Clara was sleeping when Jimi got to the office, well at least she got here on time today, he thought as he ignored her and head to his office.

Thinking it was going to be a better day for his secretary but twice today she had swapped documents that she was supposed to bring, and spent what felt like hours in the rest room ,

Jimi was just irritated, this has been happening for a while now and he just couldn’t stand it anymore, she was not like this before something was definitely wrong or perhaps she’s fed up with the job.

Jimi watched disgustedly as she rumbles his table in search for a file that was obviously not there, she would check over again the places that she had already checked and at this point Jimi was fed up.

He could no longer indulge her nonchalant and pestering behavior

“Clara.. ” he called softly
“Sir, am sure it somewhere here.. I put it here,”

“Then where is it”

“It has to be here, I’ll just check better..”she bent down and look under the table

“Clara Clara!! Just stop ”
he raises his voice

” what is the meaning of this, do you think I have time for all this nonsense. I gave you the report on dolphin’s last month transaction record yesterday and you can’t find it today.”
she finally stood still and froze on that spot

“OK What about the photocopy that I asked you to make, at least you must have that somewhere”

“I.. I forgot sir “Clara whispered looking down

‘Jimi pound his fist to the table. This is the last straw, this girl is provoking him badly

” what do you mean by you forgot, what the h’ll are you thinking about. How can you be so careless, that was the last instruction I gave to you before I left yesterday. How could you just forget like that”

“I’m sorry sir ”she lowers her head and continues to stare at the floor

“You are sorry, is that what am going to tell the GM, how am I supposed to tell him that my secretary was careless enough to lose an important client transaction file. It’s the dumbest thing ever, do you think it will speak well of me, of my office and my position? Do you know how long it will take to check back to their last month transactions and combine them together giving their estimated balance since last month, it’ will take a whole week with nights inclusive”

“Am really sorry sir”

“Stop telling me sorry, sorry doesn’t change anything, you’ve been roaming around for over 1hr and you still can’t find, who knows where you must have dumped it..

Now I have to place a call to their account office, come up with an excuse has to how we lost a file that was just handed to us yesterday and then start processing,,over again,”

Jimi stopped immediately when he hears cracking sobs and sniffing

“….Clara what’s wrong, why are you crying” he wonders if she’s on her period and her hormones are eating her up

“Am truly sorry sir ”she sobs even more and that made him extremely uncomfortable

“Yeah but you don’t have to cry, calm down just take your seat, take deep breaths and relax. This is nothing to cry about”


After few minutes of awkward sniffing and sobbing, she finally stopped. Jimi had honestly run out of things to say.

Consoling crying women is really not his thing

Clara wiped her tears

” oh gosh that was so embarrassing, sorry for bothering you sir”

“Another sorry, you don’t have to keep apologizing Clara, it’s okay”
He leaned on his desk

” you know you can talk to me, it’s obvious that you are not OK… Problems are easier when shared. I might be your cranky stiff face boss but I can listen”

“You are not at all cranky sir, and there’s nothing stiff about your face”.
Jimi raised a brow, of course he was only being sarcastic. Even a blind person can tell just how handsome he is, so it was only meant to be a bad joke

“the thing is …….its kinda personal”

“Well it’s up to you to not make it so personal, but if you don’t want to talk to me no problem. Although I strongly suggest you speak to someone.”

“No it’s fine, I mean how long can I continue like this. Its bound to come out anyways….so the thing am actually pregnant sir”

Jimi stared at her, he definitely wasn’t expecting that. But then it would explain the mood swings and imbalance, she’s obviously messed up.

What the h’ll was she expecting him to say. But then he took a good look at her, she’s still the same plain Clara, she was never that attractive, she wore all sort of ugly colors and picked her nose every now and then, it was disgusting

Thank God for an average brain she would have been a perfect dummy at least she knows how to get her work done until lately but why would she let herself get pregnant

“Wow! ” Jimi couldn’t hide his confusion

“Yeah that’s why I said it’s personal”

Jimi sighed heavily, just one moment ago he had almost forgotten that he was not the only man in the world and he wasn’t sxually involved with all the women around him he sighed again

“Oh, that’s very.. Uhm.. I mean I didn’t see that coming, but I mean you should be happy, children are adorable and I think you’ll make a great mother”

“Oh thanks sir,” she seem surprised that I was cool with it but then it has

“Why aren’t you happy”

“I am happy…ish, okay so maybe I am not ecstatic about it but my boyfriend is not having it at all, he thinks we aren’t ready and timing sucks, he got fired few months ago and we are just not financially stable”

“Well he should have used protection” Jimi blurted out

“We are always careful, it’s just that one time”.

“One time is all it takes “he had to chew his tongue because he wanted to say more.

He wanted to ask if after her boyfriend lost his job they resulted to having more sx and now this whole thing is about to cost her, her own job.

