IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End

Season 2. Episodes 28.

Favour and Palesa fell on Hope crying and Anastasia wanted escaping when she heard the siren sound.
Jason saw her and ran after her,
“Where do you think you are going to? Jason asked her.
“Stay back! Anastasia shouted pointing him the gun as she went backwards.

“Right over here! Jason shouted and Anastasia fearfully turned thinking the cops has already arrived, but Jason kicked the gun from her hand and pushed her down.
She struggled to get up but he fell on her,
“Let go of me! Anastasia shouted and the cops surrounded them.

“Your hands up! A cop shouted and Jason stood up lifting his hands.
“He’s with us, arrest her instead, the cab man said.

“Help us please! They heard screams inside and some men rushed inside while Anastasia was handcuffed.

“She’s loosing blood, Please do something, save my daughter I beg you! Julia cried as the doctors wheeled Hope inside the operation room.
“Mom its okay, Jason held her back as she wanted going in with them.

“Oh Jason! Julia cried on him and Jason saw Palesa standing by in tears.
“What are you doing here? Jason asked her and Julia turned to see her.

“Am sorry, am so sorry, Palesa whispered in tears and Julia slowly went to her.
“Am surprise the cops left you behind when you were among the accomplice. I can’t believe you knew about this yet you kept it away from me. I know it wasn’t your fault, but then you saw my child treated as a slave and kicked out of the house, you refused me helping her. That wasn’t enough you tried killing her, Palesa why me? Do you think I would have cast you away if you told me about the truth? Julia asked in tears.

“Am so sorry mommy, i was so scared to see another person take my place, I don’t know what happened to me I swear but I deeply regret it, Palesa said.
“You don’t regret anything, am sure if you two were not followed you would have pretended like nothing happened as usual and let my daughter rot like a nobody. Why did you do this to me Palesa, Julia said and went down crying.

“Mommy am sorry, Jason please forgive me, Palesa cried and went to Jason but he gave her a stop sign.
“Don’t even touch me! Right now am so ashamed of you, Is this really you standing before me Palesa, because I can’t believe you can be this cruel, Jason said with tears streaming down his face and the cops came in.

“Please take her away officer, take her alongside with her mother, Julia said with her eyes red and Palesa eyes bulged out and she fell on Julia.
“Please mommy don’t do this to me, am so sorry please. Have mercy i beg you, it wont happen again, Palesa cried and held on Julia.

“Take her away from my sight. I have no right no forgive you, the only person who may forgive you is right inside there struggling to live. until she comes out there to me alive, maybe you can earn her forgiveness but not me, Julia said.
“Mommy please! Jason please don’t let me go! Palesa screamed as she was dragged out.

Jason covered his face on the wall while Julia sat on the ground and burst out crying in pains, as Palesa screams echoed in the hospital.
Jason went to her and hugged her but they saw medical teams in panic and Julia got up immediately from where she sat scared…….

“Mom, Mom you’re alive, Hope said when she saw Monica.
“Hello my Darling, what are you doing here? She asked.

“Mom i can’t believe you’re alive, am so happy, Hope said.
“No don’t be, what happened to you? You shouldn’t be here, Go back, Monica replied.

“I can’t believe you’re sending me back, what’s waiting for me over there? Please I want to be with you, Hope said.
“No you can’t, there’s still so much for you to do, Monica said.

“Mom please you have no idea what am going through there, I have given up already. You were the only one who accepted Me, and my prayer everyday was to be with you. why are you sending me back now? Don’t you miss me? Hope asked in tears.
“Honey I miss you so much and i want to be with you too, but this time i wont be selfish like i was. Why giving up now you know your identity? Your parents are waiting for you, go back, Monica said.

“Mom please stop It, they have their daughter and they love her so such. i can’t beat that, please don’t leave Me, Hope said clinging on her and Monica closed her eyes.
“You don’t understand, you need to go back to your new life. this time it will be different i promise you, i love you so much dear, but please go back, Monica said and disappeared.

