HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 20

Finale and Epilogue

A month later .

Mr salvanor you have been sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of so many associate and Mrs salvanor you are sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour and miss nuella you are hereby sentenced to five imprisonment the judge said.

I could see Bryan secretly clean the tears in my eyes even though they did those h0rrible things to him he still them as his parents.

Dante had no expression on his face at all.

My parents and that of Bryan where jubilating because my dad hospital was given back to him inculding all Bryan parents properties.

My two brothers are still under treatment,that man really messed up with their brains .

Are you okay I asked Bryan who was looking so sad .

Am fine he said and rubbing my protruding stomach making me blush.

Dante was just smiling I wonder why .

Let’s go they got what they deserve Dante said and walked out.

A month later.

You may now kss your bride the priest said and Bryan opened the veil slightly and kss my protruding stomach.

I remerber the day Bryan found out am pregn@nt it was the best day of my life .


I laid down weakly on the bed,Bryan and I just came back from shopping,d@mn I was so tired and weak.

Are you okay Bryan asked starring at me .

Am fine I muttered not knowing how to tell him,I was really scared,what if he gets angry and reject the child or he dosen’t want to be a dad soon.

Lyka just tell me he said.

It’s nothing I lied.

So when where you gonna tell me he asked.

About what I asked alarmed.

That you are pregnant he dropped the b0mbshell .

How did you know I starmmered.

Fk lyka am a doctor for goodness sake he yelled at me .

Am sorry I said sowly.

Sorry dosen’t change anything he said sternly .

I sprang up from the bed immediately and rushed to meet him, babe am really sorry I swear I didn’t mean to keep it away from you I was just scared I said crying but instead he smiled.

Am gonna be a dad he said smiling.

Huh I said confused.

Am gonna be a dad soon he yelled and carried me up.

End of flashback.

What are you thinking Bryan said breaking me out if my thought.

Nothing I lied.

Better not think because am gonna damaged your legs he whispered in my ears making me blush .

You are crazy I said and he smiled.

Only for your babe he said hugged me .

7 months later

Push the doctors screamed at me and I felt sweat all over me .

I can’t do this, where’s my husband I said crying .

Mam’m you have to do this or we gonna lose the baby he said.

I never knew child bearing could be this hard,I have been delivering people’s children.

Am gonna kill Bryan he put me through this I said crying .

Ma please just one last time sir Bryan is gonna sack us all the nurse said.

I closed my eyes and with all my strength I pushed and a cry of a child filled the whole room.

Congratulations ma you gave birth to a baby boy the nurse said.

I carried the child in my arms,he looks just like him,I love him.

Five years later.

A loud cry from the children room, and knew these children were awake,I gave birth to twin girls last years they both look identical.

Dante,travelled out of the country inculding my brothers Dennis was married to his long time girlfriend my parents were doing fine .

Mr salvanor killed himself in prison and Nella came out, Bryan looks more mature and manly .

Our love for each other keeps growing everyday .

You are here Bryan said approaching me .

Yes, so what I asked smiling.

I wanna kss you he said and before I knew it he kssed me .

Aww mom and dad are so r0mantic my son said but Bryan didn’t mind,he carried me me up and left their room shutting the door .

I love you he said and dropped me in the b.ed and dev0ured me.

The End.

Authoress yole ??



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