IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End

Season 2. Episode 22.

Anastasia left the restaurant and returned home in the evening,
“Welcome mom, Faith greeted and Hope came out.
“Welcome mom, Hope greeted too but Anastasia went to her and gave her a hot sl@p.

“Urghhhh! Faith shouted and gasped.
“What are you still doing here? When I asked you to leave did you think I was joking? You are not my daughter and I don’t need you here. For Christ sake go away and don’t come near me ever again! Anastasia shouted and Hope ran in tears to her room..

“But mom, was the slap necessary? Faith asked.
“Now you shut up! She shouted on her and noticed Favour wasn’t around.

‘Where’s your sister? She asked.
“I think she’s not feeling too well, Faith replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me that? Anastasia asked.
“Like there was a chance to do that, she replied and Anastasia hurried off to her room.
She opened up and met Favour cuddled up on the bed,

“Honey what’s wrong with you? She asked touching her but Favour was quiet.
“Did you just sl@pped Hope? Favour asked.

“That girl is pissing me off, why can’t she just go! Anastasia replied and heaved..
“Where will she go? Favour asked.

“Are you asking me that? She has her father to go to, now what’s wrong with you? Anastasia asked.
“Nothing, nothing, am fine, Favour replied.

“But you don’t look fine to me,Faith what’s wrong with her? Anastasia asked.
“Mom i have no idea, maybe cramps also comes with mood swing, just maybe, Faith replied.

“I told you already I have no cramps. Please just leave me alone, Favour angrily said.
“You mean I should leave you alone? Anastasia asked.

“You heard me right, just go, she replied.
“Favour are you okay? Faith asked.

“Just go please, I want to be alone, Favour said and Anastasia slowly stood up and left and Faith followed closing the door behind.
“Mom please don’t be angry with that, am sure there’s something disturbing her she does not want to share, Faith said.

“Is alright, I’ll not be eating tonight, Anastasia replied and left to her room, while Faith heaved not knowing what to do.

Hope heard the door opened and raised her head to see who it was but saw Favour walked in and sat down on her bed.
“Are you here to throw my things out? Hope asked in tears but Favour surprisedly cleaned her tears.

“Where will you go? Favor asked.
“To dad place of course, I’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning, Hope replied.

“You don’t need to go to anywhere, let her do her worst, Favor said.
“And let her continue to hit and abuse me? What did I ever do to you all? Was i cursed or something or was I born out of mistake? I heard he’s the all knowing God, if that is true, why did he took Monica away, or is he always happy when he sees me tormented and unhappy? I’ve begged him to forgive me in anyway i have wronged him but is like he’s not listening, Hope said and burst out crying and Favor hugged her.

“Please forgive me, forgive me, Favour whispered in tears and cleaned Hope eyes.
“You’re not going to anywhere, we are going to face her once and for all, let her tell everyone the reason why she despises you. Please Hope stay, Favour said.

“I have tried to make her accept me, look at me, I am not going to school anymore but I don’t care, I just want to make her happy. What next should I do? Hope asked.
“Don’t do anything anymore, I have my savings I’ll get you registered with it, Favour replied..

“Are you serious? Hope asked.
“Yes, you don’t deserve all of this maltreatment, Favour replied.

“I don’t want you to have problem with mom like what sister Precious did. She will hate me the more if she find out 2 daughters is turning against her, please don’t, Hope said.
“I don’t care, so are we going to watch her continue to treat you this way? I think its enough, and someone needs to stop it, Favour said.

“Thank you, Hope whispered.
“You’re welcome, now let’s go eat, Favour replied and hugged her.

“No I don’t feel like eating, Hope said.
“I know you are not a foodie but you are going to eat with me right away, now get up, Favor replied dragging her and Hope smiled…

Palesa returned and was so quiet as she feared for what the DNA result may say,
“Honey what are you doing with your food? Julia asked when Palesa was lost in thought beating her spoon on the plate.

“Sorry mom, maybe am not hungry, she replied.
“You only ate breakfast, no lunch and now you’re not hungry? Jason asked.

“You heard me right, I am not hungry, Palesa replied.
“Honey that was rude, he was only concerned. What’s going on? Is it because I asked you to take a cab today? Julia asked.

“Mom please, Palesa said and left the dinning at once while Julia surprisedly looked at Jason.
“What happened this time around? What did you do to her? Julia asked him.

“Ma I have no idea, he replied.
“Is it about this waitress girl whatever? Please I don’t want you to talk about her anymore if its upsetting her. And again, I think you two should stop going over to Anastasia restaurant. There is a cook here who can perfectly prepare those dishes, enough of the parading at her restaurant please, Julia said and Jason nodded.

“I think Palesa is already tired of me staying here, she gets mad and acts strangely recently. Maybe I should just go, Jason said.
“Nooo, that’s not what i mean. I think she’s going through something now and I’ll talk to her about it I promise, please don’t think that way, Julia said touching him..

“Alright mom if you say so, Jason replied.
“Okay eat up so I can go talk to her, Julia said…..

Julia walked in and saw Palesa in tears,
“Honey what’s wrong with you? Please talk to me, Julia said holding her.
“Mom please I just want to be alone, Palesa replied.

“Please stop saying this, why are you doing this? Julia asked.
“Mommy please don’t leave me, Palesa replied and held Julia tight.

“What are you saying? Who is going to leave you? Julia asked.
“I had a bad dream where you and dad left me, am so scared, Palesa replied.

“No no that is not possible, I will never leave you no matter what, Julia said and hugged her.
Julia stayed back and watched her slept off and slowly left to room.

“What’s wrong with her? Jason asked.
“She keeps saying strange things i don’t understand like I and her father leaving her. How is that possible? Julia weakly asked.

“What will make her say such a thing? I noticed she started acting strange when she returned with Best in the morning. I think you should ask Best, Jason replied.
“No i don’t want to drag her into this, Palesa actually said she had a bad dream about us. Let’s just wait and watch her tomorrow, Julia replied.

“Alright ma, she’ll be fine. Good night, Jason said.
“Thanks, good night, Julia said giving him a peck and he left……….

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