He sighed and rubbed his palms together

“So what do you want? I mean what are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know, I mean I think I want to have this baby and at the same time I can’t bear to lose my boyfriend”

Because he is a baby too….Jimi joked in his head

“Well you have to make him understand, this is a big decision and it’s important you make it together let him understand that life is gradually growing inside you so its a part of you and most of it depends on you really. You are the one carrying the baby, you are the one who still has a.. Job”
He added as a reminder.

“Men are just unpredictable, we have always talked about our future together and now it’s like he doesn’t want it” she grumbles

“Well it depends on the part of the future you’ve been talking about besides how long have you been together”

“Four years”

“Four what, that’s a really long time… you better think this through the guy doesn’t really know what he wants, you are not a kid anymore”

“You are so right sir, I need to figure this out for myself, thank you so much and I’m super sorry for my attitude towards work lately. I promise I will clear up my personal issues as soon as possible and concentrate on work”

“That’s the spirit but I will not tolerate any more sluggishness and disorganized behavior anymore. You are getting a warning now because you use to be very good at your job. So make sure you sort this out and pick up the pace ”

“Yes sir. It won’t happen again”

She thanked him again and walked out of the office

“Can you imagine ” he hissed angrily
” four years with him and now what, dumb skull still you needs me to spell it out for her that you are being played, now how am I going to get this file”

He said to himself, banging his fist on the table

“Dmn it”


Diana opened the door to receive a big hug from Abby as she swing her off her feet

“Hey how did you know I was coming”

Abby grinned
“I used my common sense mommy”

Diana chuckles
“Ohh really since when does your common sense have eyes everywhere ,Hi Marty ”
Diana tries to drop Abby but she didn’t want to come down

“Welcome dear” Marty answers

” cmon baby your weight is killing me,you are going to break mommy’s waist”

she hopped down
” just because you asked nicely”

Martha and Diana burst into laughter
” and how do you know when someone is asking nicely”

“Well you didn’t say, GET DOWN NOW BEFORE I S PANK YOU . Abigail!”
abby tries to mimick Diana’s voice
“and you weren’t yelling” she added

Diana nods her head as Martha continues to laugh

” stop laughing ”Diana smacks Martha’s arm

“This girl will not ki ll me ”

“Can you imagine this little lady and for you princess I don’t yell unless you are being really naughty”

“I’m not always naughty mommy”

“And she’s always yelling ” Martha completes Abby’s sentence and gives her an high five

” baby girl you are too much,you know Mommy too well”

“You are finding this funny abi. You are enjoying this coop ain’t you?”

“Well I can’t help it, Abby is so smart and observant”

“Yes indeed, smart girl have you done your assignment”

“Yes mommy aunt Marty helped me”

“You see, smart girl.. So madam how was your interview”

Diana removes her shoes and Abby took them inside

” I thought you were not going to ask”

“You know I would”

“Well guess who is the new operation manager of Roland’s logistics”
she smiles broadly striking her dimples

“No way”

“Yes way”

“Oh my God ….. congratulations”

“Yes yes thank you”

“They gave you the job on the same day”

“Yeah that still kinda amazing right? I have my appointment letter right here, it was like it was waiting for me. I was the only one for the interview, it’s not like the date was already out, the formal operation manager was moved to another branch two days ago and I just happened to be there today”

“Wow, this is wonderful news, we should celebrate it how about we go out this weekend”

“Sounds fun, OK”

“Yes we are finally going out to celebrate it .. And it all thanks to the grumpy handsome neighbour,, who would tell that the jerk had his ways”

“Now I am going to owe him that”

“Girl you don’t owe him jack. A nice smile and good day is all he will get”

“I’m just glad I nailed the right job, the working conditions is super convenient and the working period is between 8-4 so that means I can be here when the school bus picks Abby in the morning and be back before it drops her off. I don’t think have ever been this lucky.”

“Okay That’s the reason you need to thank him, like it or not he must have pulled one or two strings to get you the interview”

“Yeah I will thank him later later”

“You better not forget, I am so happy Di”

“Thank you ”she hugged Martha
” for everything thank you you’ve been awesome. What would I do without you?”

“Why are you praising me, I didn’t win a lottery today”

“Well you are my lucky charm whether or not the job came through you, I couldn’t have done this without your help.”

“You really don’t have to thank me”

“I do, sincerely.. I don’t have so many friends but you are more than a million and you are more than enough for me”

“Now this is getting awkward. ”

“I’m serious, thank you so much”

“What are you friends for”

“More like what are sisters for”

They giggled loudly

“Ain’t you going to tell me”

“Tell you what, oh there were no sugar daddies wannabe so it’s pretty cool*

“No silly am talking about the pay… Geez”

“Oh that, well you could have just ask me”

“Weren’t you supposed to tell me”

“I wasn’t going to hide it from you”

“Yeah right so why are you still holding back”

“I think I may have forgotten” she rolled her eyes

“You are such a crazy girl”

“I know’.


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