HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

? His desire?

?His personal taste?

By Authoress Yole

Episode 11


Lyka kept patting me softly like am her baby and am enjoying every bit of it.

Sir are you okay now she asked.

Am fine I said sitting up.

Yes my patient never fails to compile to my drugs she said proudly.

Lyka I called.

Yes sir anything she asked.

Stop calling me sir my name is Bryan I said

Sir that would be hard she said.
Ok there you go again I said.

Am sorry she said.

What can I do to earn your forgiveness I asked.

You really don’t wanna know she said smiling.

Ok what about this I said and pushed her into the swimming pool.

Sir Bryan why did you do that she yelled furiously.

I ignored her and jumped into the water .

Sir they are gonna get sick she said and rushed to meet me.

With you around me,I don’t think am gonna fall sick I said wrapping my hands around her.

Sir can you please remove your hands from my waist she starmmered.

You surprise me most times I said and hissed.

How dare you hiss she said and before I knew it,she snack my head.

Ouch lyka am gonna kill you I said as I dive into the water after her.

We swam for a very long time hitting each other and shouting .

Am done here lyka said and walked out.

Babe am sorry I yelled behind her.

Did you just call me babe she asked.

Don’t you like it I asked.

Do I look like someone who’s gonna date a j.erk she said.

So you mean If I stop being a j.erk you are gonna date me she asked.

God what am I even saying that’s never gonna happen because we are from two different worlds she said.

What about Ryran I asked ..

Rryan’s Pov

Would you date him I asked with jealousy eating me up .

I don’t know but maybe she said.

So you are choosing Ryan over me I asked hurt .

Sir I don’t understand why you are taking this serious she sent.

Good night I said and walked away.

I walked into my room Angrily,I don’t really know why am feeling this way.

My phone rang and I looked at the caller it was Nella.

?Why did you call I asked.

?Oh I shouldn’t call,then your mom is right when she said you are cheating on me She said.

?You shut that thing you call mouth you have been enjoying your life and after you forgot me,my mom tells you so shit and you call me and start vomiting trash I yelled at her.

?Am sorry she said.

?Be sorry for your foolishness I said.

? I promise to get back next year and we would get married she said.

?Next year nella I thought you said it was this year ending I yelled .

?Am sorry but another company just signed me and the money is so big she said.

?Rubbish I said and cut the call.

I can’t believe my mom told her am cheating on her.


Babe are you okay Damon said as he undress.

Can you believe bryan called me rubbish and cut the call I said.

It’s normal he said.

He has never done that to me before I said.

Come here am h0rny he said.

Bryan shouldn’t dare cheat on me and no girl should ever think she can take Bryan away .

It was hard convincing their family to agree to the union between the two of us and I can’t lose him now,I can’t disappoint mom and dad.

I would make sure I pay back that family in their own coin not after what they did to us.

Babe are you okay Damon asked.

Just shut up and fk me that’s what you are being paid for and not poking your nose into my affair I said harshly and he nodded.


Next morning

I looked at my reflection in the mirror .

I was getting dressed for work after I did my normal morning chores.

I heard sir Brayn screaming last night and I know it his fiance.

What was I even thinking,that I have a chance with him,no way am not even his class,I would just continue dating him in my imagination.

The door opened and Sir Brayn Walked in .

Morning sir I greeted as I held my towel tightly to myself.

Morning how was your night he asked.

It was fine sir.

Ok get dressed let’s leave for work he said.

But sir I can’t dress in front of you I said.

But am your boyfriend he said faking hurt .

Boyfriend my foot i said and hissed .

You are so rude he said and walk out.

Moment later

He packed his car beside his office and came to open the door for me like a gentleman.

Thanks I said coming out.

Bryan and I walked into the hospital and people kept whispering to themselves.

Lyka why did you not come to work yesterday Dennis asked immediately I got to my office.

Busy I said.

I missed you he said and hugged me and I smiled.

Hours later.
work already closed, everyone had left,I wonder why brayn was taking so much time.

I rested my head on my tabel just then someone walked into the office.

I looked and it was ryran.

What are you doing here I asked.

Lyka am sorry for last night attitude,I was in a mad mood, but I have come to make it up to you he said.

Whatever I said and scoffed.

Bryan is gonna kill me I said.

I already told him he said.

Ok fine let’s go I said picking up my things .

Let me help you he said and carried my bag and we walked out hand in hands .

Ryran is really a lovely person but Bryan is the sweetest.

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