“Mr. Pascal, I need to tell you how grateful i am for the help you have rendered my daughter and I.

Not only have you to save us from starvation,you have been able to help me heal considerably.

Thanks for making me have a clearer understanding of what and where I have gone wrong before now. Thanks for being such a gentleman” Vivian began her speech.

Pascal kept looking at her in surprise. He really couldn’t place what she was driving at. So he gave her a couteous nod and a polite smile.

Vivian spend the next two hours debating and arguing with him about why she needed to leave.

He kept reassuring her it was the best for her to stay until she was perfectly okay before she left, but she wanted to take a walk before it was too late.

Eventually, Pascal had to let her go. Even though he knew exactly what to do to put Jeremy away, and for a very long time, he just didn’t want to appear to be do more than was necessary at the time

Pascal insisted on driving Vivian to her mother’s, and even though she had tried to stop him, he still took her to there.

For Vivian, it was doing too much, but for him, he wanted to be sure Vivian was alive and safe for her baby.

He had come to feel so much for the baby, and given the way his daughter had bonded with Vivian’s baby, he was hoping she’d be safe.

“No baby deserved to be without it’s mother” he had always told her.

Mrs Bradford was watching a series on one of her favourite channels when Vivian entered the house with Pascal.

She looked up in both anger and pity at her daughter, she opened her mouth to talk, determined to send her away, but her ever nagging daughter went on her knees.

“Please mother, I know I don’t deserve to call you mother again, but I have no one else.

I have lost everything and right now, the only thing I’m yet to lose, is hanging on a thread.

I’m about to lose my life to my poor decisions and wrong choices. My breath is about to be sniffed off my lungs, by the one you have rightly called a r?gue.

The world has rejected me, and rightly so, but I’m begging you mother, don’t reject me, this wounded soul may not be able to survive it” Vivian told her mother crying her eyes out

Pascal stood where he was, holding his daughter in one hand and the other hand cupping his mouth as he tried to keep himself from crying.

He kept looking from the kneeling Vivian to her mother, then to Vivian’s baby that was lying on the couch besides Vivian.

He had been told a lot about the woman Vivian was kneeling besides, but never did he have the picture of her that rightly fit what he was seeing.

Mrs. Bradford was a real disciplinarian no doubt, but the motherly love and affection that shone in her eyes as she looked at the daughter of hers that had wandered so far away, was unmistakable.

He could tell she was feeling way more hurt than her daughter who had put herself in the pitiable state she found herself.

Standing there and not knowing how to come in, he could only wish the old woman found a place in her heart to forgive her daughter for everything she had done.

“Come here” she told Vivian, opening her arms to welcome her in an embrace. “See what you allowed yourself go though in the hands of that lunat!c.

See how he’s made you a lot below slaves of the medieval times” Vivian’s mother complained when she noticed how her daughter winced in pain when she held her in an embrace.

For some time now, she’d known that the brüte hits her at any slight provocation.

She also knew that he could barely provide for her, the reason she allowed Vivian come home to eat whenever she desired.

As a mother,there were nights she lay on her bed, rolling endlessly, unable to fall asleep as she’d be wondering if her only child has had a thing to eat the whole of that day.

There were times it would seem as if she heard her scream in pain and ask for her to come rescue her.

She wept many nights when she thought of what her husband would have done if he wasn’t gone! She knew Vivian was going through a lot.

But never did she imagine that he’d hit her so badly that she’s almost disfigured.

She could imagine her daughter crying and begging for help, and having to depend on people’s help and mercy to rescue her from his hands.

And judging from the way the man who brought her was looking a her, she could tell she was seeing pity and another feeling in his eyes.

She hugged her a little more and released her to examine her face again. “So Jeremy did all these to you?

He planned to kll my only child just because I allowed this f00lery go on for this long?” Mrs Bradford ask nobody in particular

“It’s okay mum. I’m sorry that things turned this way. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you when you said all that you told me back then” Vivian begged her once again.

“It’s okay now Vivy, you’re going to be alright” she told her. And then, Vivian suddenly remembered she brought someone with her.

“Mum, please meet Pascal. He lives in same compound with Jeremy and I, and he’s been the only person that had dared to rescue me whenever Jeremy got physical with me.

And mum, he had kept and fed Daisy and I for some days now.

He had insisted that we stayed back to allow me heal a little before I came here” Vivian explained to her mother.

“Thank you my dear son. What is you name?” she asked Pascal, who curtly introduced himself.

Before allowing himself to be ushered to a seat by the woman who was apologizing endlessly for not remembering he was there all along because she was worried about how her daughter looked.

“That is to say you looked worse than this? Are you telling me this happpened over two hours ago?” Mrs Bradford asked her daughter. “It happened five days ago mum” Vivian replied and her mother let out a shriek.


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