HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 17


I felt someone hit me slightly and my eyes snapped open immediately,only to see Bryan hovering around me .

Morning sleepy head he said smiling.

I stood up dragging the duvet with me and last night was fun though because Bryan and I had sex again and it’s really making me blush .

Can I kss you he asked.

I haven’t brushed yet I said.

Not to worry he said and kiss me,I reprociated,but a loud noise made us pull away.

Stay here am coming he said and walked out.

I got scared,I knew it was his parents,I know am never gonna be accepted.


I walked down the stairs only to meet an angry Iooking dad and mom .

Dad,mom what’s wrong I asked.

Bryan you are getting married to Nella in three days time which was Saturday dad dropped the bomb.

Dad what do you mean,what’s going on I asked.

Bryan you are getting married and that’s final mom said.

Over my dead body mom I would never get married to that whore I said.

Till then dad said and walked out while mom followed him..

I walked back to the room dejectedly,I could see lyka starting at me.

Sir you don’t have to disobey your parents because of me she said sniffing .

Come on don’t be sad am not getting married to any one expect you I said and hugged her while she sniffle in my arms.



I sat beside Bryan,we where watching a movie.

After that conversation with his parents I had not been at peace.

The door burst open and Dante entered.

Lyka tell me it isn’t true he said burning in rage .

Dante’s what wrong pull yourself together I said trying to approach him but Bryan pulled me back .

You are coming with me now he said dragging me along .

Let go of me I said and freed myself from his grip .

Remerber I cared for you when he hated you,I had always loved you but how could you do this to me he yelled at me heartbroken .

I felt my heart sink,so he loved me all this while .

Lyka you have to choose between the both of us he said .

I can’t said.

What the fk can’t you do just choose between me and Bryan Dante yelled at me.

I love him I said.

Who he asked alarmed.

Bryan I murmured.

You love him,he has a fiancee whom he is getting married to on Saturday he yelled.

I can’t help it I said.

I can’t believe you choose him over,so all that nuella said was true,you let him fk you, you d!rty $l.ut he yelled at me and before I knew it I sl@pped him.

Don’t you dear call me a $l.ut I yelled at him.

Am not done here he said and walked out.

I let the tears fall from my eyes freely,I just realized I lost a friend .

Bryan wrapped his hands around me, Don’t worry his gonna come around he said giving me assuring smile.

I hope so I said.
Two days later.

It’s been two days after the incident with Dante,I haven’t seen or heard from him,it’s just as if he disappeared into the thin air .

I had really been sick since then,I haven’t seen Bryan fiancee, presently Bryan was at his hospital he built in our name,I was so shocked.

The hospital was opened yesterday.

I took my bag and dropped it inside the car and told the driver to drive me this other hospital,I really needed to run a pregn@ncy test .

Hours later .

My hands shook as I held the result,even thought I was a doctor,I couldn’t do it myself.

I tore the envelope and the first thing I saw was positive,d@mn am pregn@nt.

I was happy and sad at the same time,I really needed to give this to Bryan but how would he react to it,I couldn’t really think about it..

I got inside the car and the driver took off.

My mind was playing so many jokes on me,I feel so excited.

The driver took a U-Turn to a different direction .

Where are you going I asked alarmed,but instead he pointed a gun at me and kept my mouth shut .

That was when I saw him it wasn’t the driver but my own brother.

Something hit my head and I passed out.

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