Jimi decided to take his bath before going to meet his intruder, he walked into the living room and she wasn’t there,

Philip was standing opposite the kitchen with his arms crossed and his eyes set inside the kitchen.

Jimi was about to ask him why he was lurking around before Sasha walked out of the kitchen to set the table

“Hey hon …’
‘she called stretching her hand towards him ” hurry you don’t want to be late for work”

Jimi paced slowly towards the table and when Sasha pulled out the chair at the edge of the dinning for Jimi, Jimi stared at Philip because that’s his seat

“Oh Philip come join us. ” Sasha said to Philip

Philip was reluctant at first before taking his seat beside Jimi, they watched as Sasha fantasize over egg sauce, toast and tea. It took her forever to set the table and dish the eggs..

Jimi was busy thinking of a way to get rid of Sasha, when Philip stood abruptly and rushed to the kitchen.
Jimi stared at Sasha and she gave him the same confused look

“This friend of yours is so strange.
‘Philip screamed from the kitchen
” taste the dmn eggs Jimi”

Jimi looked down at his plate, he didn’t even realized he hasn’t had a bite yet

” why what is wrong with it”

“Taste the dmn eggs. ”he repeated

Jimi sighed Philip walked out and was staring daggers at her, she couldn’t have possibly poisoned it he gave Sasha another glance and reluctantly taste the eggs,

on the second grind it felt like he was swimming in a pool of salt ,Jimi grabbed a napkin and spat the egg back in it,

Philip was leaning on the kitchen door with a smudge on his face

“What the h’ll is this”

“Huh.. What’s wrong babe”

“Everything is wrong, what is this”

“Scrambled eggs”

“So this is scrambled eggs to you. So you can’t even fry eggs…. In fact go ahead and taste your scrambled nonsense

she nodded then took a bite

“Does it seem OK to you”

“Why are you asking her. ” Philip asked as he walked towards them
” it’s not like she has an effective taste bud, coz I watched her rumble through it and yet it came this ho rrible”

“Have never had eggs this bad before, even the quick fix I make for myself is far better than this”

“God knows where you found this one”

“Hello I am still here, baby it’s just a mistake it can happen to anyone”

“Maybe but not someone who wants to be wife material”

“That’s none of your business, Jimi has no issues with that. ”

“Are you sure, I mean you screwed his appetite already”

“What’s your deal, why are you trying to escalate the whole issue. If you don’t have anything good to say pls stay out of it”

“Oh am out of it, but pls don’t mess up my kitchen again”

“Sorry phil, it’s not going to happen again. So Sasha why did you decide to cook when you know you are an ho rrible cook”

“I just wanted to do something nice for you baby. I didn’t realize it will turn out this bad”

“Well I didn’t ask you to do anything for me. I didn’t invite you here, you can’t storm into someone’s house like you own the place. ”

“Sweetie I know am sorry but pls don’t let this intruder get into your head, you and I are perfect for each other”

“Oh really, but Philip is not an intruder you are, you showed up here uninvited, made salty eggs for breakfast, no one even asked you to. Look, whatever you are trying to prove its not working so just save it”

“Am just trying to do something nice for you that’s all.
I can fix this lemme go to the kitchen and make something”

“Don’t even dare to go to my kitchen again”
Philip fired at her.

“What is it with you, why you so against me”

“Because this is his house and you have overstayed your welcome. You were not even welcomed”

She moved closer to Jimi ” Jimi why don’t we get out of here, we can talk better in the room”

“Am not going anywhere with you, how else do you want me to say this. I don’t want you here, I don’t want you around me, this little thing that you think we have is over… I’ve only known you for an hour or two and you think we are a couple. Girl I don’t know you and I don’t even want to so respect yourself and leave now”


“As you can see we are running late for work so please excuse us”

She had more to say but every time she opens her mouth Jimi nods against it, it took another long time before she went back to the room, changed her clothes and finally got out of the house.

