Episode 48

“Oops! Someone is going to make his mother so ashamed of him now” Pascal said quickly darting to the side, missing the knlfe by a hair’s breadth.

He had hoped Jeremy would attack him, but he didn’t expect it to come with such speed.

If he hadn’t been watching him closely, then the knife would have been easily driven into his chest.

The more Pascal talked about Jeremy’s mother, the more he got provoked, he could see Jeremy was reaching a point where he’d throw up because of the anger.

That was exactly what Pascal wanted for Jeremy; to make him feel the anger and pains he made Vivian feel when he always talked with his numerous women besides her, and still played videos of his escapades with them.

Pascal’s intention was to make Jeremy feel as frustrated as Vivian had felt in those miserable amount of time she had spent with him, then he’d cuff him to be taken in, since he already knew where to get his evidencesthat he needed to put him away

He got up from the seat where he almost got hit a while ago, and moved to another seat, intentionally making slow movements to show how unscathed he was with Jeremy’s outbursts and fury.

Jeremy charged at him again, this time with so much fury and determined aiming. “I’m going to make you regret knowing how to pronounce that word” Jeremy said, unable to mention the word “mother” himself.

And just like before, Pascal made to dodge the blow, but Jeremy had already anticipated his move, so mid the strike, he redirected the knlfe, and Pascal sensing how close he was to danger couldn’t help but let his leg go to work immediately.

He kicked the knife out of Jeremy’s hand with so much ease that Jeremy stood shocked. “just who is this mãd man?” Jeremy wondered as he stood, thinking of what to do next.

His mind quickly made some calculations, and he knew he wasn’t going to make any reasonable progress if he kept charging blindly at him. And with his knife already gone, he needed to restrategize.

He thought of how Vivian could be hiding in one of the rooms, and then he remembered Pascal has a child, then a devilish smile curved on his cruel lip.

“I told you not to mess with me before but you didn’t hear me. Now I’m going to make you wish you didn’t ever know this face” Jeremy said, gesturing his face with his hand as he spoke.

And in the next instant, he darted into the door next to him, determined to find Vivian and Pascal’s child.

He needed to make Pascal go on his knees begging, while he did the unimaginable to his child, and then make Pascal watch him make Vivian scream.

Pascal didn’t see that coming, but with his daughter probably sleeping in that room he had just entered, he knew nobody would blame him for what he was going to do next. His child was his bottom line!

He didn’t even care if the agency would see his action as too much, but for his child, he was going to do way too much. For crying out loud, that was the only part of his wife, left to accompany him.

So with the agility of a cat, and the speed of a cheetah, he found himself right beside Jeremy.

And because he wasn’t willing to wake his daughter up, because he didn’t want her to see him in the beãst mode that was about to be activated in him, he pulled Jeremy, with the intention of taking him out of the room.

Jeremy knew he wouldn’t be able to f!ght favourably with Pascal, so he slipped out of Pascal’s hand and stretched his hand to pick up the child from the bed.

“Forgive me Lord, but I tried to avoid this” Pascal said as he served Jeremy a single strike that sent the tendrils connecting his hand to the shoulder bone off their function.

Jeremy screamed in pain, but was shocked that his ears didn’t get to hear the scream.

Yes, he couldn’t hear the scream, for Pascal had already taken the next step to shut his mouth with a punch that sent him staggering out of the room.

Jeremy was in pain, but more in shock about how he had become the prey in the hands of the man he was hoping to make his prey.

Pascal was trying his best to keep himself under control, he was doing his best to remind himself he wasn’t allowed to do what he was about to do, but he was already too provoked to listen to the voice of caution.

“How about you see how the belt feels on the skin? How about I make you see just how it feels to be beaten with the belt by someone you can’t stand up against?” He asked Jeremy as he pulled out his waist belt.

He descended on Jeremy so badly, htting him as much as he had imagined Vivian got hit and watched him wince in pains as he tried to lift his right hand that has been incapacitated, to protect his face and head in failure.

The blows h!t him in the right places, making him turn as bruised and hurt as Vivian looked when she stood at his doorstep that night.

Only this time, Pascal wanted him to have more, he was after all a man! So he let his legs give him some ki¢ks, not caring where they landed.

When he eventually ran out of breath, and Jeremy was lying on the floor, his bI?õd, showing visibly in so many parts of his body, Pascal picked up Jeremy’s knife from where it lay on the floor, and walked menacingly toward him. “Please don’t kill me. I have a child” Jeremy said, sounding very strange and incoherent.

Pascal let out pugnacious cacophony of laughter as he stood over Jeremy. “I’m going to let you go Jeremy.

That’s because I need you to find Vivian and give her a divorce. Note that my benevolence to you today is because indeed, you’re the father of that poor child, that had to be birthed by someone as desp!cable as you.

But if you push your luck, if you fail to send Vivian the signed divorce papers at the end of this week, then you may really have to see what this man is capable of doing to people of your kind” Pascal told him before sending him out of his apartment.


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