fix yourself something to eat”

“Is this how treat your first time guests”

“Sorry man, if you are going to live in this house. You have to fend for yourself ”


“Don’t worry I’ll warm up something for You as welcome package”

“Thanks bud”
the door bell rings
“I’ll get the door so you get to the food”

Jimi walked to the door and opened it, he was left dumbfounded

Wow, where on earth did she come from, even though it was so dark her eyes looked like the sun itself, it was so lovely, he gazed at her and just couldn’t get the words out. Who is this beautiful person?

Diana was standing outside breathing hard against her chest immediately she saw him

How is it possible that he is here right now, she can’t be mistaking it had to be him Why Was he staring at her like that,

Did he recognize her that’s impossible they’ve never met, but how did he get here, why is he here?

what was he doing here she bite her lips, she shook her head immediately and wave her hand across his face trying to calm herself

“Uhm hi.where is .. Phil.. Philip? ”

“Oh yeah, he’s inside”
he tries to get out of the way but they moved in the same direction
“sorry ”
he moved aside and let her pass through as he watched her every step

Abby got up from the chair and rushed towards Diana giving her a big hug that almost knocked her to the floor.

“Mommy..” the little girl screamed

Jimi thought he might have heard wrong but he watched as the beautiful lady carry the girl in her arms and walked out of the house almost too quickly after thanking Philip


After they left

“So Philip that lady is the girl’s aunt.. Right” he confirmed trying l to clear his doubts

“No Diana is Abby’s mom”

“That’s bullsht, did she have that baby when she was 12, get your facts right man”

“Does she look twelve to you, look Jimi am too tired”

“But seriously….. she’s really the girl’s mom”

“Yes Jimmy”

“So what about her husband”
“what husband”

“I mean the baby must have a father. Right? ”

“There’s no husband and there’s no baby father ”

“interesting so Philip is a babysitter. And the baby’s mama is a hot beautiful sxy single mother… Wow!”


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