HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 18


I got inside my car and drove back home after close of work .

I really miss lyka,I can’t wait to see her,am so much loving her.

The drive home was smooth,I tried calling her,but her line wasn’t going,I wonder why because lyka always picks my call at the first ring .

I got home and drove in,I picked my things and walked in,only to meet Nella at my sitting room.

What are you doing here I asked.

What does it look like am doing, tommorow is our wedding so I have every right to be here she said and I scoffed .

Lyka I called as I climbed up the stairs,but no response.

What have you done I asked as I got to where she was .

Calm down sweetie,I did nothing Nella said with a smirk on her face .

My heart was beating so fast lyka couldn’t just leave the house without telling me,I grabbed my Keys and was about going out when a message was sent into my phone.

I clicked on the picture and what I saw almost made me mad.

Lyka was in bed with Dante they where both wrapped in each other arms .

I felt my heart tighten, “I can’t believe she did this to me”I screamed loudly as I fell to the ground crying.

Bryan I told you that girl is no difference from a $l.ut Nella said smiling.

Am gonna push through with the wedding I said.

Good that’s what I wanna hear dad said behind me.

Dad you have been here all long? I asked.
Yes and am proud of you so ,he said and tapped me slightly.
Thanks I said and walked away.


Lyka’s Pov

I felt someone pour water on me and my eyes snapped open immediately.

I groaned as I felt unmeasurable pains in my head.

I tried recalling what happened just then my head flashed back to the event of yesterday, that was when I realised I was being kidnapped by my own brother.

I looked around,it was a well furnished room.

I opened the door only to meet my two brothers sitting while drinking.

What did you do to me I yelled at them angrily.

You never change baby sis Leo my elder brother said laughing.

Yes just as cr@zy as she was Cassio my brother said laughing.

How could you guys betray our family,all these years dad and mom thought you died,not knowing the both of you where alive I said crying .

Of what use are we to your parents,dad and mom never cared about us all they wanted was use so we left and followed someone who wanted us .

And who’s that I asked teary .

Mr salvanor Cassio said .

Tell me you guys are lying I said crying .

He was the one who destroyed mom and dad hospital because dad challenge him he said.

How could you both work for the enemy I said crying,just then Dante entered.

Dante Please help me I cried as I rushed to meet him.

You don’t have to bother lyka,Bryan is already getting married,he dosen’t care about you Dante said.

No no this can’t be true,Bryan promise to marry me I said crying.

It’s all over lyka,just choose me,Dante said.

Am pregnant I said crying .

For who he asked alarmed.

Bryan I said and he gasped .

Dante I know you are mad at me but please don’t let this happen to me,I don’t wanna be a single mom I said crying .

I can’t believe you got pregnant for that boy could you he yelled at me.

Isn’t he your brother I asked teary .

What sort of brother we are not related to any form he said.

What do you mean I asked.

My dad killed Bryan parents because they refused his proposal of being his father,I found out they are my parents and they are just using Bryan when I was 12 and they told it to keep it a secret.

You mean Mr salvanor is your dad and not Bryan I asked in h0rror.

Yes and as for your brothers there he brainwashed them already and when his done using them his gonna kill them,he wiped off some of the memory and left come he said .

Dante we need to stop that marriage I said total h0rror.

Let’s go am gonna kill that bastard for using me all this while he said going out while I rushed after him.

Bryan’s Pov

I walked down the alse with Nella,she had been grining fool,I can’t help but feel sad,today is really the worst day of my life .

Would you Nella james take Bryan salvanor to be your lawfully wedded husband the priest said .

I do she said smiling.

And do you Bryan salvanor take Nella james to be your lawfully wedded wife the priest asked,I was about answering when a voice stopped me.

Stop this marriage now! I heard someone yell.

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