IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End


Season 2. Episode 29.

Alfred and Julia was asked to go home and rest as they were dozing off outside already,
“We can come back in the morning right? Are you sure its okay to leave her? Julia asked.

“She’s fine here don’t worry about that besides she wont be waking up that soon so just take your rest, a nurse replied.
“Please watch over her, we will be back in the morning, Julia said and helped Alfred up.

Leaving the hospital they saw a car drove in and Mpho, Yvonne and Favour came out.
“Ma how is she Now? Favour asked.

“This should be your father I guess, then why is he here? Julia asked.
“I heard what happened to Hope, am so sorry, Mpho replied.

“Sorry for what? That you maltreated my daughter and made her suffer? Or are you sorry because you found out she wasn’t your daughter after all! Julia shouted.

“Please I didn’t maltreat…… ‘You did when you left Anastasia in the hospital when she gave birth. Don’t you dare go near my daughter else I’ll get you all arrested. Get out! Get out! Julia screamed out pushing him and Yvonne slowly held Mpho away.

“Ma please can I see my mom? Favour slowly asked scared.
“As for your mom, I will take Care of her when the morning comes, Julia replied and left her husband.

“We will be going to the station in the morning, I’ll let you see her, Jason whispered to her and left……………

They returned to the hospital to see Hope and they were told she’s responding to treatment,
“When is she going to open her eyes? Jason asked.
“Soon, am sure she’ll come around, but she will be weak and i don’t advise anyone to disturb her, the doctor replied.

“Alright doctor, please we will be going to the station now but we will be back, can you please take care of her for Me? Julia asked.
“Sure, see you soon, the doctor replied.

They arrived at the station and Anastasia was brought out chained to meet them.
Julia seeing Anastasia slapped her immediately,
“That is for Hope! She shouted and Jason held her.

“I guess she survived, Anastasia said.
“Oh yes she did! Did you see your baby with you in jail? I’ll sure use her to make you suffer, Julia sternly said.

“We are not in jail yet, and she did not the crime but i did, Anastasia said.
“Who bl00dy cares! You dragged her to it now let her face it, Julia shouted.

“I thought you said you love her yet you can see her suffer huh? Palesa was right when she refused to tell you the truth, for you’re a ba$tard! Anastasia shouted and Julia hit her hard in the mouth.
“You are the bl00dy a$$ ba$tard and I’ll make sure you will rot your life in jail! I promise you that! Julia shouted.

“Calm down please, everyone sit down, the DPO came in holding Julia, and Jason helped Julia sit who was still fierce.
“We spoke with your daughter yesterday and she told us you confessed to her a nurse in the capital helped in the exchange of the babies. Who was that? The Dpo asked.

“I don’t know her, Anastasia replied and the DPO smiled.
“I guess you don’t want to welcome our method of questioning you, but don’t let me take you inside that room and choke the truth out of you. You better start talking or else you’ll get it from us, the DPO said.

“Will you let Palesa out of this? She asked.
“You have 5 seconds to start talking else you’ll regret it, the DPO sternly said and Anastasia heaved and told them everything that transpired.

“Regina is behind this too? Oh my God, oh my God! Julia said finding it hard to breathe.
“Do you know her? The DPO asked Julia
“Of course I do, of course I do, Julia replied crying.

“Though she wanted confessing but I didn’t want the truth to be out yet. I set up guys for her on the set day we were to meet and discuss of how we will let Julia know what happened. Her legs were broken in the process and her husband flew her to Dubai, so you can’t get to her, Anastasia added.
“You did that to Regina just to hide the truth? And am also sure you stole her address from my bag didn’t you? Julia asked.

“So she will tell you the truth? I know Regina, she would have said the truth and I had to prevent it, Anastasia replied.
“Okay this is just too much, we are taking this to court and she, the nurse and everyone who is involved will all rot in jail! Alfred shouted.

“Please take Palesa out of this, she was also a victim here, Anastasia said.
“What will you say Of Hope? Palesa enjoyed every right, we sweat our a$$ out and gave her the best and the costliest education ever..but what about our own bl00d? Don’t you dare say a word about Palesa, Alfred angrily said and Mpho slowly walked in..

“what are you doing here? Julia asked getting up.
“Please calm down, I know you’re mad, Mpho replied.

“What are you doing here? Get out! Julia shouted.
“Ma if he has anything to say, I think we should let him speak, The DPO came in.

“What are you still waiting for? Were you part of the switch? Alfred asked.
“I never knew about the switch, but it was my fault the babies were switched. I should have known Anastasia has a deep attachment for her children and she didn’t want to see them hurt. She had to do It for her child to get the love and comfort somewhere else because I rejected her. Honestly i didn’t treat Hope well, and I would have done same to Palesa because I didn’t want a female child but male. I caused this, please forgive me, Mpho replied.

“Anastasia made it clear to me it was a revenge because of what happened to us years ago, she did this on purpose I know. Julia said.
“If I had given her the support and love and also accept the baby, she wouldn’t have carried on with such, Mpho said.

“That is no justification of what she did, she wanted her child to have it all, why didn’t she do same to mine like she is doing to her daughters? Oh I remember how she do starve my baby and brea$t feed hers in the name of a nanny. She took good care of her daughter while i pay her, and mine is left to hunger. I held my daughter once and saw how pale and light she was, I wish i knew I was holding my child right there and rescue her from the mess, now you stand here to spill tra$h! Julia screamed out and Regina walked in with crutches.

“Regina? Anastasia called out as she saw her first and everyone looked surprised to see her.
“I innocently called her up yesterday night telling her everything that befell her friend, fortunately enough she was in Johannesburg for a congress meeting, she had to take the available flight to come down immediately, Mpho said.

“Wow, am glad you came to surrender yourself to the cops with less stress, that’s wonderful, Julia said.
“Julia, am so sorry and i cant blame you for being mad. You’ve been so good to me and each time you visit me in the hospital, my heart weeps because am a mother too. I didn’t mean to do this neither did i want all of this to happen, but just when i was outside, i came to know my best friend actually took my legs from me because I wanted saying the truth. I swear I wanted putting everything I love and cherish behind and say the truth knowing it will cost my profession. Please forgive me, though the truth came out in the hard way putting Hope life in danger, but you don’t know how happy i am to know this is finally over. You can put me in jail Julia, but trust me when i say I’ve been through h.ell itself and knowing who was behind it is enough pains for me already and i don’t think anything can hurt like that. I’m sorry and am ready to serve in jail for as long it will please you, but please forgive me, Regina said in tears while Julia stood sweating profusely breathing hard as she folded her fists hard and tears streaming out of her eyes.

“Aaahhhhhhh! Julia screamed and fell on her knees……………

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