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Richie and Daryl were Jeffrey’s friend. Richie was the flirt amongst them, he loves flirting with girls but surprisingly enough he doesn’t do sx.

He has a crush on Alyssa Myles, she’s in Evie’s circle of friends. A model as well. Richie is also a model, a face model actually.

Daryl on the other side was also a jovial guy, cool and a playboy. He fks anything in a skirt and he doesn’t fk a girl twice.

He has a four year old daughter from one of the numerous girls he had a one night stand with.

Jeffrey was the coolest amongst them. Carefree and fun to be with but it all changed three years ago.

Even Richie and Daryl are surprised with his sudden change in behavior.

He now prefers being alone. They all knew that he changed after his six months vacation.

“What do you girls want?” Richie asked.

“We’re playing a game, mind joining?” Michelle asked, biting her lower lips.

“Sure.” Both Daryl and Richie nodded.

A while later,

They all sat in a circle ready to start the game.Valerie later gave in.

“Okay, here’s the rule. It’s two truth and a dare. One survival, you can only dodge a question or task once by drinking a shot.

Got it?” Michelle asked and they nodded, then she spun the bottle and it stopped on Richie and Alyssa.

Riche was the one questioning.

“T or D?” He asked and Alyssa smirked.

“T.” She said and Richie groaned inwardly.

“Why didn’t you pick D?” He rolled his eyes, boringly.

“Because I don’t want to.” She smirked and spun the bottle.

“TH?! I haven’t asked you my question?” He said and she smirked.

“Really? You already did just now.” She said and his eyes widened.

“That’s a lie. That’s not my question.” He said.

“Duhh, you already asked a question. Right Michelle?” Alyssa asked.

“Yes, yes.” Michelle said and Daryl laughed.

“Sorry bro.”

Alyssa spun the bottle and it stopped on Jeffrey and Reyna. Reyna groaned inwardly, she wanted it to fall on Daryl.

“T or D?” She asked.

“T.” Jeffrey simply replied.

“Okay, I don’t know what to ask… Okay yes! Rate your love for Evie from 1-10.” He said and Evie smiled.

Valerie looked at him intently, eager to hear his answer.

“Some love doesn’t need to be rated, it’s undescribable. That’s the kind of love I have for Evie.” He said and they gushed, not noticing the irony in his sentence.

“Awwn, he’s so ro..mantic.” They gushed.

Jeffrey spun the bottle and it stopped on Daryl and Olivia. Daryl smirked, after seeing he was the one questioning.

“T or D?” He asked and Olivia smirked.

“Dare.” She said and Daryl smirked.

“I dare you to straddle me for five minutes.” He said and they began laughing.

“Bad Boy.” Richie nudged him.

“That’s way too much.” Reyna objected.

“Who said it was?” Olivia asked.

Reyna gnashed her teeth, feeling jealous.

“As it so pleases you.” Olivia smirked and stood up, walking to him.

She sat on his legs and began $traddling him like an expert, Daryl groaned as she grind her @ss on his dk which was already getting hard.

He grabbed her @ss, squeezing it and Olivia giggled.

“This is so good. How about we meet up later to continue this?” He whispered in her ears.


Reyna unable to watch again, stood up and left angrily.

They were done and Olivia spun the bottle and it landed on Alyssa and Jeffrey.

“T or D?”


“Have you ever done something you regret so much?” Alyssa asked him and his facial expression changed.


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