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“That pose! Exactly!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”



The clicking sounds of camera filled the room as Valerie struck different pose for the photographer earning an unending appraisal from him.

She was putting on a wine red gown which hung perfectly on her body. It had a V neck which exposed her cI.eavages.

It was a long flowing gown but it had a parting from her thigh down.

Valerie placed a hand on her chest and the other hung high above her head, looking up. She brought her slender leg forward, through the parting on the gown.

“Spectacular! Great pose!” The photographer commented with that being her last pose.

She stood up and walked to her manager who was watching her all this while.

“That was amazing, as always.” He complimented and Valerie only nodded, grabbing the bottle water on the table.

She uncapped it and gulped it down.

“Any other schedule for today?” She asked him immediately she brought down the bottle.

“No, you’re free for the rest of today.” He said and she nodded.

A while later, Valerie had changed out of the costume and she was currently walking out of the agency when she bumped into someone at the door.




Rita Sanchéz, Jeffrey’s mother lived alone in a small cottage in the outskirt of Sydney, Australia.

It appeared like she was hiding from the world or something as the place was solitary.

No houses around it.

Jeffery’s car drove into the premises and pulled to a halt in front of the cottage. He quickly got out of the car and rushed into the house.

His gaze landed on that of his mom’s angry glare.

“Mom are you alright??” He asked worriedly, rushing to her but she stopped him with a hand before he could get to her.

“What are you doing here Jeffrey??” She asked and Jeffrey sighed.


“I warned you against having anything to do with that family Jeffrey! Those people ruined our lives yet you ignored my warnings and jumped into their embrace because of money.

Now the stupid lady you married as a wife, can now come into my house any moment she likes and harass me! I didn’t raise you this way Jeffrey! Why??” She yelled at him and he fell on his knees.

“I’m sorry mom. I should have listened to you. I was just greedy. I couldn’t wait to taste wealth so I ignored your warnings, I’m sorry mom. Please forgive me.” He cried.


“So what do you wanna discuss with me?” Valerie asked and Alecia sighed, dropping her spoon, then she looked up at Valerie who was eating.

“Valerie, I’m married.” She said softly.

“I have a three year old son.” Valerie said.

“C’mon V, I’m serious.” Alecia said.

“I thought we were doing lying competition. You’re married, when? How? Where??” Valerie asked, looking up at her.

“It’s a long story.” She said.

“Then make it short.” Valerie told her and she nodded before started narrating everything to her.

“… So, that’s how it happened. I’m married, for three months.” She concluded and Valerie just stared at her without blinking an eye.

“Say something V.” Alecia urged.

“Honestly, I’m speechless.” Valerie muttered.

“Why didn’t you tell me you needed financial assistance? Why did you have to go this far??” Valerie queried.

“It was urgent V so I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry for not letting you know. I also didn’t wanna bulge you with my own problems. I’m sorry.” Alecia apologized and Valerie only sighed.

“It’s alright… You’re sure you can handle this?” Valerie asked and she nodded.

“I’ve got this, you don’t have to worry. Trust me.” Alecia winked and Valerie chuckled.

“You have a three year old son?? The way you came up with such lie for me.” Alecia laughed and Valerie sighed.

Alecia doesn’t know Valerie has a child. She got to know Valerie two years ago when Valerie was just starting up as a model. Alecia was her first ever fan and they got to become friends when their paths seemed to keep crossing each other’s.


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A knock came in and Evie sighed before replying.

“Come in.” The door opened and Valerie walked in.

“What’s up babe?” Evie inquired with a smile.

“Everything good.” Valerie replied and she smiled.

A silence ensued.

“Ermm… Actually Lerie. I’m sorry about what you had to see last night. Please forget it ever happened.” Evie said and Valerie chuckled.

“It’s okay. Fighting is usual Anong couples, the ability to settle their disputes make them stand out. I already forgot about it, hope you two settled your problem?” She asked and Evie feigned a chuckle.

“Sure. We did.” She lied and Valerie smirked.

“So what are you doing today??”


Jeffrey arrived home very tired, it was already late in the night. He went up to Leo’s room first, to see him before going to his room.

The moment he opened his room door, he saw Evie sitting on his bed. He creased his brows and she smiled at him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked calmly and Evie smiled widely, standing up.

That was when he noticed what she was wearing. A blue lingerie with a blue transparent jacket covering it.

Jeffrey’s perplexity grew more as he stared at her. She catwalked to him, biting her lower lips $eductively.

Wait… Was she tryna seduce him??

“Jeff…” She called softly, making a puppy face, Jeffrey raised a brow.

She chuckled and took his briefcase from him, then she went to keep it and came back for him.

Her hands went to his tie, loosening it. Jeffrey took her hands off him immediately.

“Why the sudden change in attitude? What do you want Evie??” He asked straight forwardly and Evie made that puppy face again.

“I… I- I’m sorry Jeff. I’m sorry for my recent harsh attitude towards you. I don’t mean to be harsh to you, I love you but this days you seem to be drifting apart from me…

Ever since the incident three years ago! And I keep asking you if you fell for her but you kept on denying it! If you don’t love her Jeff, why did you change?! Why did you suddenly become lonely? Where is the Jeffrey I fell in love with? Where??!!!” She shouted and Jeffrey sighed.

“I know it was all my fault! I lost my womb due to my recklessness! Had this not happened, I wouldn’t have come up with plan of you marrying someone else, just to get her child! But it was a simple task Jeffrey, make her fall in love with you, marry her, get her pregnant and take the child from her.

Very simple! Why did you fail Jeffrey?! Why did you end up falling in love with her, huh?!” She screamed and Jeffrey pushed her aside and made to walk into the bathroom but she grabbed his hand.

“You don’t walk away when I’m talking to you got it! You are who you are today because of me and I can decide to take everything back from you and you’ll return to nothing! I can also taint your reputation if I want so don’t you ever dare walk out on me!…

Jeffrey I love you so much, don’t get the wrong impression, buy I really do love you, that’s why I married you despite our age difference.

Please, let’s go back to the old times, please.” She begged and Jeffrey held her hand on his and tried to remove it.

“Let go.”

“Please Jeffrey. Let’s return back to when you used to love me. When I was all that mattered to you. I miss you, I miss your touch… I miss everything about you Jeffrey, please come back to me, please…”

“Evie-” She cut him off with a hungry kss, pushing him towards the bed.

“What’s this madness Evie?!”

“Shush… Quiet, and let’s have fun.” She said, climbing on him and began unbuckling his trousers.

“Evie stop!” He warned but she claimed his lips again, her hand rubbing his dk.


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