Philip sighed loudly the moment she was out of their hair

“Am going to ask you again, where did you find this one”

“I really don’t know where she fell from, she just ruined my morning”

“Sometimes I swear I want to break your nose with your ho rrible taste in women” Philip hissed

“Turns out I didn’t even ask this one out. I met her at the bar for like two seconds and now she’s playing desperate wife material”

“You need to see how she was acting like she is legally married to you”

“she is crazy if not, why else would she be here… And Philip where did you learn to provoke people like that, I thought you were supposed to be the cool guy”

“Cool guy my foot, I may not be as brutal as you are but have learnt not to tolerate nonsense and that was so annoying”

“Well am glad you did, you kinda boost my morale have been trying to get rid of her since yesterday.”

“I wonder why you let it get this far, she was practically screaming Red flag”

“you’re right, I really need to stop encouraging this kind of infatuation”

“Yes lover boy now we better get going the day as already started with someone calling me bad influence I hope it doesn’t get any worse”

They chuckled loudly


She was laying with her back on the mat, her brown skin shine brighter as the sun penetrates through, she was wearing a huge sun shade and reading a book, her long legs crossed against each other as she stretched on the mat

As Jimi moved closer he knows he was not supposed to stare too long, but he couldn’t help himself she is so beautiful, whether she’s smiling or staying calm and quiet as she is now she’s still beautiful and he’s about to lose it, she was wearing a black jumper and flat slippers no makeup no extra baggage.

Her simplicity as always stand out no matter what she wears, or her hair style everything about her though very simple but charming

Diana couldn’t remember the last time she’s been to a beach, she has missed it without realizing, she had loved the sound of waves and the warmth of the water and the fact that when people gather here they are always free and just want to have fun.

Abby was chasing Brady around the banks of the ocean somehow she was grateful that Philip brought Brady to the beach with them,

Now Abby has him to play with while she has sometime to herself, although she had to admit that Brady was scaring the other kids away and Abby might not be able to mingle with them but she doesn’t seem bothered about making new friends.

To her left Marty and Philip were fully engrossed in their discussion about the economy or politics, for a second Diana thought of Jimi and when she looked up to see where he had run off to, she sat up immediately when she realized he was staring at her

“Hey…. ” he said casually

“Hey. ” She adjusted her kimono jacket
“Didn’t know you are here”

“Yeah I was uhm just craving for more pizza” he cleared his throat

“Wow! You sure eat alot”

“Can’t help it, it’s really good, I can’t believe you made it yourself”

“Thanks, go ahead you can have another or several if you want”

Jimi sat beside her on the mat as he dished himself more pizza

” so did your admirer come back again ”
they both stare at the tall guy at one corner who had approached Diana for her number earlier

“Not after you told me you were husband, you scared him off”

“But it’s not like you are interested in him”

“Nah.. He’s not my type”

“Then what is your type Diana”

‘Jimi regrets asking that because after asking she became awfully quiet, they had just become friends, he was breaching the limits,

He sighed and looked away

“You really need to stop saying you are my husband Jimi. It’s too awkward”

She had to correct him, the husband thing has to stop

Abby ran towards them and Jimi was grateful she brought an end to the awkward silence

“Mommy, mommy can I have another pizza pls”

“Looks like you and uncle Jim jam has quite the appetite today if I had known I would have prepared a lot more”

“It’s okay, Abby and I can share”

“No don’t worry she can have the last one, go on Abby take it yourself baby”

“But mommy what about Brady”

“That’s the last one sweetie, you’ll have to share with him”

“No I don’t want to share”

“Then you can’t have it, maybe I should give it to Brady instead thank God you know how fast he eats”

“Okay I’ll share, but am taking the bigger one”

“I still don’t know why Philip brought Brady here ”Jimi asked as he chew on

“What do you mean, the dog is having fun”

“And scaring people away, he is just a big hungry dog”

“There’s nothing wrong with being big and hungry at least you don’t need to pretend”


When they finally decided to call it a day, they all stuff back in the car except Marty came down along the way

“Guys we should do this again, I had so much fun” Marty said

“Yeah me too ”Philip answered from behind the wheels

“Alright guys, see you later”

“Bye Marty, call me when you get home” Diana said quickly as she hops down


When they got home, Abby was already sleeping and Brady was cussing around the car, when they all came out of the car, someone was standing outside the guys flat.

It’s was dark so they couldn’t make out who it was until they got closer, as they approach the house Philip stopped on his tracks as he identified who it is Paula, his girlfriend


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