HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

Episode 19

Semi final .

Stop this marriage now I heard someone yell,I turned to the direction of where the house was coming from and I saw two elderly man and woman like my dad age,they look just like me .

Nella looks scared.

What’s going on I asked and the whole church began to mumur.

My son the woman said approaching us.

Am not your son I said confused.

This hooligans you thought you can come to my son marriage and claim him as yours dad yelled at them angrily.

Salvanor after all that I did for you,you still had the guts to try kill me and take away my son from me for 25 years the man yelled at my parents.

Everyone was beginning to video what was happening,I was being to feel sweat drop from my head.

Guards get them my dad screamed and the guards rushed to hold them.

You b@stard,you took my son,my hospital my source of income and made me poor the man said.

I don’t understand how dare you cliam my son mom yelled.

I thought you we where best of friends how could you do this to me the woman said crying,I could see mom was uneasy she’s guilty.

Guards what are you waiting for get them dad yelled .

Stop I heard someone say and I raised my head to see Dante with lyka.

What are you two doing here I asked visibly annoyed.

Bryan you are getting married Lyka asked with tears in her eyes.

And so what I yelled at her .

Dante what do you think you are doing dad asked.

You are the worst father one could ever wish for,you have been using me all this while,you rejected me as your son Dante said pointing at him.

Dante you promised to keep shut,do you know gravity of the offence you are comiting dad yelled at him.

Shut your mouth you b@stard am no longer a fool Dante yelled at him.

My son am really sorry it was your dad idea mom said crying .

And what do you mean by that,mom,dad what’s going on somebody explain to me I yelled furiously.

Am sorry Bryan but we are not your real parents mom dropped the b0mbshell.

Tell me this is this some kind of joke I said as I felt my head expl0ding.

They are your parents,dad thought he had killed them,most of the things he owns are not his,his a drug dealer and a killer he said everyone gasped.

How could he.

He looks so innocent.

Bad man.


I heard people say so many bad things about my dad,the anger in me was burning,I rushed towards him furiously and began to hit him,he deserve to die .

The police dante brought dragged them away and handcuffed dad and mom.

I think am no longer interested in this marriage stuffs and family problem Nella said and tried was walking away when the police stopped her.

You are under arrest for the kidnap of miss lyka they said.

What do you mean by that she yelled.

Anything you say or do would be used against you in the court of law.

Am sorry,Bryan Please do something she yelled as they began to drag her away.

Everyone began to leave .

My son the woman said approaching me .

I walked towards her and hugged her and tears began to pour from my eyes can’t believe the people I grew up to know as my parents where never mine.

I broke away from the hug and walked towards Dante .

How could you keep this away from me I asked him.

Am sorry he said.

Why did you lay with lyka I asked.

Just shut up Bryan am leaving her for good and if you hurt, I swear am gonna kill you he said and hugged me.

After the hug I walked towards Lyka,I could see she was scared.

Bryan am sorry I know you are still mad at me but I sw.ear you know I wouldn’t cheat on you she said crying .

It’s okay I said and pulled her into a hug and she stiffen in my arms .

Aren’t you mad at me she asked.

How can I be,I love you lyka I love you so much I said.

I love you too she said and kssed me.

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