Vince had argued about not allowing the old man foot the bill of the engagement party, but he had insisted on bearing the cost, stating that it was a way of showing the boys that he had already welcomed them as his sons.

“Here you go mum. I’m rushing out for a date, and I’m already so late because your daughter here wouldn’t know when to give a simple ‘hi’ and move on.

No! She kept chatting and smiling with almost anyone that cared to recognize her as the girl from the airplane engagement” Tricia complained, as she dropped the things she had in her hands.

“Oh mum, I was just being modest with those people. I really couldn’t have left while they gushed at this beauty” Valerie responded playfully.

The three women roared in laughter as Mrs. Mcmorrit kept unpacking the stuffs the got for her. “You’re one funny child Valerie!” their mother said pinching her nose playfully.

“An I’m hoping your playfulness not keep you from knowing your place as a woman in your soon to be home” their mother noted

“Don’t worry yourself mum. It’s actually the playfulness in me that Leonard loves. We’re going to always be okay, you don’t have to worry” Valerie replied happily.

“Amen” her mother and sister chorused. The three women talked some more, and then Valerie and her sister set out to meet Vince and Leonard.

Vince was calling Tricia the fourth time when the sisters stepped into the resort.

They were getting impatient with the delays, Tricia kept telling him they were close, but they weren’t seeing them.

The two friends soon abandoned each other, to be with their better half.

Vince needed to talk about something very important he needed to do in his family compound before their big day.

So while they talked, Valerie and Leonard went to the pool side.

“Missed me?” Leonard asked Valerie, kssing her gently on her lips, as they stood by the pool side.

“The question should have been how much,for you l ow this heart never wants to be anywhere you’re not” she told him, tiptoeing to get her lips better positioned for the kss.


While Valerie and Leonard were cuddling and kissing, Vivian was kssing and cooing her baby to keep her from crying, for a sound from her daughter would readily give her away.

Jeremy would know she was inside Pascal’s house, that would simply spell nothing but d00m for her.

She was shaking with fright and great anxiety as she could hear Jeremy pacing to and fro somewhere very close to Pascal’s apartment entrance.

She could tell that he had been looking for her since she left, and finding her in Pascal’s apartment would mean she had been sleeping with Pascal, whether it was true or not.

Vivian shuddered in fear as she remembered how he had told her countless number of times that he’d shred her into pieces the day he found her with any man.

And even though she knew she had just been staying in Pascal’s apartment the past days with no strings attached, she knew Jeremy would never agree that a man can be as noble as pascal.

When Pascal had told her she could stay until she felt a little better before going to face her mother, she had been very glad about the offer.

She knew how her mother would have reacted if she had seen her in the state she was in when she went to Pascal’s apartment that night.

He assured her there was nothing to his offer, he was just doing what he had to do out of human sympathy

And true to Pascal’s promise, he had been nothing but the most perfect gentleman she had encountered all her life.

The times he wasnt away from the house, he’d spend talking with her about this and that.

There were many occasions he talked about babies and their mothers, and how no child deserved to be without a mother.


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