IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End

Season 2. Episode 26.

The next day Palesa woke up with a text from Anastasia, “arise and shine baby, today is the day” she read and sat up cleaning her eyes.
She dropped her phone and heard a knock once on the door,
“Is my honey still sleeping? She heard Julia voice outside.

“No mom, she replied and Julia opened up.
“Good morning mom, she greeted.

“Morning dear, I hope no bad dreams today? She asked.
“Not at all, Palesa replied.

“That’s good, breakfast is ready, she said.
“Alright I’ll be down soon, Palesa replied and Julia left.

Palesa came down later and met everyone on the dining,
“Good morning dad, glad to see you today outside, Palesa said hugging him behind.
“Am recovering dear and I miss this, he replied.

“You’ll miss this no more then, Palesa said and playfully drew Jason ears.
“Is that how to say a good morning? Jason asked.

“Good morning, she replied and he drew he seat for her.
“So who’s gonna pray today? Jason asked and Palesa rolled her eyes.

“Let’s eat up, Julia replied and Jason looked at Palesa and laughed cause he knows Julia is an atheist.

Done with the meal Jason took Alfred out for a walk and returned with him minutes later.
“When are you going to see her? Palesa asked.
“See who? Alfred asked..

“A friend dad, she replied.
“Okay I’ll be in my room, thanks Jason, Alfred said.

“No problem dad, Jason replied and Alfred slowly walked away.
“Okay for your question, I’ll go shower first, he replied.

“Alright I’ll be waiting for you, Palesa said and Jason ran up.
Minutes later he came down and they drove off together.

They arrived at the hotel and knocked on Hope room as Palesa carefully took note of the room number.
Hope opened up and was surprised to see Palesa,
“Hi, please come in, Hope slowly said and they walked in.

“Good morning, Hope said standing while they sat on the bed.
“Surprise? Palesa asked.

“Honestly I am, am so sorry……. “I should be the one sorry not you, sorry about yesterday, Palesa interrupted.
“But you didn’t do anything, you were right, Hope said.

“Still I shouldn’t have slammed you that way without hearing from you first, that was wrong, Palesa replied.
“Is okay, I forgot about it. Please what can I offer you though I have nothing, Hope said and Jason smiled.

‘Have you eaten yet? Jason asked and Hope checked the time.
“Not yet but I was about to, she replied.

“Why are you doing this to yourself? This isn’t fair, Jason said.
“I understand, I’ll go order for the food now, Hope said.

“Why not use the phone, He said.
“No I need to be there, please I’ll be back soon, Hope replied and left.

“The place isn’t bad, Palesa said looking around.
“Yea is just for a while, thanks for coming anyway, Jason said and Palesa laughed.

“Are you serious? I just want to talk to her nothing more, she replied.
“Still I appreciate, thanks, Jason said and she looked at him.

“You really love her don’t you? Palesa asked.
“Ahh don’t go there please, I don’t want to think about it when am going to leave her here soon. Such a love will be boring, Jason replied and Palesa nodded………

That evening Palesa came down and pecked her mom,
“Ermm mom I just had a call from Best, she said her daughter wants to see me, can i go? Palesa asked.
“Alright then no problem, Julia replied.

“Can I come with you? Jason asked.
“Nah I’ll be back soon, Palesa replied with a naughty face and Jason smiled shaking his head.

Palesa drove off and called Anastasia on the way,
“Mom am going to go get her now, where are we seeing? She asked.
“Pick her up first, I’ll meet up with you outside the hotel, Anastasia replied and Favour heard it as she eavesdropped on her.
Favour sneaked out of the house and ran away without Faith knowing.

Anastasia checked the gun in her bag and saw it there, she dressed her hair and left the room.
She came out and saw Faith alone on the dinning reading,
“Am going out, but I’ll be back soon. Where’s your sister? She asked.

“In her room, Faith replied.
“Okay let me go tell her am going out, Anastasia said.

“No mom, I’ll tell her that myself please else she will be upset. Just go please, Faith stopped her and Anastasia nodded and left.
Favour already hit the road and stopped an empty cab,
“Please sir I want you to help me follow someone, is urgent, favor said.

“It will cost, the driver said.
“I’ll pay, she’s about coming out, please can you park well? She asked going in and the driver parked the car at the side.

Soon Anastasia drove out,
“Please follow her, Favour said and the driver followed.
Favor called up Faith immediately,
“Hey why are you calling me in the same house? Faith picked up.

