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Alecia eyes flung open like she was startled off sleep. She sat up immediately and her eyes went to the wall clock.


She gasped and quickly got down the bed, rushing out of the room.

She smiled in relief when she got downstairs and met Leroy having his breakfast. Nora stood beside him.

“Good thing you’re still here.” She said walking to him.

“You didn’t leave the room like I instructed.” Leroy said instead and she rolled her eyes.

“That’s not necessary right now.” She said drawing out a chair which she sat on.

“What is it?” Leroy asked and Alecia looked at Nora and back at Leroy, and she raised her brows.

Leroy shook his head before turning to Nora. “Please leave us Nora.” He said and Nora nodded.

“Sure sir.” Nora said and left.

Alecia cleared her throat turning to him, and she kept a straight face making Leroy wonder what she had to say.

“When are you giving me the money you promised?” She inquired seriously and Leroy looked at her in disbelief.


“What?? Why are you acting like I just spoke Latin? I only consent to this marriage because of the money, nothing more, nothing less.” She said in a bossy manner.

“I know. But I never promised to give you the money the very day we get married.

In fact, I’m paying you when the contract expires.” He said with a smirk and Alecia’s eyes widened.

“Seriously?? When the contract expires?? Really?? Who does that?!” She queried.

“Leroy Hewitt.” He replied and she glared at him clenching her fist.

“You motherfking bstard! You think this is a joke? Does marriage looks like a child’s play to you?

I sacrificed my life for this useless contract and here you are telling me rubbish, really??” She yelled and Leroy just shrugged and stood on his feet.

“The gut to raise your voice at me, wow. I admire it.” He said and Alecia stared at him.

“But still that won’t change my mind, so go back to your sleep. If you’re ever bored, you have this whole house to yourself.” He winked before walking away but he paused suddenly.

“And one more thing, do brush teeth before coming down to have a conversation with someone.

My nose is bI.eeding right now.” He said without turning back, brushing his nose as he walked out.

Alecia just stood completely shocked.

“What? What just happened??”

Was he indirectly saying she had mouth odor??



Mr and Mrs Zhang could be seen seated on the long dinning table, having their breakfast with a long queue of maids standing there, watching them in respect.

Different varieties of dishes filled the table. Clacking of heels and clicking of objects could suddenly be heard and they raised their head from their meal to see Evie climbing down the stairs with some maids carrying her luggages.

“You’re leaving already Evie?” Giovanni asked and she nodded.

“Yes dad. I’ve got to go. I only came for the weekends anyways.” She said and they nodded.

“Alright, where’s Jeffrey?” Tessa asked.

“He already left last night. I’ll be leaving now.” Evie said.

“Where’s my grandson?” Giovanni inquired.

“Kian already took him to school.” Tessa replied him and he nodded.

“Alright honey, take care of yourself.” Giovanni said to her and she nodded.

“Bye sweetheart!” Her mom waved and she smiled.

“Bye!” Evie waved back before walking out of the house. The maid already took her things to cat which was waiting for her.


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