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Immediately Evie left, June came downstairs.

“Hey dad. Good morning dad. Good morning mum.” She greeted, planting kss on their cheeks before sitting beside her dad, grinning widely as she served herself breakfast with one the maid’s help.

“What’s up with this new found happiness?” Tessa asked, looking at her suspiciously.

“Mom. Have it now become a crime to be excited? I’m just happy.” She said and Tessa chuckled.

“If you say so.” Tessa said.

The maid was done serving her food and she left to join the other maid.

June began eating.

“Uhm, dad. You promised me something last night.” She began and Giovanni furrowed his brows.

“Promise?? When did I?” He asked and June pouted.

“Dad.” She moued, making that her puppy face which she knew he can’t resist and Giovanni chuckled.

“Alright, what is it?” He asked and she smiled.

“Actually dad, there’s this friend of mine who has the dream of attending MC but his parents can’t afford to give him this dream of his, can you help me with it dad?” She pouted.

“Are you okay? He is a lowlife, why dream of something he can’t afford?” Tessa bashed.

“Mom!” June shouted.

“What! MC isn’t for lowlifes.” Her mom shunned and June glared.

She turned to her dad.

“Dad please help a friend, please.” June pouted.

“But June yunno that isn’t within my power. MC is a school for the rich, and scholarship isn’t given out. I can’t help.” He said.

“But you’re the highest shareholder of the school. You have the right to admit and expel a student please dad.

Okay, you could sponsor his education if you can’t do this, please dad. Do it for my sake.” She begged.

“Stop this madness June! Why on earth will you mingle with riffraff?!

The Zhang’s are notable people, what will people think of us if they see you with poor church rats!” Tessa yelled.




Valerie has gone to work leaving Derek alone in the house. He could be seen in the living room, reading a newspaper.

That’s the only thing he does from dawn till dusk.

The door bell suddenly rang, and he looked up from his newspaper. He closed it and dropped it on the table before going for the door.

When he got out, he met no one at the door, only an envelope.

He looked around before picking it up and went inside with. He locked the door behind him, going in with envelope.

He dropped it on the centre table and went to get his laptop.

He came back with it and sat down, then he opened the letter and start up his laptop.

A smirk formed on his lips as he saw the content of the letter.

“Klling two birds with one stone, hmm.”


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