“Listen to me, I am not at home now but I’ll be back soon. Don’t tell mom about this, Favour said.
“What! Mom isn’t at home either and what if she comes back before you? Faith asked.

“She won’t okay, see ya, Favour replied and dropped the call with her heart beating fast…..

Palesa arrived in the hotel and knocked on Hope door,
“Hi, good evening, Hope greeted and let her in.
“Sorry I came alone, but Jason asked me to pick you up. He has a surprise for you, She said.

“Really? But its kind of late, Hope replied checking the time.
“Common there is no restriction of movement, at least your parents isn’t here. We won’t take long, Its just 6:45pm, Palesa said.

“Okay if you say so, I’ll change up, Hope said.
“Nah I think you are okay this way, let’s not keep him waiting because we have to go home soon, Palesa replied.

“Alright then let’s go, Hope said and they left together.
Anastasia arrived and waited outside same with Favour who saw Palesa getting into the car with Hope.

“Please follow them, Favor told the driver.
“Hey if this is risky, why not call up the cops? The driver asked.

“Not yet, but please follow them so we won’t miss them, Favour replied.
“Make sure you pay me my money when once this is over, The driver said and took off.

While driving Anastasia who was leading in front sent Palesa a text, “just follow my car” palesa read and smiled at Hope.
“What kind of surprise is that? Hope asked.

“A date, She replied.
“A date? Common i don’t think so, Hope said.

“What do you think now? Palesa asked.
“Maybe just a friendly sit out that’s all, Hope replied.

“Well i don’t know, I just guessed, palesa said smiling.
“How is mom?….. Sorry your nanny? Hope asked.

“You called Best mom? But why? Palesa asked and Hope heaved.
“Because she’s my mom, Hope replied.

“You’re kidding me right? How is that possible? She asked.
“Is a long story, Hope replied.

“Well the drive is a long one too I guess, let’s keep ourselves busy with it, She said.
“No please, its too boring, Hope replied.

“I won’t force you then if you don’t want to talk about it, Palesa said and Hope noticed the path she was driving became isolated.
“Are you sure we haven’t missed the way? Where are you taking me to? Hope asked.

“Wait let me call Jason, Palesa said and pretended to make a call while Hope looked around scared.
Palesa parked and brought out a knife instead and Hope shook,
“What are you doing? Hope whispered.

“Now you will just shut up and stay cool, don’t bother to shout for this car is automatically locked, Palesa replied.
“Please stop this, what have i done to you? Hope asked.

“You’ll know, she replied and called Anastasia.
“Yes she’s proving stubborn, Palesa said still pointing the knife at her.

“Shit, I’ll be there, Anastasia said and turned back.
“Palesa please stop this i beg you, Hope said.

“Don’t worry i won’t hurt you, at least not now, Palesa replied and Anastasia arrived and parked.
“Mom, Hope whispered and attempted to open the door but it was locked.

Anastasia came out immediately and Palesa released the lock,
“So this Is your plan? What do you want! Hope shouted on her but Anastasia held her strong on her neck and went into the car.

“Palesa drive, Anastasia said and Palesa drove off while Hope struggled to be free from her grip.
“This is serious, call the cops, the driver said to Favour who was a distance away seeing them with the headlight off.

“Let’s know where they are taking her to first, Favour replied and he nodded.
Soon Palesa stopped and Anastasia dragged Hope out,
“Bring my bag with you Palesa, she said while she took her into an incomplete building.

“Let’s go, Favour told the driver and she called Faith up,
“You’re not back yet? Faith asked.

“Sis listen to me, you have been to the house Mom served as a nanny right? Favour asked.
“Yes why? Faith asked back.

“Text the address to me immediately, is urgent, Favour replied and dropped the call.
“You should have called the cops, call the emergency line immediately, the driver said.

Favour called It but was not reachable,
“Is not going, Favour said and Faith sent the text.
“Okay sir please drive to this address, that’s her parents and they will call the cops, favour said showing him the text……

Jason felt uneasy when he saw Palesa wasn’t back yet, he dialled her number but she was not picking up.
“Hi mom, have you spoken with Palesa yet? He asked Julia.

“Yea i just did, but Best said she’s bringing her home herself, Julia replied.
“Oh that’s good, Jason said and went up but decided to open Palesa room.

He just looked around and his eyes went to the envelope, he walked up to it and opened It to see a DNA test.
“She isn’t their daughter? He asked himself shocked………….

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