Episode 50

Vivian picked up the divorce papers from the floor, quickly signed her columns and rushed into the room to give her mother the good news.

She was celebrating the freedom with her mum, thanking her stars for making Jeremy think of doing something as noble as letting her go. How he came to the conclusion and decision of making that move, she didn’t know.

“I’m so happy that God has decided to finally let His face shine on you. Thanks be His name that you’re finally free from that evïl entanglement. My prayer is that you never grope into darkness, never allow your senses lead you astray even when the voice of cautioning keep telling you, you shouldn’t go any further” her mum told her seriously.

“Say no more mum. I have surely learnt my lessons, and with my child by my side, I really do not see me going into any form of entanglement again, whether with a good man or with a bad a$$ like Jeremy” Vivian told her mother matter-of-factly.

Her mother smiled knowingly, not ready to argue with her. Whether she’d give genuine love a chance again or not, will be known later. It’d be a matter of time before her daughter would come smiling more than necessary, and it certainly won’t be long before she starts looking at that gentleman the way he’d been looking at her the number of times she’d seen them together.

Later that day, Pascal came to see them. Samantha was disturbing him non stop about coming to see Daisy, so for Samantha’s sake he’d come to see them.

Mrs. Bradford smiled yet again as she sat listening to the gentleman’s reason for visiting them, the fourth time in three days. “This Samantha must really know how to make you come to the right place at the right time you know!” Mrs Bradford teased.

“What do you mean mum? Vivian asked, not really knowing what her mother was driving at. Pascal was as shocked as Vivian, for a while, he panicked. Was there any problem?

“The thing is, Jeremy was here a while ago, and all thanks to your advise, Vivian was far out of his reach, and in spite of his wishes to harm her, he couldn’t lay his hands on her.

But I was thinking of how she’d be able to stay here all alone while I go shopping, so you see, now that Samantha is here to play with Daisy, I’ll just quickly go for my shopping without worrying about my daughter’s safety” Mrs Bradford explained.

Pascal wondered why the woman knew Vivian would be safe in his care. Did that lout come here to talk morosely? Did he by chance tell them anything that may have given the old woman the impression that he was more than he’d made everyone believe?

“Okay ma’am, but we’ll just have to hope he doesn’t come back” Pascal said, testing the waters. He needed to know what they know and what they think of him.

“Don’t you worry yourself Pascal, after I called you, I also made some other important calls. Men of the Police Force, would soon be on his case. But, I’ve not really been okay about leaving Vivy all to herself.” She reassured Pascal.

Pascal nodded in agreement, and Vivian could tell he was so happy to know that he didn’t have to take on Jeremy himself. “Who wouldn’t be happy not to have a face to face confrontation with Jeremy?” she thought.

“Please remember to lock the burglary proof gate after me” Vivian’s mother reminded them as she stepped out to visit the shopping mall.

Pascal nodded again, as he sat quietly besides his daughter. She was kicking restlessly to go play with Daisy, so Vivian asked Pascal to allow the child come to her.

The two adults sat talking about this and that, while the two girls played with the toys on the floor. Samantha was very busy playing the big sister to Daisy, and her happy cackles kept echoing all through the house.


About an hour later, Pascal had taken his daughter into the restroom when he heard commotion coming from the sitting room.

His heart literally leapt tumultuously out of his chest, as he remembered that he had ignored the old woman’s advise of locking the gates. Turns out the serpent struck way before he was expected.

Pascal quickly took his daughter to the room she had played with Daisy, the last time they were there. In a twinkling on a eye, he had her occupied with some toys, promising to go get Daisy for her.

He locked the room from outside, to ensure she didn’t wander out while he faced the predator. He could hear him clearly bvllying Vivian, and telling her how he’d ki!l her before her lover arrived.

Why did he feel a pang of jealousy and anger when Jeremy spoke of a lover? So just a few days after she got to her mother’s house, she’d already gotten herself a lover?

Well, whether she had moved on to another man or not, he needed to keep up with what he had promised to do with Jeremy. He told him to give her a divorce and not diverse kinds of threat and as.sault.

“I told you I was going to make you regret ranting about that woman. I knew it’d only be a matter of time before you and your lousy female parent slip. For how long now were you two able to keep up with locking this door?” Jeremy asked, looking so pleased with himself.

Vivian was too afraid to speak. She was shaking in fear because she was wondering what would become of Pascal and his daughter if they walked into the scene.

She knew Jeremy was going to hurt her, but she was okay with the fact that her mum would be alive to take care of her daughter. But what would become of Pascal’s innocent child if Jeremy did succeed in harming him.

“Somebody has lost her tongue all of a sudden? Oh dear! Don’t be like this. I need to hear you talk about my mother” he said, spitting the word “mother” in so much hurry and hurt.

He spent the next few minutes telling Vivian why she shouldn’t have messed with the word. He told her how she was just like his mother, a woman of easy virtue.

She had left her husband to be with him, just for the wild sxx he had to offer.

He told her how he had k!lled his father because according to him, the man was f0olish.

After his mother returned from her harl0try, his father had accepted her back because he claimed to love her too much.

“You know, one thing I hãte about certain people is their stüpidity. How the hell did he think I’d feel that he welcomed a woman who had gone into pr?stitution before, only to return on the excuse that she was converted to Christianity while in her shameful trade. How was I to keep looking at his face while he returned to living with her, just because she said she was sorry?” he asked her.

“But you know what Vivian, I’m not going to allow Daisy grow up and look at me the same way I looked at my dad before I k!lled him, I’m going to ensure she never gets to hear that you were a woman of easy virtues” he told her, suddenly closing the gap between them.

He moved so fast that even Pascal didn’t know when got to Vivian’s sides, with a sharp knlfe suddenly in his hand.

“No ooooooo” Pascal screamed as he jumped out of the place he’d been crouching and listening to all Jeremy had been saying.





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