“Mom, mom where are you? No please come back! Mom! Hope shouted looking around…

“What’s wrong with my daughter there what’s going on? Julia violently held one of the nurses.
“There’s no time to explain please, just pray for your daughter that’s all i can say, she replied and ran in and Julia felt like running mad.

Alfred arrived in the hospital and she ran and hugged him,
“Am going mad honey am going mad, tell me this is not happening, please tell me is a bad dream, Julia cried on him..
“Its okay honey, she need our support now, and we can’t give it to her If we panic, Alfred said patting her.

“What should I do? Tell me what can I do to support her? Oh yes I’ll pray, the nurse asked me to pray, I will do that, Julia said and ran out of the hospital.
“Jason after her please! Alfred shouted and he ran after her.

Julia drove to a church and ran to the altar,
“Hey can you hear me? I always do this but then I felt you don’t exist. Probably because life became better for me, but right now my honey comb has turned bitter. Can you still hear me? If there is still a God in Jesus please am begging you help my daughter. Take my money, take the wealth and everything I own, but please don’t take my daughter away from me. Please don’t take her away from me, have pity on her I beg you she has suffered enough. I hope you Can you hear me? I promise to believe in your existence, I promise to serve you for as long as I live, please help my daughter Lord! Please do this for this broken mother! Julia screamed and laid her head on the altar crying….

“No pulse! A doctor shouted as Hope blood pressure was decreasing the more. The doctors heaved and stood looking at her waiting for her to breathe her last as they tried everything they could but Hope wasn’t picking up.
Suddenly she breathed in heavily,
“There’s a pulse! A doctor shouted….

Minutes later the doctors came out from the operation room and Alfred went to them,
“How is my daughter please? Alfred anxiously asked..
“Its a miracle, I don’t know what happened but she made It. The operation was successful, the doctor replied.

“Oh thank God! Thank you, Alfred exclaimed and called up Julia and she quickly picked up.
“Honey how is she? She made it right? Julia anxiously asked.

“It was successful, he replied and Julia nodded and dropped the call.
“Thank you, thank you so much, I will never forget this I promise, Julia said and Jason helped her up from the altar.

She drove back to the hospital and saw Hope was wheeled out of the OR room, she stood outside watching her from the glass doors as the doctors were attending to her.
“I thought I lost her, I don’t know if I would have survived it, Julia weakly said and Alfred cleaned her eyes.

“I heard what you did, probably your prayers brought her back. Am sure she heard the silent call of her mother, Alfred said.
“Can God still hear me? I don’t want to believe that, Julia said and sniffed.

“You think so? The doctors said it was a miracle, what then are you doubting when God did it? Alfred asked and she leaned on his shoulders.
“Probably he wanted to prove me wrong, but am glad we were given a chance to be a better parent to our daughter, Julia replied…..

That night Favour begged the cabman to drop her at her dad place,
“Can’t you wait till the next morning? Its late, he said.
“No please, his number is not reachable and he need to know what’s going on, favour replied and he agreed to drop her off.

She wanted paying him but he refused, “somehow am glad I joined in this adventure, I just pray the little girl survives,the cab man said.
“Thank you, but please you can visit to check on her, her parents will so appreciate you, Favour said.

“I’ll think about that, stay safe, he replied and drove off.

“Dad! Dad open up! Favour shouted hitting on the door.
Junior who was awake playing a video game quickly let her in and Yvonne was seen coming out.

“What’s the problem? Yvonne asked.
“Where’s dad? Favour asked and Mpho slowly came out.

“What’s wrong? Mpho asked seeing her that way and Favour told them everything.
“Christ! Mpho exclaimed and slowly sat on the sofa not believing his ears.

“Oh my God! Where’s Hope now? Yvonne asked.
“Last when I saw her she was rushed to the hospital, i don’t know her condition presently but I pray she survives it. We maltreated a blameless innocent girl, Favour replied in tears and Junior held her.

“Take me there immediately, Mpho shouted and went in to dress up.
“Am coming with you, Yvonne added and joined him…………….

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