JUST THE BEGINNING: Episode 1 – 10

Just The Beginning 💜

Episode ten


It’s been a long day after what happened with that j.erk Alex and right now am in the living room watching TV. I slept almost all day and am kinda relaxed now. I fell asleep trying to recall what I did to Alex, to deserve all his insults but couldn’t come up with anything.

I really wonder why he insists on hurting me every chance he gets but anyways, we can’t win them all.

Mike stayed for a while after he walked me home. I scolded him about that girlfriend shit he started this morning and he promised not to do it again.

It really felt nice having someone to defend me today but I still didn’t want him getting involved with my problems. After my parents died I never relied on anyone for protection and I wanted it to remain that way. If there’s one thing I learned is that people can not be trusted and am not taking any chances.

Am still not sure about Mike and am not letting my guard down yet.

When am still deep in thought, something on TV, grabs my attention and my jaw nearly drops as i turn up the volume.

” The owner of the once famous sky music recording studio, has reached out to us for help to find his nieces. He said that they disappeared about five years ago and has done everything to find them with no avail and that’s the reason he neglected the studio , leading to its failiar.Their pictures will show on the screen in a few seconds and if you happen to have seen them, please call us ,” the reporter says.

I watch in h©rror as our pictures appear on the screen, the only thing keeping me sane right now is that the pictures are from six years ago and we don’t look quite the same now.

” Fk?! I cur$e standing up. My entire body is trembling with fury as i pace back and forth.

That ba$tard has some nerves ! Why is he looking for us? No…this cant be happening again!

What do I do now?

Do I leave this place?

But he still doesn’t know where I am and I’ll have to make sure it stays that way. If he tries anything this time am surely going to kill him. I’ll be dammed if I let him hurt my sister or me, again!

” Vee, ” Maya calls me placing her hand on my shoulder and my heart nearly drops.

” What the hell Maya! Are you trying to kill me with a heart attack? ” I say my hand on my chest.

” Am sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, ” she says concern clear on her face .” Are you okay? ”

I take a deep breath and sit back down and Maya follows suit.

” I think we’ll have to leave the city. ”

” What? why?! Maya asks, looking at me as if I’ve just spoken a foreign language, her eyes popping out. I really hate doing this to her but what Choice do I have, It’s all for her protection.

Am quite for a second not sure whether I should tell her the truth or not.

” I know what you’re thinking, so don’t you dare lie to me vee. We’ve already started a new life here and also made friends. Am almost graduating from highschool , why do we have to move. ”

” Peter is looking for us. ”

” What?! She asks shocked.

” I saw it on tv Maya . He claims that we got lost five years ago and wants help from the media to find us. He even paraded our photos on TV! Can you imagine that lunatic has the guts to do that?! ”

” Maybe it’s about time we fought back, ” Maya says in a low voice, her eyes lost and I stare at her shocked.

” What?! You know we are in no position to fight him. He is still powerful and we’ll never win. ”

” Come on vee, you are the strongest person i know. We cant keep running all our lives all because of him. He’s probably looking for us because he needs us and we have him right where we want him. ”

” What are you talking about, ” I ask not sure where she’s going with this.

” Do you still remember that he doesn’t own anything. He was only supposed to fill in for you until you were of legal age. He can’t sell any of the property without us and that’s why he’s looking for us. He probably wants to force us into signing everything over to him. ”

” Yes, and that’s why am afraid. You know how he is and am sure he’s going to use you against me because he knows you are my weakness. ”

” We are not the scared little girls he once knew. We can fight and take everything back legally. You won’t have to work in a club or a cleaner anymore, we can finally live like we deserve. ”

” I know but we need a lawyer and they cost a lot of money, which we lack Maya. We have no choice but to move before he finds us. ”

Maya gets up angrily and walks to the bedroom but before she gets in, she spins to look at me.

” I don’t know you anymore vee. Our parents trusted you with everything they had but you are too scared to fight for it. I bet they’re rolling over in their graves right now in disappointment.

I stand and walk over to her.

” You know am doing all this for you, I don’t want him to hurt………….

” Don’t give me that crap, ” she cuts in tears rolling down her face. ” Okay, let’s say we move, what if he finds us again? Do we keep running? It’s about time you think of yourself to vee. You’ve suffered enough in his hands and it’s about time he pays for everything he did to you or are you just going to let him get away with it? We can’t just give up before we even try. I would make my decision carefully if I were you, moving is not the way out, ” she says walking to the bedroom.

For someone as young as she is, she sure does make a lot of sense but am I ready for this? Why can’t she just understand, Peter will do anything to get what he wants and there’s no way am risking her life.

I grab the house keys and go out for a walk.

I need some air.

I walk in the dark street with so many questions on my mind. It’s around 8pm and so there’s still a lot of people walking from side to side. Some look lost in their own world and others totally happy with their partners walking by, while holding hands.

I wonder if I’ll ever have that, someone to love and care for me even with all the scars I possess inside.

But do I really want that? Or rather will anyone ever want me after they find out what happened to me? Maybe Alex was right after all, am not good enough for anyone.

That Peter surely marked me for life!

I don’t know how I get here but I find myself on a bus on my way to the club. I know am not working today but I need a distraction and there’s no better place.

I walk in and spot Nick at the counter and I walk over to him.

” Hi boss. ”

” Hey vee, what are you doing here? ”

” I just missed you and thought of dropping by, ” I say winking at him. ”

” Are you flirting with me? You know am in a very happy relationship with Chloe right? ”

” Yes I do and she’s the luckiest bch in the universe. ”

” You know you can be lucky to if you opened up your heart to love . I can assure it’s the best feeling in the world and you are really missing out. ”

“I don’t think love was meant for everyone, especially not me. ”

” Don’t be to sure, ” he says with a smile gesturing for me to look at the door. ” That guy really likes you, ” he adds and then leaves.

I look over my shoulder and see George walking my way giving me his killer smile.

God that smile!

Am actually glad he’s here, maybe he is the kind of destruction I need for the night but not in the way you are thinking.

” Hi violet, you look nice, ” he says his eyes scanning my outfit. I am in a black ripped jeans and a tank top and there was nothing nice about the way I looked.

” ” Hi George, it’s nice to see you again and there’s no need lying about my look, I know am a mess. ”

” Yeah, you are a very beautiful mess, just gorgeous. Can I buy you a drink later? ”

” How about now? Am not working today and I’ve got all the time in the world .”

” Really?! He was all excited, giving me his perfect smile, you would think he just won a trophy.

” Yes, but don’t get it twisted, it’s only a drink okay? ”

” Sure, that’s more than enough for me. ”



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