HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 14

The guys rode away immediately after they had shot her.

No no lyka you can’t die I yelled and ran to where she was.

I checked her pluse and she was still breathing.

I quickly carried her in my arms and rushed into the vehicle,I drove to the hospital quickly.

We got there moment later and lyka was rushed in.

I wanted to do the Operation but it’s against our Ethics.

I had been sitting here for the past one hour and not a single word from doc Raymond.

He came out and I rushed to meet him,how was it I asked .

The operation was successful she would wake up tommorow be said smiling.

Thanks I said smiling.

But sir what really happened,how did lyka happen to get shot and she was with you he asked.

I looked at this man closely,am not sure he loves his job,do you wanna get sacked I asked angrily.

No sir am really sorry for asking you that,but the news is everywhere he said.

Fk I cu.rsed as I used my hands to scatter my hair,just go I said and he walked out.

I walked to the ward where lyka was kept it was the VIP section .

She was breathing slowly with the help of machine’s,God I never wished for this to happen I only wanted a blissful night for the both of us.

I raised my head and that was when I discovered I was crying .

My phone rang, I looked at the caller and it was dad I hope he dosen’t want to scold me because he’s gonna hear from me .

?Hi Dad I said .

?Bryan he called quitely .

?What I asked annoyed.

?Am sorry for your loss he said.

?Which loss I asked totally confused.

?You maid he said camly.

?You b@stard I yelled Angrily through the phone and I heard him chuckle .

?She’s lucky she isn’t dead because I wouldn’t let some poor church rat to come destroy All that I have worked so hard for he said.

?What have you work for,I had been the one working my ass out trying to impress you and this is how you pay me back,and let this ever be the last time you do something crazy like this, because if it happens again I sw.ear am gonna kill you I said and cut the call.

I can’t believe dad could go this far, sometimes I wonder if this man really is my father .

Growing up with him had really been h.ell,he wanted me to take over from him.

Dante was living with us, but at a certain point he packed his clothes and left the house because of dad.

I am two years older than him, Dante lived with us because his parents where dead,but when dad nagging became much he left.

I saw a figure approaching me and I knew instantly who it was .

What was he doing here .

Bryan what happened he asked .

Haven’t you seen the news I asked him.

Sorry he whispered and sat beside me .

What do you want I asked codly.

Brayn you are behaving like we are not brothers he said .

Not until you started behaving like a pussy i said.

Am sorry he whispered.

Whatever I said and scoffed .

What really happened he asked.

Dad ordered his men to kill her I said.

What dad did that he asked shocked.

That man is a physco I said.

Goodnight he said and walked away.

I rested my head and just then the ringing of the phone woke me up,it was Nella.

?What do you want I asked.

?What are you doing in the hospital with your maid,you got get pregn@nt right she yelled furiously.

You are mad I said and cut the call,I brought out the Sim from the phone and broke it…

Stupid b@stard I cursed under my breath .

Next morning ??

I was sitting beside lyka she was still sleeping and I know any moment from now she’s gonna wake up.

I couldn’t really wait for her to wake up .

Her fingers moved and her eyes opened immediately .

Lyka I said and ran to hug her .

Sir Bryan I can’t breath she muttered under her breath .

Am sorry I said and released her .

I thought I died she said sniffing.

You are not gonna die,put that thought aside I said and she smiled.

Are you hungry I asked and she nodded.

Ok you wait and let me get you something I said and rushed out.

Dante .

I was holding a flower in my hand,I couldn’t wait to give it to her,just then my thought went to yesterday .


Dad how could you I yelled as I got into the warehouse.

I can’t believe you and your brother are behaving stupidity because of a girl he said.

His not my brother I yelled angrily.

You better accept it,his your brother and there is nothing you can do about it he said.

I think it’s time for the truth to come out and I have to take what’s rightfully mine I said going out.

You wouldn’t dare he said .

End of flashback.

I don’t think I can do it,but am not leaving lyka for him.

I got to her rooms and I could hear laughter and jokes from there .

The anger in me rode .

Ryran come in lyka said,that was when I realised I had been standing for a long time .

I threw the flower away angry,I think it’s time for the truth to be known.

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