HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

? His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 12


I took her to my favorite restaurant.

Welcome sir all my workers greeted,but I ignored them let’s say am no difference from Bryan.

We sat as the VIP section and the girl taking orders came.

Your orders sir she said politely.

Lyka what you would take I asked.

Just get me wine she said.

Wine I asked my my eyes wide open.

Yes bring Eva wine she said.

Bring same for me I said.

Ryran,sir byran is calling me,are you sure you told him she asked .

Come on lyka,I would never lie to you I said.

Ok I would just switch it off she said and I smiled .

so tell me more about yourself I said.

Ryran there’s nothing to tell you,you already know everything about me she said.

Lyka can I ask you something promise you won’t turn me down he said.

Lyka’s Pov

I stared at Ryran.

I hope he dosen’t ask me to be his girlfriend because there is no way accepting that.

Lyka he called bringing me out of my thought,come on Ryran just say it out,if it’s something I can handle,I would accept I said.

He held my hands softly and I could see his eyes boring holes into my body,g0sh am as nervous as h.ell,I have never been in a situation like this before.

Lyka please be my girlfriend he said and I felt my heart skip.

Did he just ask me to date him.

What’s your reply he asked camly.

Ryran I called camly.

Just let it out lyka,is it a yes or a no he asked.

Am sorry but I can’t date you i said.

He bit his slowly and starred at me ,is it because of Bryan he asked.

No I starmmered .

Don’t worry lyka an still giving you a whole lot of me to think about it he said standing up.

I could see he was angry from his appearance,God how did I find myself in a situation like this.

Let’s go he said walking out.

I trailed behind him slowly.

He didn’t open the door for me like before,I didn’t know he was this mad.

The drive back home was so quite and awkward.

We entered the compound,it was as peaceful as h.ell.

All I wanted to see right now was Bryan .

I came out of his car,ryran wasn’t even staring at me.

Good night I said and walked out .

Don’t keep me waiting,am not that patient he said and drove out.

I was so surprised as his behavior .

He was behaving so wiered.

I opened the door and entered since I had my own spare key.

I saw Bryan sitting at the dining pressing his phone,he behave as if no one entered.

I ignored him and was about climbing up the stairs when his voice stopped me.

And where do you think you are coming from the asked.

I went out with ryran I said.

You did what he yelled at me standing up.

I said I went out with ryran I half yelled.

Oh so you wanna shout at me right,I waited for you for almost two hours but you already left with my cousin to have the time of your life right he yelled at me .

But Ryran told you I said.

Lyka don’t you dare lie to me,as from today let’s us maintain our distance as before he said and walked passed me.

I walked behind him, how could Ryran lie to me .

Sir please am sorry I said hitting his door .

Lyka just go to your room your presence alone is making me sick he said.

I sat by his door am not leaving here until he forgives me.


I wonder why Ryran hasn’t been picking my calls.

I knew I was framed up.

I dialed his number for the tenth time,but it didn’t go through.

Camile am scared I said facing my best friend.

Margaux you have to act fast because I heard Bryan is into another girl,If you don’t act fast you are gonna lose him she said.

No way,I can’t lose Ryran,his mine and mine alone.

Mr Salvanor’s Pov

I picked up my phone and called my personal assistant.

Derrick I have a job for you I said as he picked up the call.

What’s it boss he asked.

I want you to kill someone I said.

Male or female he asked.

Female I said.

Send me the pic and normal amount he said.

I want you to do a clean job I said.

Trust me boss,just do the requires add get your work neatly he said and cut the call.

That’s Derrick for you .

He had been doing all my dirty jobs and had never made any mistake.

I put my business before everything.

That ungrateful son of mine Bryan,I picked him from the mud,did everything for him,now it’s time to repay me he wants to behave stupid.

I don’t ever want him to fall for that stupid maid of his .

Am gonna do whatever it takes to make him do as I say.

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