IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End


Season 2. Episode 23.

The next day which was a weekend, Anastasia came out from her room and met Favour laughing with Hope in the sitting room,
“Good morning mom, they greeted and concentrated on what they were doing while Anastasia ignored and looked at Favour for a while then left to look for Faith.

“What am I seeing in the sitting room? She asked meeting her in her room.
“Magic, because that’s how I see it to be, Faith replied.

“What do you mean by magic? Anastasia asked..
“Well, Favour likes Hope now as you can see. Looks like the slap you gave to Hope resounded in Favour head and changed her life, just maybe, Faith replied shrugging her shoulders and Anastasia stormed back to the sitting room.

“Eemm mom, I wanted talking to you about something. When will Hope go back to school? Am very sure Aunty Dite sent in something for her, Favour said and Hope shook her head going back when Anastasia eyes sparked with fire.
“First you sent me out of your room yesterday, you couldn’t even apologize and you’re asking me trash. What has come over you? Anastasia asked.

“I can’t remember sending anyone out of my room, I only wanted to be alone but am fine now. And how is my question trash? She’ll be almost a week here and the portal will soon be closed for the examination, when are you going to register her? Favour asked back and Anastasia went close to her.
“I will let this slide, but if you know you gat the guts ask me this question again. Let her go back to her father, he is going to register her, Anastasia replied.

“But you……. Favor wanted saying something but swallowed and breathed in..
“I can see this little witch is cooking her charms well. First it was Precious, Now its you, What a shame! Anastasia shouted.

“I wish you should know how ashamed I am right now knowing you’re my mother, Favour dropped without knowing and Anastasia sent two sl@ps to her face simultaneously.
Favour landed on the sofa and Faith screamed and fell on her,

“Please mom am sorry on her behalf, Faith pleaded.
“How dare you say that to me? Who taught you to talk back to me that way? Anastasia asked and was tempted to drag Favour up but Faith went on her knees.

“Please mom am begging you, Faith Cried while Hope stood looking at the whole show mouth opened.
“And you, are you happy now? You are gradually turning my daughters against me giving them the guts to talk back at me whenever they want. Now leave, Anastasia said with a red eye.

“Mom I didn’t do anything, please I didn’t wish for any of this to happen, Hope said crying already but Anastasia bashed into her room and came out dragging her bags outside.

‘Leave my house right now! Get out! Anastasia shouted but Favour held Hope tight,
“Mom please don’t punish her for my sake, its my fault am sorry, Favour said..

“Look here, if you are going to waste my time with this bastard here, then i won’t think twice to throw you out alongside with her, Anastasia sternly said.
“No please sis stay I’ll go, Hope said.

“No mom am sorry, I shouldn’t have said that please forgive me, Favour said but Anastasia hissed and held Hope dragging her outside.
“Get your filthy self out of my house, Anastasia shouted and she saw a car approaching the house.

She recognized the car to be that of Julia and she was distracted, just then Favor ran out and held Hope outside,
“Please mom let her stay, if not am going with her, Favour said but Anastasia was not interested anymore.

The car parked and Julia came out,
“What’s going on here? Julia asked in her normal caring manner and She saw Hope.

“Julia what are you doing here? You have never visited me, I hope all is well? Anastasia asked but Julia looked at the two girls crying holding themselves.
“What’s wrong? What exactly did they do for you to throw them out this early? Julia asked.

“You won’t understand, Favour get in now, Anastasia replied.
“No, if she’s not staying i won’t stay either. Please ma are you the Julia? Please i beg you help her, Favour said to Julia and she looked at Hope again.

“Sis just let me go already I beg you, Hope said crying.
“Is she your sister? Julia asked

“No! Anastasia answered.
“Yes, Favour replied staring into her mother eyes and Julia stood confused.

“Julia what exactly brought you here? You shouldnt be meddling with this, Anastasia said.
“I know, if you really want to send her away, I’ll take her, Julia replied.

