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Zhang’s groups of hotel was one of the Zhang’s conglomerate and it was managed by Jeffrey. He was the CEO of it.

By his unwavering efforts, the companies has become the top three biggest company on the world top ten billboard and the first biggest amongst all other of the Zhang’s conglomerate.

His exquisite latest white Ferrari model drove into the company and parked at the luxurious garage.

The guard came down and opened for him and he hopped out.

His cold but handsome face was irresistible as he stared at his years of efforts, he was supposed to be looking at it with a fulfilled smile as he was the brain behind the success of this great achievement but no.

The aura surrounding him was an authoritative and intimidating one.

He adjusted his expensive black suit and began walking into the company, brushing his hair with his hand.

His PA followed behind, and the guard followed behind him.

Every staff bowed their heads as he walked past them, till he got to his elevator and immediately he was out of sight, an erupt chatter took place.

🗣️ My crush!

🗣️ I can’t believe I almost passed out by his sight.

🗣️ My heart be racing at the sight of him.

🗣️ How can someone be this hot?!

🗣️ I just need to feel his c*ck on my hole, and I’m okay.

Was their naughty chatter.

Jeffrey’s elevator opened at the seventh floor and he got down.

That’s where his office was located.

He got to the office, which was big enough to accommodate a family if it was turned to a house.

Big, luxurious and classic.

That was the three words to describe it.

His guards remained at the door while he walked in with Greg, his PA.

He sat on his swivel chair and crossed his legs before turning to Greg. Without him saying a word, Greg already understood that eye gesture.

“You have just two schedules today. Meeting with the board of directors by 10am and conference meeting with other subordinate shareholders.” He said and Jeffrey nodded.

“You can leave now.” He said and Greg nodded and left.

He sighed, before turning to his laptop. The very moment he turned it on, his phone rang and immediately he saw the caller’s ID, he couldn’t help but groan loudly.

Speak of a demanding and nagging wife. A wife was supposed to be a comforter but this woman has robbed him from his sleeps, forever…

If hate could kll, surely his hàte for Evie would have klled her. He keeps cursing the day be crossed paths with her. She was a devil in disguise.

The call ended without him picking up and immediately, it rang again.

“Fk!” He groaned and turned to mute the call but paused when he saw it was his mom calling this time.

He swiped green immediately. “Hello mom-”

“Wow, you’re really snubbing my calls aren’t you Jeffrey, the guts!” He heard the voice he dreaded the most said and he froze.

“Why aren’t you saying anything Jeff? Surprised??” He heard her laughed hysterically.

“What game are you playing Evie??” He asked, as calmly as he could

“The same game I’ve been playing for years now. The only game I know how to play and that’s to cause wreck.” She said and Jeffrey sighed tiredly.

He already knew that he had a devil as a wife but how come he didn’t notice earlier??


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