Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 30

And just when their lips were about to touch, she felt something sharp pierce her by the side.

Ethan noticed her movement suddenly stopped and he could hear her groan even through the music.

“What’s wrong?” He panicked looking into her dull eyes.
“I..i ” She swallowed hard and started breathing fast.
“Irish” Ethan jerked her.

He was glad no one seems to notice what was going on.

“I’m fine” Irish said.
“Should we go home?” He asked and she shook her head.
Her eyes were still looking so dull, like she’s in pains.
“What happened?” Ethan asked worriedly.
He held her tightly,afraid she might fall.
“I..i think someone hit me by the side” Irish lied. Someone hadn’t hit her, she had been to
pierced with a very sharp object and now she could feel she was bleeding from the side.

She thanked her stars she was putting on a red gown.
She couldn’t let Ethan know or he would make them leave the party immediately.

“Let go sit” Ethan said and she quickly nodded.
She was starting to feel weak and she held her side tightly as Ethan gently led her to their seat.
She wondered if someone had deliberately pierced her side.

Had it been a mistake? Or probably one of the pins on the ladies cloth had struck her by the side.
The piercing had just felt like it was a needle piercing but it affected her badly.

“Can i get water?” She asked Ethan,trying to make her voice steady.
Ethan grabbed a glass cup from the tray and poured some water for her.
She gulped it down her throat and the pains relieved her a bit..
She asked for more and Ethan gladly poured more for her.

“Are you sure you’re fine? We can go home if you’re not feeling so well” Ethan said.
“No, I’m fine” Irish smiled.
She felt relieved after gulping the water.
She touched her side and almost winced in pain.
It’s hurting badly.

“You can return to the dancefloor, any lady would gladly dance with you” Irish said.
She can’t deny him of enjoyment just because she was feeling down.
“No, I’m fine here with you” Ethan said.

“No, you came to this party to have fun, i can’t kill that fun just because I’m not feeling too well. Just go enjoy yourself” Irish said.
“I’m fine here with you Irish”Ethan said.
“No, it’s making me feel guilty for depriving you of your fun”
“I don’t…” Ethan was saying.
“You want me to feel guilty?” Irish interrupted him.
“No” Ethan said.
“Then go dance, please” Irish insisted.
“And i even wanna visit the restroom” Irish added.
She needed to was off the blood by her side.

“I actually don’t feel like dancing anymore, it doesn’t mean I’m not having fun. I am, merely looking at those on the dancefloor” Ethan said and Irish sighed.
“Don’t feel guilty okay?” He said and she nodded.
“So, where’s the way to the restroom.” Irish wondered looking around.
“I’ll come with you” Ethan said.
“Huh?” Irish asked.
“I mean I’ll show you the way” Ethan said.
“Ohh… okay” She said and they both stood up.

“You’ve been there before?” Irish asked as Ethan knowingly led the way.
“Yeah, I’ve been here for several businesss meetings” Ethan said.
“Ohh…” Irish said,glad Ethan was walking ahead of her.
She got the chance to peep at her side and she could see how soaked her dress was.

“Wow” she mumbled to herself.

“Thank you” She said to Ethan when he showed her the restroom.
She walked in and shut the door after her.
Her next move was looking at her reflection in the mirror.

She glanced at her side and shook her head.
She never thought she’ll leave this party with a wound.
She slowly pulled her gown and finally had a clear look at her side.
The wound is so tiny, and it looks deep..

Definitely it hadn’t been an accident!
If it was, it would have just been a scratch but this is so deep which clearly shows that someone had indeed pierced a sharp object in her side.
Could it have been Morgan’s bodyguards?

No, she saw no bodyguard with him.
Could it have been Morgan himself.

And what was she about to do with Ethan before the incidence?

What the hell is going on with her?


Irish walked out of the restroom after she was done, she glanced around for Ethan but couldn’t find him.
She saw a lady resting on the wall beside the restroom,she was surprised cause she hadn’t even noticed the lady who was standing so close to her.

Her dinner gown was black with silver glitters all over it, her make up looks pretry heavy just like the other ladies in the party.
Their gazes locked and Irish could tell she looks familiar.

Why’s she standing here alone?
Well…she might be waiting for someone.
Irish turned to walk away when the lady spoke up.

“Hey!” She said and Irish turned back to her.
“What?” Irish asked.
“I’m Ana, the owner of the biggest fashion store in the city” The lady said proudly.

“Ohh…” Irish smiled, no wonder her face looked familiar. She had seen her on countless fashion magazines.
Only the rich patronizes her cause her wears are damn expensive.

Irish do hope to have a fashion store as big as Ana’s one day but she’ll make sure the less privileged can afford her wears.

“W..what can i do for you?” Irish asked.
“I made most of the dresses the ladies are putting on right now”
“So?” Irish asked.
“How dare you come into this party to show off your cheap wear!” Ana said furiously.
“Excuse me!” Irish said.
“What are you saying? I should have come to the party naked?” She asked Ana.
“That isn’t what i mean! If you dare attract my customers with this cheap wear of yours, i swear down I’m gonna ruin you. Getting pierced by the side is just a warning” Ana said.

Irish looked shocked as she watched Ana walk away.

“” She mumbled after some seconds.
She was trying to get the words into her head when Ethan appeared.

“Are you okay?” He asked and she nodded, still in shock though.
“ must have been waiting for me, i also visited the restroom” Ethan said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irish said slowly.
“Are you okay?” Ethan asked again.
“Sure” Irish said.



They were on their way home by two am.
Irish relaxed in the limo with Ethan beside her. A glass was was separating them from the driver , which means the driver can’t see or hear what’s going on behind.
Irish was glad.

“Thanks for coming with me” Ethan said.
“My pleasure” Irish smiled
“I hope you had fun?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah, so much fun” Irish said.

She couldn’t tell Ethan she was threatened .
And he didn’t even know about the wound by her side.
It’s hurting terribly, she’ll need to visit the hospital tomorrow.

“Your dress is so beautiful, you’re one of the best fashion designer i know. Why didn’t you showcase this gift of yours? You would have made huge amounts of money,most Ladies love beautiful things” Ethan said.

“Well… since my father’s issue at the jewelry store he once worked for, I and my mother didn’t even make any move to continue sewing and designing clothes as we sold the only machine we had. I don’t even know how to go about the ladies i gave my contact to” Irish sighed.

Remembering Ana’s words brought a ache to her heart.

“We’ll know how to go about it okay, don’t bother about that” Ethan said, having his plan already.

There was silence afterwards and they both stole glances at each other.

“Uhmmm..” Ethan held his hand up to his head.
“Mm? Irish stared at him.


How it happened so fast was something that Irish couldn’t tell.
“I’m sorry, couldn’t resist anymore” Ethan said and the next second, his lips were touching Irish’s.

Irish wanted to back out but she enjoyed the taste of the whiskey in his mouth and so she kssed back.




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