Vivian spent a lot of time consoling the old woman. She assured her Jeremy was going to face the consequences of his actions soon. “Nemesis will surely catch up with him soon” she assured her mother.

They talked for a little while before Pascal excused himself to take his leave.

He needed to go shopping for his daughter and do some few things before the day ended, he.told them, and stepped out with Samantha.

While Pascal was driving out earlier, he noticed how Jeremy was looking at him.

He had to sneak Vivian and her child into his tinted windowed car when nobody was looking.

So he was very sure nobody saw her when she got out of his house, but he could tell Jeremy already had his suspicion about her being in his house.

He had wanted to confront Jeremy, to make him pay for all the misery he’d cost Vivian, but she was too afraid of him to allow her do anything while she was still in his house.

If only she knew what he was capable of doing, if only she knew who he was! He let the sleeping dogs lie while Vivian was still in his house.

But that didn’t mean he was going to allow Jeremy go scot free. He was going to make him pay for all his crimes.

Although he didn’t have evidences of the heinous crimes he committed against Vivian, she had told him that Jeremy had the habit of filming women while he abused them and always had excess fun from replaying them and laughing like a maniåc when they were in bed.

He was going to have to make a move on Jeremy, but first, he needed to make sure Vivian was okay, and that she and her daughter were safe.

He was super glad that the whole happenings were coinciding with the time he was wrapping up the operation that brought him to that town.

Unknown to anyone who looked at him, and assessed him by his looks, Pascal was an undercover agent.

He was sent to Nigeria to understudy a cartel, Intel had fingered as being in collaboration with deadly cartel in South Africa.

His Agency had drafted him to that town some five years before, so he had to come to Nigeria with his wife.

One to make the mission stay safe, and his cover well concealed.

But the major reason Pascal had to bring his wife along was that he couldn’t stay without his wife. How was he supposed to stay away from his woman for 5 years any ways?

While his mission lasted, he lived in that compound where Jeremy was later brought in to live. He lost his wife while she was giving birth to their only daughter, making him a painfuly lonely and unhappy widower.

When he noticed Jeremy and his way of life, he had watched him from a distance, and hoped he wouldn’t fall into his hands.

He was on a mission, and wanted so desperately to focus on that mission, but if he wandered into his paths, he wasn’t going to spare him.

That day as he drove home with his daughter, he told himself, that indeed, the time to tackle Jeremy had come. He had crossed his paths.

Yes, he crossed his path when he came wandering around his house, sending Vivian away, when he was yet studying her.

He planned his assåult carefully. He was going to do something to make Jeremy attack him in the open, giving him the liberty to do what he willed with him, without having his agency seeing him as having derailed from his mission.

When he entered his apartment that day, everywhere was eerily cold.

With Vivian and her daughter gone, he couldn’t help but miss his wife again.

He sat beside his sleeping daughter, thinking about when she was in the womb, when his wife was pregnant and they always joked about who the baby would prefer to play with, among both of them.

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