HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 13


The Ray’s of sunlight shined brightly into my eyes and my eyes opened slowly.

I looked around I was in Bryan room,but how did I get here.

He was mad at me last night,wait don’t tell me he brought me here.

I looked at my body and I discovered I was wearing a different cloth, don’t tell me he changed me or am gonna faint.

The bathroom door opened,well I could only get a glimpse of it,it had different design,I could eat there if possible.

Sir Bryan came out of the bathroom looking dangerously hot with a towel tied around his waist .

His broad chest made me weak,his hair was wet,damn his so cute .

Done checking me out he asked as he got to his dressing table.

And who said I was checking you out.

Do you know how many girls are dying to be in the position you are now he asked.

Am not every girl so shut up I said.

Yes you are not every girl because your pant stink he said.

I felt my heart stop at his statement,that can’t be true,no matter how dirty I was,I always made sure my underwear where clean.

You lost your tounge he asked with a smirk on his face.

Why did you change my clothes I asked.

Because you stink, I even had to bath you last night,I couldn’t let you sleep in my bed with your awuful smell he said as he applied cream on his body.

How dare you,how dare you say such awful words to me,do you think am dirty like your stupid foolish Nella that can’t bath or goes around fucking all the dick she’s see i said angrily.

Come on lyka just say you want me to fuck you,but I wouldn’t because your pussy is wide just like the whore you are he said.

And who would want to fuck that tiny in-between your legs you call dick, I rather finger myself than let that thing enter me I said and his face turn to that of total horror.

Did you just compare my dick to a broom he asked.

And so what is it golden I asked with a smirk on my face.

Lyka am gonna kill you he said

Do I look like am scared I said.

Am gonna make you beg for my broomstick dick he said approaching me

What are you doing I starmmered as my back touched the wall.

He didn’t answer instead he was starting at me,making goose pimples enter my skin,damn he was

I felt my heart beat at thousand rate,God what is this boy doing to me.

He trailed his tounge around my neck and he bent to my face.

I tried pushing back the moan coming from my mouth but no way and I moaned out softly.

He continued his torture on my skin,I closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss me.

I waited for minutes but nothing happened,I slowly opened my eyes and I saw him starring at me he had a smirk on his face, suddenly he burst into laughter.

I felt ashamed of myself,I couldn’t believe he did that to me.

You bastard I yelled embrassed and ran out of his room .

Lyka dressed up I heard him tell behind me,but I already locked the door.

I rushed to the bathroom and looked at the mirror,face was red.

I can’t believe he made fun of me,am gonna make him pay.


I looked at my time,it was already 6pm.

I was dressed in a white bean and top.

I had been begging lyka to come out let’s leave since morning,but this girl isn’t coming out, she’s still shy to face me after what I did to her in the morning.

Lyka please come out,I promise never to make fun of you I said hitting her door.

No you are gonna laugh at me she said.

Please am begging,I promise I won’t do that I said,she didn’t answer me, Instead the door opened and lyka stepped out.

My mouth opened in shock,the lady am seeing here is a different lady .

She wore a red jump shut and black hills to match with red lipstick,her hair was combed down so long and beautiful, I lost my voice .

Are you done checking me out she said breaking me out of my thought.

And what’s there to check,you look so ugly I said.

You are so awful she said and hit me angrily and ran out.

I watched her ass bounce behind her,damn this girl is naturally ebdowed, someone should hold me or am going crazy.

Nuella can’t be compared to her because she did plastic surgery.

Sir Bryan am gonna kill you if you don’t come out now I heard her yell and I ran out .

*Hours later *

I wanted to surprise her at least for today.

I wanted my guards to follow us,but non was available.

I wasn’t on speed since it was night fall and anything could happen.

Lyka was looking through the window .

I was still driving and suddenly a car blocked my way .

The people rushed out all dressed in black on black.

Sir brayn what’s going on lyka yelled in Fright and hugged me.

The door of the car burst open and they dragged lyka and I out.

What’s going on let go of her I yelled as I tried pulling from their grip.

Sir please help me lyka cried as they dragged her away.

How much did they pay you I would pay you twice of the money I said.

Just shut up we are here for business one of the guys said.

Please let me go am innocent lyka cried.

I wish I could and right before my eyes he pointed the gun at her.

Please don’t do this am gonna pay you any amount I said

Am sorry he said and the next thing he fired the gun at her.

Lyka i screamed as she fell to the ground with blood coming from her stomach.

Author’s Pov

Am sorry guys but I think am changing the names from ryran to Dante because when I was writing it in my page it was so confusing so I had to change and that was how I concluded it so it won’t be ryran but Dante take note

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