HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 15

A week later .


It’s been a week since lyka was discharged from the hospitality .

I haven’t allowed her to do any work.

This past few days of my life with her had really been so memorable she’s really the kind of girl any one would wish for,I just confess am deeply attracted to her.

I really want her to be mine,but each time I think about Dante I can’t help but feel guilty.

I think about not letting her go, presently we both sat in the living room with her head on my leg and we maid where doing the job.

Sir Bryan lyka said and tapped me out of my thought.

What is I asked.

Is anything bothering you she asked.

Nothing I lied.
I have been talking to you for the past 30 minutes but you aren’t answering she said.

It’s nothing I lied.

Tell me she said sternly.

Ok fine follow me I said dr@gging her up the stairs.

I got into my room and pu$hed her on the b.ed .

Sir what are you doing she asked.

What do you think I said pulling 0ff my cl0thes.

Sir please stop she said closing her eyes.

Why is she always behaving like a vrgin I said and scoffed.

Lyka’s Pov

The look on Bryan said it all.

He pulled 0ff everything leaving him $t@rk n@ked.

I felt goose pimples on my skin,I had been noticing his behavior for a week now always caring .

Lyka please don’t deny me this he said as he came to meet me on the b.ed.

My head was exploding in different directions am really going mad.

He kssed me and that was when I realise what is happening.

I couldn’t kss him back I was d@mn shocked .

He pulled off my nghtie making me ga$p.

He raised my l.egs up and pulled 0ff my pnties leaving me st@rk n@ked.

You don’t know how much I had anticipated for this he said and thru$t in immediately.

A loud scream cane from my mouth,he looked shocked maybe because am a vrgin,I wrapped my l.egs around him not wanting him to leave.

He bent and kssed my l!ps slowly,he cupped my bre@$t in his hands and pressed them making a m0an escaped my m0uth.

He took my npp.les into his mouth and began to sck on them like his life depended on it .

Bryan I m0aned in plea$ure,he dipped two fngers into me and I m0aned loudly .

Sorry he whispered into my ears as he continued doing wonders to my b0dy, he was nibbling on my n.eck to know am having a lot of h!ckey .

He thru$t in suddenly making me ga$p l0udly. I held on to him tightly as he began to thru$t in r0ughly.

It was a mixture of p@in and ple@sure.

Brysn please stop you are hur.ting me I cried.

He gr0aned loudly and suddenly he rele@sed on me and fell off.

I used the duvet to cover myself I can’t believe I let him do this to me and he has a fiancee I feel so dirty right now.

Next morning.

I woke up when I felt the sun shine directly into my eyes .

I opened my eyes and event of last night flowed in.

I looked at the other side of the bed but he wasn’t there .

Tears began to fall from my eyes uncontrollable.

Why are you crying I heard someone say only to meet Bryan starring at me.

How could you I cried.

I never knew you were a vrgin he said sitting beside me.

So you just used me I said crying.

Of course it was just a nightstand be said looking dead serious.

How could you I yelled and began to hit him uncontrollably

Lyka you are hurting me he said holding my hand.

I want to kill you right now i said.

I love you he said smiling.

Wait did he just say that or maybe am in trance .

Am serious lyka I love you he said.

You love me I asked shocked.

I love you so much lyka that I don’t I wanna ever see you with anyone so would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend he asks.

You fiancee I said.

Just answer me he said.

Yes. I would be your girlfriend I said cleaning the tears in my eyes.

Thanks he said and kssed me slightly.

I smiled and rested my head on his chest can’t believe he’s mine.

Let’s get you dressed up he said and carried me up.


Lyka’s Pov

I laid on top of Bryan in his room, he had instructed the maids to do the job.

What are you thinking he asked..

You I. Said smiling.

So my broomstick dk made you cry last night huh he said.

You really didn’t have to say that I said.

Can’t forget the first day we met I can’t believe you poured dirt on me he said .

Am sorry I whisper.

But I love you now he said and kssed me slightly.

I responded to the kss immediately ,it was becoming so intense that we started pulling 0ff our cl0thes.

Get off me you j.erk I m0aned as he dipped his fngers into me.

The door burst open immediately and someone entered.

Nella he calked shocked .

Wait did I just hear Nella his fiance’s is back,fk, am d00med.

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