“Thank you, thank you, Favour quickly said.
“No, why should you do that, I wont let that happen, never! Anastasia shouted.

“But why? She has no place to go let me help her, Julia replied.
“No ma you can’t, am cursed and i bring trouble on people who always take me in. I have to go now, Bye sis, Hope came in carrying her bag and Favour stood with her lips shaking to spill the truth but she couldn’t.
She ran inside immediately and Faith followed her behind.

“Now that’s better. I know what you must be thinking but I sure have a very good reason why I did that, now don’t judge me. Come in and tell me what the problem is, Anastasia said holding her hand in and Julia sluggishly followed.

“I came because of Palesa,she has been crying the whole night and she doesn’t want to tell anybody why. Jason actually said he noticed her mood changed yesterday morning when you took her out. Sorry to ask, did you in anyway said something scary or bad to her that triggered such behavior from her? Julia asked.

“No, why should i do that? Can i talk to her? Anastasia asked.
“Presently her room is Locked and she doesn’t want to talk to anybody. I thought you may know why because my mom is confused also with such a strange behavior from her, Julia replied.

“I can never hurt Palesa, when Jason left her with me, she said she was bored over there and asked me to take her home which i did. She only talked about her school and that was all. I can’t remember saying anything bad to my baby, Anastasia said and Julia nodded.
“Am so sorry for asking anyway, I hope you’re not offended? Anastasia asked.

“No no is okay, and thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to call her and if she doesn’t pick up, I’ll come over to your place later, Anastasia replied.
“it’s alright, i have to go now, Julia said getting up.

“Sorry you came to meet a lot of mess in your first visitation, but how did you get to know my place? Anastasia asked going out with her.
“Oh Jason did, She replied.

“That good, don’t worry too much i’ll call her up, Anastasia said.
“Thanks, and please take things easy on them, Julia replied and she smiled.

“That’s one of the challenges of being a single mother, but I’ll settle it. Bye, Anastasia replied and Julia got into her car and drove off.

Julia actually came with Jason, but he suddenly asked her to drop him giving the excuse of he wanted seeing the environment.
“But how will i get to know her house? Julia asked.

“Is just a simple flat painted with a peach colour on the left, he replied.
“Okay i won’t take time there, I hope I wont come looking for you? Julia asked and he smiled.

“No I’ll be here, I just want you two to have privacy maybe she’ll get to tell you what went wrong, he replied.
“I understand, I’ll be back and be careful please, Julia said and drove off.

Jason sat under a tree when he saw Hope coming with a bag crying, he quickly went to her,
“Hi, where are you going to crying? He asked but she ignored him but he held her back.

“I’m sure you know me, now don’t ignore me even if you’re hurt. Did she sent you packing? Please talk to me, he said.
“Just let me be please, as you can see am going, she replied.

“I understand but i won’t let you go with a wet pained face on the street, can we please sit down there? Please, Jason calmly said taking her bag and held her Hand to the tree. He just looked at her wondering why he was trying to escape from seeing her, but he still got to meet her.

“How long am i going to sit here? The tears won’t stop, Hope whispered.
“Let it flow, i won’t ask you what happened but i wont let your tears blind you while you go on the road. Just let it flow in peace, Jason replied holding her hand.

Soon he saw Julia’s car approaching and she sighted them and stopped,
“Hey Hope, Julia said going out to meet them..
“Okay now your employer isn’t here can you please come with me? She won’t know about it, Julia said.

“I told you am cursed ma, please I’ll be fine, Hope replied.
“Unfortunately i don’t believe in all of that, now hop in. Jason help her with the bags, Julia said and Jason dropped her bag inside the car and Hope sluggishly got In..

Jason went nearer to Julia and whispered, “what will Palesa do? He asked.
“She doesn’t like her? Common my daughter won’t be so cruel to have such a heart despite her condition. Don’t worry I’ll handle that, Julia replied and got in…………….

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